September 27, 2019 – 5:00 am


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Revolver [Purple Chick Deluxe Edition PC-119/120/121, 3CD]

Outtakes. 1966. Very good soundboard.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps).

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Disc 1
Alternate Stereo Mixes
Track 117. I’m Only Sleeping stereo (US stereo) 3:00
Track 118. And Your Bird Can Sing (US stereo) 2:02
Track 119. Doctor Robert (US stereo) 2:16
Track 120. Paperback Writer (ant vid mix) 2:27
Track 121. Rain (ant vid mix) 2:57
Track 122. Eleanor Rigby (Yellow Sub Songtrack) 2:05
Track 123. Love You To (Yellow Sub Songtrack) 2:59
Track 124. Yellow Submarine (Yellow Sub Songtrack) 2:39
Track 125. For No One (ant dvd) 1:59
Track 126. Paperback Writer (ant dvd) 2:16
Track 127. Rain (ant dvd) 2:56
28 mins

Disc 2
Alternate Mono Mixes
Track 217. I’m Only Sleeping (US mono) 3:02
Track 218. Doctor Robert (US mono) 2:17
Track 219. Tomorrow Never Knows (mono matrix i) 2:59
Track 220. Yellow Submarine (alt band mix) 2:34
Track 221. Yellow Submarine (with announcement) 2:45
14 mins

Disc 3
April 6, 1966
Track 301. Tomorrow Never Knows - take 1 3:14

April 7, 1966
Track 302. Got To Get You Into My Life - take 5 2:54

April 13/14, 1966
Track 303. Paperback Writer - take 1 0:59
Track 304. Paperback Writer - take 2 3:04

April 20, 1966
Track 305. And Your Bird Can Sing - take 2 stereo 2:15
Track 306. And Your Bird Can Sing - take 2+overdubs 2:15

April 21, 1966
Track 307. Taxman - take 11 2:33

April 28, 1966
Track 308. Eleanor Rigby - strings (take 14) 2:07

April 29, 1966
Track 309. I’m Only Sleeping - rehearsal 0:41
Track 310. I’m Only Sleeping - take 1 2:59

May 9, 1966
Track 311. For No One - rehearsal 0:30
Track 312. For No One - take 1 0:58
Track 313. For No One - take 2 1:28

May 16, 1966
Track 314. For No One - take a 0:55
Track 315. For No One - take b 0:56
Track 316. For No One - take c 0:19
Track 317. For No One - take 10 2:20

May 19, 1966
Track 318. For No One - take 14 2:25

May 26, 1966
Track 319. Yellow Submarine - take 5 2:48

June 16/17 1966
Track 320. Here, There and Everywhere - take 7(+14) 2:24
Track 321. Here, There and Everywhere - take 14 2:34

Alternate Mixes
Track 322. Got To Get You Into My Life - take 5 2:54
Track 323. And Your Bird Can Sing - take 2 2:15
Track 324. And Your Bird Can Sing - take 2+overdubs 2:15

Monitor Mixes
Track 325. Tomorrow Never Knows - take 1 2:05
Track 326. Tomorrow Never Knows - take 3 2:51
Track 327. For No One - take 10a 2:26
Track 328. For No One - take 10b 2:17
Track 329. For No One - take 10c 1:42
Track 330. For No One - take 14 2:05
Track 331. Here, There and Everywhere - take 14a 2:32
Track 332. Here, There and Everywhere - take 14b 2:29
Track 333. Here, There and Everywhere - take 14c 2:04
Track 334. Here, There and Everywhere - take 14d 2:30
Track 335. Rain - take 7 3:03
74 mins

Click here to order The Beatles’ Anthology series.


  2. Wow this is the best thing yet. Just awesome to hear this. Thank you BigO

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 27, 2019

  3. Peeks into the greatest album of all time, made by the greatest group of all time, at their peak. BigO, this is one of your jewels.

    By Tony Pizza on Sep 27, 2019

  4. Clicking on the panels does NOT make for a better view…
    Nor does it enable one to even hear a concert of Pia Zadora!

    By Yummy on Sep 27, 2019

  5. Thank you, quite superb.

    By Brian Griffin on Sep 27, 2019

  6. Beatles are great of course but I’m one of those who thinks that The Rolling Stones were better . The Stones were the best band of all time in my opinion.

    By Pat Grooms on Sep 27, 2019

  7. Rumor has it the Fab Four was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Sep 27, 2019

  8. As I’ve said before, this along with Rubber Sole were The Beatles at their very best. Thanks Big O for putting this out there

    By Graeme Wright on Sep 27, 2019

  9. Sgt Pepper is generally accepted as the best Beatles album of all time with the white album number two followed by Abby Road . Why the opinions that revolver and rubber soul were better ?

    By Earvin Jones on Sep 27, 2019

  10. ‘General acceptance’ is largely meaningless. We are allowed difference of opinion. I for one rotate these albums dependant on my mood Sgt Pepper though I appreciate it, rarely makes it to the no.1 spot but Revolver does. Abbey Road usually beats the more ‘difficult’ White Album for me being their last work together. Revolver often makes it as Number One in many polls now. Rubber Soul is a distinct and separate issue for me and will always hold a special place in my heart and frequently makes it to number one or two.
    Otherwise I have no views on the matter
    That is all . . . . .

    P.S Thanks Big O for posting these. while I have them all already it was worth a repost for the chat if only to interrupt the monotonous wide world of Merkin sports!

    By swappers on Sep 27, 2019

  11. Ooops forgot Let It Be which is a difficult one largely for the Spector overkill but has ‘Across The Universe’ a Lennon masterpiece and ‘One After 909′ ‘Long and Winding too which I love but it generally hovers below Rubber Soul as it is flawed in my humble opinion and RS is a wholly continued concept and more self contained work in its own right and Let It Be almost a live bootleg type of sound documenting the ‘End’ of the Beatles as t’were.
    Going now
    I’ll get me coat . . . . . .

    All You Need Is Love :)

    By swappers on Sep 27, 2019

  12. BIGO
    Any chance of that last Gram disc?

    By Bert on Sep 27, 2019

  13. I’ll weigh in with another set of personal opinions I take complete responsibility for.

    I understand why Sergeant Pepper is considered the Beatles’ high point. That album has “masterpiece” written all over it, and it was instrumental in establishing most of the strains of “rock” music that did not derive from African-American music (all the art-rock, prog-rock, glam-rock stuff that dominated the seventies until punk tried to sweep it away.)

    But I am surprised to see “The White Album” viewed as the next best. To my ears, “The Beatles” (actual title) is hardly a Beatles album at all… it is three musicians essentially working solo on their own material. It is far too long and needed a firm hand to clear out the filler – “Revolution #9”, “Oh Bla Di, Oh Bal Da”, “Piggies”, “Long, Long, Long” for example. It is not without its joys: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Blackbird” for instance but it calls out for Brian Epstein to arise from the grave and force the band to issue a single disc album drawn from that material that would have been much stronger.

    Personally, I cherish “Rubber Soul” - because every song on it is singable and memorable… more sophisticated musically than what came before but hardly self-indulgent. Similarly “Revolver” moves us towards the much broader musical palette of “Pepper” and while it does not contain any tracks that match up to “A Day in the Life” at least you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs through filler like “Getting Better” or “Good Morning, Good Morning.”

    Overall, really enjoying these Purple Chick editions for the insights they provide into The Beatles’ music.

    By Frederick Miller on Sep 27, 2019

  14. The white album to me was their best speaking as a non beatles fan

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 27, 2019

  15. I love ‘em all, but “Revolver” may be my favorite. Thank you, Big O, and Purple Chick! Until Apple revisits “Revolver,” this is the best alternative version.

    I think “Let It Be” could use a thorough remixing and remastered deluxe release. “Let It Be Naked” was great in theory, but the takes they used weren’t necessarily the best ones, and the mixing was not great. A “Revolver” super deluxe would also be fascinating. I think one disc would have to be various versions of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and I have always wanted to hear the final version of “Got To Get You Into My Life” WITHOUT HORNS. The 1976 stereo 45″ with Ringo’s drum fills, minus horns, with loud guitars, would be amazing. I’d also like to hear an alternate take of “She Said, She Said.” Paul does not play on that track -he was mad about something. Of course, I hope they’ll keep raiding the vaults and releasing/upgrading indefinitely.

    By Eric on Sep 28, 2019

  16. The White Album inspired Charlie Manson . That makes it number 1

    By Scaromouch on Sep 28, 2019

  17. When discussing Rubber Soul and Revolver are we talking about the British or US versions ?

    By Bill on Sep 28, 2019

  18. To me the best Beatles album ever is Rubber Soul US version. That’s the one I grew up on . I think it flows better than the British. I’ve just seen a face is a better opening number than Drive my car . Wish Nowhere man was on the US version though.

    By Bill on Sep 28, 2019

  19. Drive my car is probably my least favorite Beatles song .

    By Bill on Sep 28, 2019

  20. Bill,it was my favorite Beatles song,and we where getting along so well,Jason Molina asked me the other day when we where jamming with Hendrix,how come you like all us Dead guys?

    By tom petty's ghost on Sep 28, 2019

  21. Anti, don’t shit me my friend, Jimi was black and he had no fuckin respect for nobody ‘ man. I’m bored with Free and Cactus and I’m playing Are You Experienced. Anti you gotta help me man

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  22. Not me Anti . Somebody’s playin fuckin games again . I never considered Hendrix a coon . And I love Cactus. Hey I agree with you . White album was Beatles best by far . Also think Stones fuckin blow the Beatles away . Much better band . Nobody in the Beatles compares to Mick and Keith.

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  23. Beatles never put out nothin that compares to Exile ‘ Sticky Fingers ‘ Beggars Banquet ‘ Let it Bleed ‘ Afrermath ‘ Between the Buttons etc .

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  24. Agree with Derrick “ Rolling Stones much better band . They sort of lost me after Taylor left though.

    By Pat Grooms on Sep 28, 2019

  25. Yeah Derrick, fun and games again. Hendrix dont bother me none but you gotta draw the line at Dylan Reed Cohen and the others. Mick and Keef are fine but now I aint sure about Charlie Watts.

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 28, 2019

  26. I know nothing about The Beatles but The White Album sounds good to me.

    By Jerry Disher on Sep 28, 2019

  27. So Anti , is the rumors true bout Watts ‘ Cohen ‘ and Lou Reed all bein fuckin jew bastards ? Course knew bout Bob Dylan . Still hard to accept

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  28. Had my suspicions bout Cohen but not Lou Reed and Charlie , specially Charlie . Say it ain’t so .

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  29. Reed is from NY . Lots of jew bastards there . Hope he’s not one of them

    By Derrick on Sep 28, 2019

  30. Lou Reed is dead Derrick ‘ and yes I believe he was of the Hebrew persuasion.. not positive though

    By T J on Sep 28, 2019

  31. not me above regarding fun and games

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 28, 2019

  32. I’m not sure bout charlie watts

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Sep 28, 2019

  33. It’s time on this board to stand up and be counted.

    Pinko liberal bleeding hearts vs. True Americans.

    The rest vs. WASPs

    Rice-eating PBS watchers vs. ESPN watchers who enjoy beer.

    World music or whatever vs. classic rock.

    What side you on, bro?

    By The Patriot on Sep 28, 2019

  34. Lou Reeds real last name was Rabinowitz. He was a dirty filthy greedy vermin jew.

    By Smashmouth on Sep 29, 2019

  35. I did not leave that above comment which I find disgusting.

    By Smashmouth on Sep 29, 2019

  36. Believe Charlie Watts last name was Watstein . Another Jew

    By T J on Sep 29, 2019

  37. Hey Adolph wasn’t your mama a vermin jew ?

    By T J on Sep 29, 2019

  38. I can’t stand most Jews either ‘ but negros are worse. From what I’ve been told Lou Reed is his given name at birth . Apparently not a Jew .

    By Nelson on Sep 29, 2019

  39. Bob Dylan’s name is Bob Zimmerman. He’s definitely a Jew .

    By Nelson on Sep 29, 2019

  40. In my opinion Dylan, Cohen, Van Morrison, and Bruce Springsteen are the greatest writers and singers ever. Music, however, is totally subjective so I respect others’ opinions regarding music. As for patriotism, I believe the truest patriot is one who refuses to march in lock-step with conservative or liberal dogma and propaganda. A true patriot thinks for him or herself, respects the diversity of American society, and rejects racism and bigotry in all of its guises. A true patriot isn’t afraid to watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, or visit the Drudge Report website. He/she takes in information from a variety of sources and comes to his/her own conclusions.

    By Mark on Sep 29, 2019

  41. Hello Moronic Haters: Know This: Your Hole Is Equal To The Sum of Your Parts!!!

    By harmon on Sep 29, 2019

  42. Van Morrison a great songwriter? Don’t know about that one Mark , Same withSpringsteen. Great singers and performers for sure , but songwriters? Springsteen isn’t a bad songwriter but to me Tom Petty is a better songwriter. I admit I’m biased.

    By Bill on Sep 29, 2019

  43. Of course Dylan is in a league of his own ,,Cohen also great

    By Bill on Sep 29, 2019

  44. In my humble pathetic opinion, if it wasnt for the Jew, there would be no Broadway. Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein. Adolph Green. Jerry Ohrbach from Law and Order was a KYKE

    By swappers on Sep 29, 2019

  45. Them Jews wrote great songs not to mention the great american songbook. So for you jew haters, stick that up your arses

    By swappers on Sep 29, 2019

  46. Bill- I’m especially thinking of Van Morrison’s spiritual trilogy of albums “Common One,” “Inarticulate Speech of the Heart,” and “Beautiful Vision.” They are spiritual without being preachy. And I’ve got to love the lyricism of a man who can put, “I’m kicking off from centerfield” on one song on the album “Veedon Fleece” and have another with the lyrics:
    “And as we walked
    Through the streets of Arklow
    Oh the color
    Of the day wore on
    And our heads
    Were filled with poetry
    And the morning
    A-comin’ on to dawn”

    By Mark on Sep 29, 2019

  47. I haven’t listened to much post mid seventies Van Morrison.Astral Weeks , Moondance , His band and the street choir , Tupelo Honey were all great early favorites of mine though

    By Bill on Sep 29, 2019

  48. One persons Miley Cyrus is another’s Mozart I guess and vice versa. Different strokes for different folks .

    By Bill on Sep 29, 2019

  49. Bill shut the fuck up

    By Reliquaryasswipe on Sep 29, 2019

  50. Not me above, as any regulars here would know, but have some courage you cowardly anti-semitic low life and come out and reveal which of these specious imposter nasty small minded trolls you actually are.

    Stop with the racist crap

    Also you do understand that Big O knows exactly who you are don’t you you dumb fuckwit?

    By swappers on Sep 29, 2019

  51. Swappers most people despise Jews and black monkeys . Jews are dishonest ‘ cheep swindlers and pedophiles / rapists ala Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein. Black Apes don’t have Jews intelligence, but they are also rapists ‘ Child molesters and violent abusers of women .At least the males are .Examples ‘ the many nfl players who beat their white mud shark girlfriends and wives and break their kids arms . Another example is the ape in Utah who murdered and mutilated 23 year old white college student Mackenzie Luak

    By HHH on Sep 29, 2019

  52. Black women are just loud and obnoxious. They never shut up .In a way it’s understandable why they are losing their men to the white mud shark sluts.

    By HHH on Sep 29, 2019

  53. Gwyneth Paltrow was constantly harrased by Harvey Weinstein on the set of Shakespeare in love.

    By Nelson on Sep 29, 2019

  54. Weinstein and Brad Pitt who was Paltrow’s boyfriend at the time reportedly almost came to blows .

    By Nelson on Sep 29, 2019

  55. Reportedly Harvey Weinstein would Jack off in front of actresses on movie sets.

    By Nelson on Sep 29, 2019

  56. HHH - fortunately you don’t speak for ‘most people’ but I have no idea who these people are you mention or the events to which you refer. Weinstein I have heard of of course but that just sounds like so much rich eating themselves. I could care less. More interested in the Me Too moment in the workplace and amongst ordinary everyday folks who are being raped and murdered everyday. As for you antisemitism your culture seems to have a short memory or did the USA not really mean it when they came to our aid in WWII? As for your racism towards people of colour I live in a multi-cultural country and whilst anti-semitism is being conjured out of thin air at present and it is still difficult to live here if you are black and rightly proud of that, we are working on it and working together. It’s great!
    Your place sounds horrific and remind me not to come there any time soon. It seems to be collapsing and what with you all shooting more of your own than in any other war or conflict overseas (mostly by deranged alt-right white fellahs I may add) sounds like you need to build a wall right round it and not let any of you out! That might work. Either way from what you all say it sounds like a truly dreadful place. I think I will give it a miss thanks.

    By swappers on Sep 30, 2019

  57. The race mixing is what bothers me . I’m all for equal rights in terms of job opportunities ‘ social equality and the pursuit of happiness. It’s when the races marry and produce mixed kids . That’s where I draw the line . Believe it or not many older black people feel the same way . They don’t like it either when a son or daughter bring home a white girl or guy . There need to be boundaries or mankind will be a race of mongrels one day .Even that anti slavery icon Abe Lincoln was worried that eventually it would come to this .

    By White Caucasian and Proud on Oct 1, 2019

  58. That’s what happens when you put males and females together.

    By White Caucasian and Proud on Oct 1, 2019

  59. Yeah ‘ that’s the biggest thing with the fuckin coons . That’s whys they’s worse by far than the jew bastards ( sorry anti ) they is fuckin our white bitches creatin high yellers. If they weren’t doin that I wouldn’t have a problem with em. The bitches is just as bad though no shame . Fuck there ain’t Nuthin you can do ‘ the men in white sheets ain’t coming back . We is doomed as Gov Maddox used to say .

    By Derrick on Oct 1, 2019

  60. Maybe David Duke could run for President and win . Then maybe there’s a chance

    By Derrick on Oct 1, 2019

  61. Who’s David Duke ?

    By Tim on Oct 2, 2019

  62. Tim - He’s a nasty piece of work. Perhaps America’s most well know white supremacist and racist, king of the Alt-Right, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He openly defrauded his followers and supporters out of tons of cash pleading poverty and went gambling with it. Thoroughly upstanding citizen.

    By swappers on Oct 2, 2019

  63. Sounds like my kind of guy .

    By Nelson on Oct 2, 2019

  64. Am I a racist because I don’t believe in mixed marriages? I hope not

    By Steffany on Oct 2, 2019

  65. Many black people at work feel the same . I think it some youth rebellion thing designed to anger people.

    By Steffany on Oct 2, 2019

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