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Transmission Impossible [Eat To The Beat ETTB091, 3CD]

Disc 1: Derby Rock Festival, Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina; September 29, 1990. Very good mono FM broadcast. Disc 2: Various dates and venues. Very good mono (from TV broadcasts). Disc 3: Live at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; February 17, 1992. Fairly to very good stereo FM broadcast.

Sleeve notes:

CLASSIC LATE PERIOD BOWIE TELEVISION BROADCASTS - David Bowie’s output from the late 1980s and 1990s has been reassessed in all the right quarters since the great man’s tragic passing in 2016, and has rightfully now been awarded plaudits often denied the releases and concerts from this era at the time they took place. This triple-disc set goes some way to contributing to this effort by bringing together broadcast recordings form 1990 and 1992.

The first of these was recorded at Bowie’s gig in Buenos Aires in August of 90, while the second is from Tin Machine’s legendary tour of Japan in the early part of 92, with the show presented here being the group’s performance at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on 17th February. The set is completed with a disc of television appearances recorded between 1975 and 1995, which features some of Bowie’s best ever live TV spots.

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Disc 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina; September 29, 1990
Track 101. Space Oddity 5:28
Track 102. Life On Mars 3:39
Track 103. Rebel Rebel 3:14
Track 104. Ashes To Ashes 5:13
Track 105. Stay 6:41
Track 106. Pretty Pink Rose 4:56
Track 107. Blue Jean 3:07
Track 108. Let’s Dance 4:34
Track 109. Sound And Vision 3:25
Track 110. Ziggy Stardust 3:42
Track 111. China Girl 5:36
Track 112. Suffragette City 2:55
Track 113. Fame 5:52
Track 114. Heroes 4:27
Track 115. Modern Love 4:54
68 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Young American Medley [With Cher; The Cher Show, 1975] 6:33
Track 202. Fame 3:26
Track 203. Can You Hear Me (With Cher) 4:13
Track 204. Stay [The Dinah Shore Show, 1976] 5:02
Track 205. Five Years 4:55
Track 206. Heroes [TopPop, The Netherlands, 1977] 3:25
Track 207. Funtime [With Iggy Pop, The Dinah Shore Show, 1977] 3:00
Track 208. Sister Midnight (With Iggy Pop) 4:03
Track 209. Beauty And The Beast [Musikladen, Germany, 1978] 4:48
Track 210. The Jean Genie 6:19
Track 211. Alabama Song 4:01
Track 212. The Man Who Sold The World [Saturday Night Live, 1979] 3:02
Track 213. Boys Keep Swinging 2:18
Track 214. TVC 15 3:16
Track 215. Life On Mars [The Tonight Show, 1980] 4:04
Track 216. Ashes To Ashes 3:39
Track 217. Nite Flights [The Tonight Show, 1993] 4:16
Track 218. Black Tie White Noise 4:48
Track 219. Strangers When We Meet [The Tonight Show, 1995] 3:38
Track 220. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson [Letterman, 1995] 3:46
83 mins

Disc 3
Tokyo, Japan; February 17, 1992
Track 301. Sorry 5:56
Track 302. Goodbye Mr Ed 3:30
Track 303. If There Is Something 4:16
Track 304. Baby Universal 3:14
Track 305. Crack City 4:51
Track 306. I Can’t Read 7:11
Track 307. You Can’t Talk 5:40
Track 308. Stateside 9:09
Track 309. Go Now 6:11
Track 310. Bus Stop 3:21
Track 311. You Belong In Rock And Roll 5:44
Track 312. Debaser 2:09
Track 313. Heaven’s In Here 15:14
Track 314. Shopping For Girls 3:37
Track 315. Sacrifice Yourself 2:45
83 mins

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  10. Thanks for this Big O great quality stuff which is unusual for a compilation of sources but this is worth it just for the Argentinian and Tokyo sets alone. The media rips are fun too!

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