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Glasgow 2018 [no label, 1CD]

BBC Radio Scotland “Quay Sessions”. Live at the Pacific Quay, Glasgow Scotland; May 30, 2018. Broadcast on May 31, 2018. Very good radio broadcast. Hosted by Roddy Hart.

Peter Bruntnell is a New Zealand born, Devon-raised singer-songwriter who counts the likes of Peter Buck (REM), Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo) and BBC Radio Scotland’s Another Country among his fans. A writer who has a rare way with a tune and a devoted following, he’ll be joined tonight by Danny Williams on double bass (The Rails) and Iain Sloan on pedal steel (The Wynntown Marshals/Blue Rose Code) ahead of a string of UK dates.

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Thanks to UncleBoko for sharing the show at Dime.

BBC Radio Scotland “Quay Sessions” 320/48 MPEG-TS/ffmpeg (320k aac) > Audition CC (16/44.1 wav, Edit)

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Track 01. intro 0:19
Track 02. Clothes of Winter or Here Come The Swells 4:18
Track 03. banter 0:16
Track 04. Widows Walk * 8:31
Track 05. interview 7:34
Track 06. Bluebeard/Cold Water Swimmer 4:43
Track 07. banter 0:16
Track 08. false start 3:43
Track 09. banter 0:08
Track 10. Don’t Want To Know 3:35
Track 11. banter 0:23
Track 12. End of The World 3:27
Track 13. banter 0:43
Track 14. Long Way From Home 5:03
43 mins

* Featured on King Of Madrid.

Peter Bruntnell - guitar, vocals
Danny Williams - double bass
Iain Sloan - pedal steel

Click here to order Peter Bruntnell’s 13th album, King Of Madrid, released in May 2019.

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