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Desire Sessions Remastered [Pink Robert 451, 2CD]

Columbia Studios, New York City. CD1: Tks 1-4 recorded July 14, 28, 29, 1978. Tks 8-11 July 30, 31, 1978. CD2: Tks 1-6 July 30, 31, 1978. Tk 7 Oct 24, 1978. Very good soundboard. Source seems to be acetate.

Thanks to pinkrobert; and to sir.pere for sharing the tracks on the net.

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Firstly, Money Blues [Monday Blues] is the only “new to circulation” item here. It has the same Dylan/Levy lyric that appears in the “Lyrics” book. However, it is certainly *not* Bob Dylan singing it. No idea who it is. It is a cover version and so should not be here on a set called “Desire Sessions” unless the intention is to deceive. Maybe it is some kind of joke??

There are two other inclusions on this set that indicate some intent to deceive - d01t10 Oh Sister is a slowed down version of d01t07 I think. Listen to the violin on the second version - it is the only uncomfortable listen here. Also, the versions of Rita Mae deserve comment - d01t01 is identical to the outtake that appears on The Genuine Bootleg Series The Third One Now - d02t18 length 3:18 - and the other two versions are both taken from the Biograph version.

The difference between them is that the first version on CD2 (t04) has a rather clumsy early fade introduced. A bit of mischief I think. Sadly, there is no reason to believe that whoever remastered these recordings had access to any uncirculated Bob Dylan material. However, they have done a very good job of sonic enhancement. It’s just a shame they don’t seem to want to provide notes and information. I would like to know how they do it! Maybe a combination of access to the quadrophonic Desire mix and the SACDs propensity to drop vocal tracks when you change the settings? Who knows? Anybody else got any thoughts?

Oh, one other point of interest - the d02t03 Hurricane is the original version that was canned after the intervention of Columbia’s lawyers. It was the line about “robbing the Bodies” that caused concern. Just as well they changed it as Dylan got Bello and Bradley mixed up too!” - Artery

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Disc 1
Track 101. Rita May 3:18
Track 102. Romance In Durango 5:37
Track 103. Catfish 2:48
Track 104. Monday Blues 2:47
Track 105. Abandoned Love 4:29
Track 106. Golden Loom 4:27
Track 107. Oh Sister 3:57
Track 108. Sara 5:20
Track 109. Isis 6:49
Track 110. Oh Sister 3:59
Track 111. One More Cup Of Coffee 3:39
48 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Black Diamond Bay 7:19
Track 202. Mozambique 2:53
Track 203. Hurricane 10:53
Track 204. Rita May 2:45
Track 205. Rita May 3:12
Track 206. Joey 10:52
Track 207. Hurricane 8:20
47 mins

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  2. Wonderful! Please note, however, Desire sessions are from 75, not 78. That was Street Legal instead.

    By Trevor on Aug 17, 2019

  3. Rumor has it Bob gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Aug 7, 2019

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    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  4. Man you people give the bullshit a rest . Trolls are bad enough but you copycats are too stupid to even say anything original. Dosent anyone talk intelligently about music? What a bunch of losers.

    By Larry on Aug 17, 2019

  5. I’ve always thought of Bob Dylan as the man . The fact that he’s a fucking Jew bastard is disappointing but I’ll overlook it or try to . Just recently found out he was a motherfuckin Jew .

    By Derrick on Aug 17, 2019

  6. I never realized that so much anti semitism still existed in the world.Jesus this is 2019 not 1940

    By CJ on Aug 17, 2019

  7. Twernt be above nuther fake .

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

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    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  9. It’s still true though ‘ Bob does indeed gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  10. Bob is a Jew

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  11. Jews have big pricks noses and ears

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  12. Also long pockets ‘ short arms

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  13. Thanks so much Big O
    Much appreciated

    By swappers on Aug 17, 2019

  14. Love that you share these gems, but please ditch the lossy format and share them on FLAC or wav.

    By landlocked54 on Aug 17, 2019

  15. I honestly can’t tell the difference between FLAC and MP3 . I think FLAC takes up more storage space and is harder sometimes to upload abs download. At least that’s what some other blogs have said . Also I have a few of the same shows in both forms and sometimes a lossless recording can sound worse if it’s an average or inferior audience tape . FLAC can pick up more hiss and distortion as well .

    By Bill on Aug 17, 2019

  16. Thank you, BigO - brilliant.

    If you do have outtakes from Street Legal, that would be even better!

    By Brian Griffin on Aug 17, 2019

  17. Bigo trys so hard and is treated like shit.
    well you get thanks from me for doing such a grate job day in day out.

    By dropkicksarge on Aug 17, 2019

  18. Complaining about not having these in Flac seems a little petty to me , especially when the music is free .

    By Bill on Aug 17, 2019

  19. I agree with Bill. MP3 is fine, thank you BigO.

    By Brian Griffin on Aug 17, 2019

  20. my coc is in flac and in brians mouth

    By U L E on Aug 17, 2019

  21. Thanks, BiG O. I don’t have anything from these sessions, and they sound good to me, although Money Blues is (as you mentioned) not Bob Dylan.

    I like the song “Hurricane,” but after reading about Hurricane Carter’s trials, I am convinced that he was guilty. The song (and the movie) are fiction.

    By Eric on Aug 17, 2019


    By dropkicksarge on Aug 18, 2019


    By dropkicksarge on Aug 18, 2019

  24. Ruben sat like Buddha in a ten foot cell . An innocent man in a living hell

    By CJ on Aug 18, 2019

  25. I heard Rubin was innocent. Dylan and Joan Baez fought to free him

    By CJ on Aug 18, 2019

  26. Petty? Give me a break. Lossless is better. I to appreciate what BigO offers. Hiss in FLAC files probably comes from the original analog tapes. I listen to both lossy and lossless files. I’ll take lossy formats if I cannot find lossless. I did find this set in a lossless format on

    By landlocked54 on Aug 18, 2019


    By landlocked54 on Aug 18, 2019

  28. Abandoned Desire is a quad to stereo mix down with a second disc of outtakes.

    By landlocked54 on Aug 18, 2019

  29. While I despise the two songs making heroes of killers (”Joey” and “Hurricane”), this is a great sounding Dylan album. The interplay of Dylan’s voice and harmonica with Scarlett Rivera’s violin and Emmylou Harris’ angelic voice make this one of my favorite Dylan albums. I would have left off “Joey” and “Hurricane” and included “Rita May,” “Golden Loom,” and “Abandoned Love” on the album instead, but with the Bootleg Series releases I can create my own version of the album.

    By Mark on Aug 18, 2019

  30. Nobody is really anonymous on the Internet. Law enforcement and computer geeks are certainly capable of tracking down the racists trolls here. If I was one of these haters I’d be hoping it was law enforcement and not some Antifa-style social warrior showing up at my door. I’m neither of these, but I will say this: If I was one of the racist assholes I wouldn’t sleep easy at night!

    By Mark on Aug 19, 2019

  31. Fuck off, U L E. My cock ain’t going anywhere near your mouth.

    By Brian Griffin on Aug 19, 2019

  32. Twernt me . Nuther fake imposter

    By U L E on Aug 19, 2019

  33. Rumor has it people here too dumb to know originals from fake imposters

    By U L E on Aug 19, 2019

  34. So Mark , according to you it’s illegal to express hate and controversial opinions on the Internet? If that was so then prisions would be full of Internet trolls . You have child molesters and murderers getting off and serving no jail time and people complain about stupid people on blog comments sections . Go to some political sites and actual hate sites ( they exist ) and see how some of those people behave.,this is nothing compared to some of the stuff I’ve read there

    By Paul on Aug 19, 2019

  35. Oh, I’ve been on political sites. While the crap here is tame by comparison, people have lost their jobs and been physically attacked for less than what the racist troll and his many other names is posting. Holocaust denial is against the law in Europe. Many ideas regarding as hate speech are illegal in Canada. On top of that, you have Antifa loonies who regard any speech they disagree with as an existential threat that requires them to use violence in the guise of “self-defense.” My point is that these are dangerous times for people to spew hate, even if they are just little kiddos trolling for attention. And if HHH and his other names really does believe the crap he writes, I sincerely hope he limits his stupidity to these forums. As much as I dislike racial slurs and hate speech, I would not want him/them to get hurt.

    By Mark on Aug 19, 2019

  36. Big O - Thanks for the great music, of all genres.

    Regarding the penis obsessed commenters I’m beginning to think that 1 of 2 scenarios is likely. Either Big O tolerates this because he believes in complete free speech and what is offensive remains to be judged by the reader -or- (less likely) all of these trolls (ULE, Smashmouth, Derrick, et al) are actually…Big O himself just gauging how bad things are and how quickly people stop taking on racist idiots.

    Than world may never know….

    By DAve on Aug 19, 2019

  37. Thank you for “Another Side of Desire”…..☺

    By Frank on Aug 20, 2019

  38. DAve it’s the former rather than the latter. As for it being Big O, it is certainly not him you only have to talk to him to find that out. Not difficult and as comments sections go, it goes. Freedom of speech is all and the trolls are a tiny minority here. Hardly worth bothering with when compared with the vast amount of stuff he makes available to us.

    By swappers on Aug 20, 2019

  39. I think Monday Blues is in fact Bob. Sped up. Maybe it’s not be Bob but it is definitely sped up, if you listen carefully near the end some voices that sped up or have been sucking Helium (He).
    Also the Harmonica isn’t Bob on Rita May.

    By David Jordan on Aug 22, 2019

  40. Surely you mean 1975 not 1978 for recording dates

    By Munrobagger on Aug 23, 2019

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