September 20, 2019 – 4:49 am


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Rubber Soul [Purple Chick Deluxe Edition PC-116/117/118, 3CD]

Outtakes. 1965. Very good soundboard.

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Disc 1
Alternate Stereo Mixes
Track 118. We Can Work It Out (US stereo) 2:16
Track 119. Day Tripper (US stereo) 2:50
Track 120. The Word (US stereo) 2:47
Track 121. I’m Looking Through You (US stereo) 2:31
Track 122. Nowhere Man (YSS) 2:42
Track 123. Think For Yourself (YSS) 2:19
Track 124. In My Life (Ant DVD) 2:27
Track 125. We Can Work It Out (Ant DVD) 2:12
Track 126. Day Tripper (Ant DVD) 2:53
23 mins

Disc 2
Alternate Mono Mixes
Track 218. Michelle (US mono) 2:47
Track 219. We Can Work It Out (TV mono) 2:17
Track 220. Day Tripper (TV mono) 2:53
8 mins

Disc 3
October 12, 1965
Track 301. Run For Your Life - take 1 studio chat 0:38
Track 302. Run For Your Life - take 5 1:25
Track 303. This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Wood) - take 1 2:13

October 16, 1965
Track 304. Day Tripper - take 1 2:07
Track 305. Day Tripper - take 2  0:21
Track 306. Day Tripper - take 3 3:49

October 18, 1965
Track 307. In My Life - alt solo 1:06

October 20, 1965
Track 308. We Can Work It Out - take 1 2:00
Track 309. We Can Work It Out - take 2 2:22

October 21, 1965
Track 310. This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Wood) - take 2 2:28
Track 311. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - take 4 2:35

October 22, 1965 10:30-11:30am
Track 312. In My Life - piano overdub 0:37
Track 313. In My Life - piano overdub (sped up) 0:20

October 22, 1965 2:30-11:30pm
Track 314. Nowhere Man - backing outfake 2:35

October 24, 1965
Track 315. I’m Looking Through You - take 1 3:13

October 29, 1965
Track 316. We Can Work It Out - take 2+overdubs 2:25

November 4, 1965
Track 317. 12 Bar Original - take 1 0:33
Track 318. 12 Bar Original - take 2 6:49
Track 319. 12 Bar Original - rehearsal 1:52

November 11, 1965
Track 320. I’m Looking Through You - take 4 2:49
Track 321. Girl - monitor mix of instrumental tracks 2:18

November 8, 1965
Track 322. Think For Yourself - session chat 18:55

Alternate Mixes
Track 323. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  - take 1 (ASP mix) 2:01
Track 324. Day Tripper - take 3 - alt monitor mix 2:48
Track 325. In My Life (alt solo complete) 2:29
Track 326. I’m Looking Through You (ant mix) 2:54
Track 327. I’m Looking Through You (ARVS mix) 0:54
75 mins

Click here to order The Beatles’ Anthology series.


  2. Class
    Thank you BigO

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 20, 2019

  3. Brilliant BigO, thank you.

    By Brian Griffin on Sep 20, 2019

  4. Thanks for this. This point in their career, for me, marks when they became absolute masters of the trade. Amazing songs on this album, and those that followed. Hoping there will be more volumes to continue this collection!!!

    By Trevor on Sep 20, 2019

  5. WHEN will Big-O finally post a live concert show of Pia Zadora ?

    By Yummy on Sep 20, 2019

  6. I love how The Beatles did “Norwegian Wood” as an imitation of Dylan and then Dylan took the melody and used it for a better song, “Fourth Time Around.”

    By Mark on Sep 20, 2019

  7. The stones were better that the fuckin Beatles, right Anti ?

    By Derrick on Sep 20, 2019

  8. Led Zep was better than all of em

    By Derrick on Sep 20, 2019

  9. I’m sure there ain’t no jew bastards In either group. Beatles or Stones. Still hard for me to accept Dylan being a fuckin jew bastard.

    By Derrick on Sep 20, 2019

  10. Rumor has it the Fab Four was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Sep 20, 2019

  11. U L E is probably right . Has anyone seen the two virgins album cover . John Lennon was not exactly John Holmes . . Heather Mills implied that Paul was rather puny in the trousers as well . Likewise Barbara Bach on Ringo . George was supposedly seen a number of times in men’s rooms as well . Pretty small too ,

    By Scaromouch on Sep 20, 2019

  12. Mark- yes, Fourth Time Around is great. I like the fact that Lennon then returned the favour and wrote Serve Yourself; one up on Dylan’s Gotta Serve Somebody (even if it wasn’t released).

    By Trevor on Sep 20, 2019

  13. The Stones were by far a much better band especially during the Mick Taylor years. No yids in either bands Derrick. Sorry bout your boy Dylan

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 20, 2019

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    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 20, 2019

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    By HHH on Sep 20, 2019

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    By HHH on Sep 20, 2019

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    By HHH on Sep 20, 2019

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    By Jerry Disher on Sep 20, 2019

  21. Goddamn that Arthur Bremer . He changed history when he shot Governor Wallace back in May of 72 . He would have been president that year and the world would be different today . I believe that goddamned bastard is now out of jail . How can that happen .? That man gets out of jail after changing the course of history. Governor Wallace was in a wheelchair the rest of his life . Where’s the goddamned justice ?

    By Jerry Disher on Sep 20, 2019

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    By John on Sep 20, 2019

  23. This all coming on the heels of the murders of leaders in the 60s JFK , Bobby , MLK, Metgar Evers ‘ Malcolm X and more . Security is much tighter today which is why that hardly happens anymore. For example a politician would never walk like that in a crowd today or ride thru a city with an open top like JFK .

    By John on Sep 20, 2019

  24. Jerry ‘ your guy Wallace might have been the democratic nominee that year . He had a real shot . If it was going to happen that was the year . But no one was beating Nixon in the general election in 72 . He crushed McGovern almost two to one .

    By CJ on Sep 20, 2019

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    By CJ on Sep 20, 2019

  26. John Hinkley was inspired to shoot Reagan after seeing the movie Taxi Driver . Supposedly he was infatuated with actress Jody Foster and said he wanted to impress her . Chapman read the book Catcher in the Rye before killing John Lennon. Sic Fucks . Bremer was another weirdo . People like this should never be released. It goes to show how fucked up the system is .

    By CJ on Sep 20, 2019

  27. Paul and John sound like they are really stoned in the “Think For Yourself” chat. George always complained that they didn’t spend any time working on his songs. Sounds like they are putting some effort into this one even though it’s not a very good song.
    Thanks BigO!

    By BigE on Sep 20, 2019

  28. Oh, say a little prayer for Jim Croce and Maury Mulheisen today, 46 years ago they were killed in the plane crash. 2 great musicians taken away too soon. Hard to believe it’s been that long.

    By BigE on Sep 20, 2019

  29. Good point about Lennon,Trevor. Dylan going Christian really freaked out a lot of people. What a lot of people didn’t realize is the Slow Train Coming album was just as much of a protest album as his folk heyday. People didn’t like him pointing out how screwed up things had gotten as a result of the free love/do your own thing/lose your inhibitions attitudes of hippie culture.

    By Mark on Sep 20, 2019

  30. Looks like a great fall season coming up. New releases by Neil Young, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan with Johhny Cash (although Bigo has formerly posted the Dylan/Cash sessions, I believe. Oh, and The Waterboys released a great album a few weeks ago. It’s a great time to be a fan of great music.

    By Mark on Sep 20, 2019

  31. This comment will probably get lost in the sea of anti-semitism, racism and adolescent penis obsession that Big O seems to attract but Rubber Soul, along with Revolver remains the golden era of The Beatles. Before this they were rock’n'roll pretenders who made a decent enough job of doing their own versions of Carl Perkins, Little Richard etc and eventually found a niche for love-inspired three minute pop songs. After Revolver of course came Sergeant Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour and the White Album with all the craziness that they fuelled. Rubber Soul marked the end of the age of innocence not only for The Beatles but also British pop music and the Sixties generally

    By Graeme Wright on Sep 20, 2019

  32. Excellent analysis, Graeme.

    By Mark on Sep 20, 2019

  33. Antono Brown ‘ Rapist and wide receiver was cut today by the New England Patriots. Another black ape athlete in the news for sx assault and abuse . Joining the likes of Tyreek Hill ‘ Greg Hardy ‘ Zeke Elliott ‘ Joe Mixon ‘ Kareem Hunt ‘ Ray Rice ‘ Ray Caruth ‘ Reuben Foster and many more . Surprise. No white players on this list , just hip hop black monkeys.

    By HHH on Sep 21, 2019

  34. Antichrist ‘ is it just a coincidence that the patriots owner is that jew billionaire Robert Kraft ? Himself guilty of frequenting prostitution houses to get his tootsie roll sucked .

    By HHH on Sep 21, 2019

  35. Hey Derrick, Anti,

    Charlie Watts is Jewish. Google it.

    And if you don’t believe me, listen to Mick on Get Yer Ya Yas Out when he says “Charlie’s yid tonight, inne”

    Does that matter to you?

    By The Patriot on Sep 21, 2019

  36. Myself I try not to thing about it . Bullshit about Charlie Watts . No way He’s another fuckin Jew bastard. Still havin trouble dealin with Dylan being a motherfuckin Jew

    By Derrick on Sep 21, 2019

  37. Wow how does a Beatles posting end up with discussions like this ???
    I like the stones too….but they don’t hold a candle to the Beatles !
    For me it’s because of John Lennon…its his cynical attitude lol
    And whatever people say in a derogatory fashion about the Beatles. …remember they pioneered many new recording techniques in the mid sixties.
    Which undoubtedly the stones and others used

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 22, 2019

  38. you can`t compare stones beatles its like comparing winter and summer..they were two entirely different bands… get off it..
    beside say what you want about the Beatles but no fucking yoko ono ever invaded the stones camp…long live the stones ..greatest rock and roll band ever!

    By sluggo on Sep 22, 2019

  39. Let me guess you’re another small cocked Jew boy yes !
    Who asked your fucking opinion anyway
    Fuck off !

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 22, 2019

  40. Fuck Off
    Beatles Forever !

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 22, 2019

  41. stones copied the beatles in everything they did. Right down to their first ever hit the len/mac composition “I wanna be your man”

    By johnny moondog on Sep 22, 2019

  42. Take the Pepsi challenge.

    By Beelzabozo on Sep 22, 2019

  43. The fuckin Stones was way better that the Beatles . Like Sluggo said no yukko ono itself puts em way fuckin ahead

    By Derrick on Sep 22, 2019

  44. Beatles never did nutin as good as fuckin satisfaction ‘ Brown Sugar ‘ Sympathy for the devil. Jumpin jack flash

    By Derrick on Sep 22, 2019

  45. Fair comment Sarah and well said. The answer to your question is summed up in one word “trolls”
    As for the supposed fight between two schools of fans this was as contrived by the press as Blur v Oasis or Dylan v.Donovan
    Answer lies in five words “I wanna be your man” Lennon/McCartney (tho’ mostly written by Paul in actuality) given to Mick and the boys before The Beatles even recorded it.
    P.S. I dig both. Sometimes I’m in a Beatles mood, sometimes in a Stones mood
    Sometimes I dig a Pony, sometimes I wanna ramble at midnight. Simples!

    By swappers on Sep 22, 2019

  46. Yes thank you swappers. ..This isn’t about who’s best or second rate.
    It’s about us all being so fortunate to have so much historical/fantastic/diverse music to listen too !!?
    Long live great music !

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 22, 2019

  47. The Stones career wise have to be given the edge . They stayed together far longer , although after Mick Taylor left in 74 their albums were hit and miss . Plus all the tours and legendary concerts. The Beatles decided to break up before concert touring became in vouge. We’ll never know what the seventies could have been for them because they chose to pack it in .

    By Bill on Sep 22, 2019

  48. Edge?
    Paul McCartney - 32 albums
    John Lennon - 12 albums
    George Harrison - 11 albums
    Ringo - 20 albums

    Collectively as The Beatles 13 studio albums in 7 years

    The Stones - 25 albums in 52 years!
    Mick Jagger - 4 albums
    Keith Richards - 3 albums
    Charlie Watts - 10 albums
    Brian Jones - 2 albums but has played on more albums as guest than any of the others combined

    Ronnie Wood - 7 albums
    Bill Wyman - 5 albums
    Mick Taylor - 2 albums

    NB Darryl Jones has been their bass player for the past 26 years since Wyman left but is not considered worthy of ‘membership’ can’t imagine why that might be and has no solo discography

    some edge . . . . . . ;)

    By swappers on Sep 23, 2019

  49. Wow swappers you definitely know your music !

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 23, 2019

  50. Rumor has it that Darryl Jones is not a member is because he is of the negro persuausion. Common knowledge is Mick and Keef are racists

    By Jerry Disher on Sep 23, 2019


    Alice Cooper was born Jewish, but is not anymore


    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 23, 2019

  52. Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier in Detroit, MI. He is the son of Ella Mae (née McCart) and Ether Moroni Furnier. He was named after one of his uncles and the writer Damon Runyon. Although born Jewish, Cooper’s became an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

    When recently interviewed about his wild concerts, Cooper was quoted as “I’m just a regular old Jewish kid and all the little old ladies are comforted and by the end of the show are saying he’s a very nice young man, etc.”

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 23, 2019

  53. Mick Jagger a racist ???

    By Bill on Sep 24, 2019

  54. He has a biracial daughter with Marsha Hunt who was conceived in the late 60s . Hunt I believe was a background singer who contributed to Gimmie Shelter .I believe Brown Sugar was about Hunt . Some Racist .

    By Bill on Sep 24, 2019

  55. Certainly the Beatles sold more , more hits etc as a group and solo artists , however there is more to legendary status than hits and sales . KISS has sold more and had more hits than Bob Dylan . Does that mean they’re better ?

    By Bill on Sep 24, 2019

  56. I believe the biggest record of 1969 was Sugar Sugar by the Archie’s . In 1970 and 71 The Partridge Family sold more records and were on the covers of magazines more than anyone else . David Cassady became a phenomenon.

    By Bill on Sep 24, 2019

  57. No I’m not saying any of them were the Beatles, but record sales and media exposure aren’t the measuring stick for who’s good . Look at the garbage that sells today and what’s promoted by media , while talented musicians play in dives for bus money and beg people to by their CDs at the door .

    By Bill on Sep 24, 2019

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