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Whitecasts - The Beatles Deluxe Edition CD11-12 [Purple Chick Deluxe Edition, 2CD]

Outtakes, Demos and Alternate Mixes. 1968. Very good soundboard.

Vol 6 of The Beatles Deluxe Edition.

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Disc 11
Track 1101. Not Guilty 4:15
John Barrett’s stereo mix of this outtake was included in Volume 1. This is Roger Scottís mix.

Promo Films
Track 1102. By George - take 1 0:49
Track 1103. By George - takes 2 and 3 1:04
Track 1104. Hey Jude - take 1 7:09
Track 1105. Hey Jude - take 2 7:13
Track 1106. Revolution - rehearsal 0:17
Track 1107. Revolution - take 1 3:25
Track 1108. Revolution - take 2 3:39
Track 1109. Hey Jude - takes 1+3 7:15
Track 1110. Hey Jude - takes 1+2+3 6:00

Rock And Roll Circus 1968
Track 1111. dialogue/Yer Blues 0:43
Track 1112. dialogue 1:04
Track 1113. jam 4:12
Track 1114. Yer Blues - take 1 (no vocals) 4:45
Track 1115. Yer Blues - rehearsal 4:05
Track 1116. Yer Blues - take 2 4:37
Track 1117. Yer Blues - take 1 (vocals) 4:47
Track 1118. Her Blues (Whole Lotta Yoko) 4:51
Track 1119. Yer Blues (mono acetate) 4:00
Track 1120. Her Blues (Whole Lotta Yoko) (mono acetate) 4:35
79 mins

Disc 12
The Cilla Black Show; February 6, 1968
Track 1201. viewer mail 2:16
Track 1202. ventriloquism/Nellie Dean 4:41
Track 1203. Do You Like Me 3:15

The Kenny Everett Show; June 6, 1968
Track 1204. Kenny Everett Interview part 1 1:54
Track 1205. Kenny Everett Interview part 2 1:03
Track 1206. Kenny Everett Interview part 3 2:13
Track 1207. Kenny Everett Interview part 4 3:52
Track 1208. Kenny Everett Interview part 5 2:15
Track 1209. Kenny Everett Interview part 6 1:39
Track 1210. Kenny Everett Interview part 7 0:27
Track 1211. Kenny Everett Interview part 8 0:56

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; November 8, 1968
Track 1212. George’s Smothers Brothers Cameo 2:43

Alternate Mixes
Track 1213. By George - takes 2 and 3 1:00
Track 1214. Hey Jude - takes 1+2+3 (stereo) 6:01
Track 1215. Revolution - take 1 (stereo) 3:23
Track 1216. dialogue-Yer Blues (less background) 0:43
Track 1217. Yer Blues - take 2 (wide stereo) 4:02
Track 1218. Her Blues (Whole Lotta Yoko) (wide stereo) 4:44
Track 1219. Yer Blues - take 2 (DVD version) 4:37
Track 1220. Kenny Everett Interview - broadcast mix and edit 4:35
Track 1221. Yer Blues - take 2 (mono) 4:16
Track 1222. Her Blues (Whole Lotta Yoko) (incomplete mono) 2:21
63 mins

Click here to order The Beatles’ Anthology series.


  2. Wow more?
    This is so good
    Thanks BigO

    By Sarah Novak on Oct 27, 2019

  3. Rumor has it the Fab Four was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Oct 27, 2019

  4. Hey Anti ‘ wanted to know if you was watching the World Series. Astros vs Nationals ? Looks like Houston making a comeback to tie things up two games each .

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2019

  5. Fuckin shit though man Anti ‘ I still hate this fuckin analytics bullshit . Starting pitchers only goin 4 or 5 innings max . Hate these fuckin relief pitchers, pretty soon it’s gonna be a different pitcher for every inning. Also too many managers trips to the mound .

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2019

  6. These pitchers today don’t know how to pitch out of trouble and gut it out when they don’t have their best stuff . Saw an interview with Denny McClain recently and he said back in the old days managers used to leave pitchers in to figure things out on the mound when they didn’t have their best stuff . Today’s pitchers get yanked if they give up a double past the 4th inning. I think this bullshit starts in little league and continues thru college and the minors …Coaches and managers set the tone early for these guys and they never learn how to really pitch

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2019

  7. Also these pitchers today got more fuckin arm troubles than the old timers even though they don’t pitch half as many innings. Every time you turn around a young guy is gettin Tommy John Surgery. Warren Spaan pitched until he was bout 45 . Over 20 years 365 wins mostly complete games . Pitchers is pussys today

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2019

  8. Its turning out to be a good series. I hope Houston wins it. It started out like the Nats were gonna sweep. But I think Houston will win it now. Every fuckin team has a pitch count. Gone are days when Johny Podress beats the Yankees twice in 55 World Series. Fuckin pee wee reese, duke snider, sandy amoros, roy capanella. Every pitcher in that serie pitched the whole fuckin game

    By THE ANTICHRIST on Oct 28, 2019

  9. Anti ‘ Bob Gibson 9 World Series starts between the 64 67 68 World Series. He lost the first start vs Yankees then won 7 straight between those series losing game 7 in 68 to Mickey Lolich . Curt Floods outfield blunder in the seventh inning of game seven lead to 3 unearned runs with two outs was all Lolich needed . Gibson in 9 World Series starts 7 and 2 era under 2 . 93 strikeouts in 81 innings all complete games.

    By Derrick on Oct 28, 2019

  10. His 17 strikeouts in game 1 68 series is still a record for the postseason that’ll fuckin never be broken especially with the way pitchers is used today . Like pussys

    By Derrick on Oct 28, 2019

  11. Gotta give it up to Mickey Lolich though beating Gibson on the road in game seven on two days rest . He also went 9 innings on his three starts that series

    By Derrick on Oct 28, 2019

  12. Isn’t a pitcher something to keep lemonade in? Or flowers even? . . . . . .isn’t there a page where you fans of ’rounders’ [a kids game especially popular with girls in the UK], could sit and write this drivel? 7 entries from one person? Sheesh!?

    How many countries figure IN the World series anyway ;)

    By swappers on Oct 28, 2019

  13. nice one swappers. I thought a pitcher was something you hung on a wall! jeez these yanks don’t even know what football is. They call it soccer!

    By Peter Maggiore on Oct 29, 2019

  14. I should have been a proctologist for all of the ASSHOLES who post on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Lucifer on Oct 29, 2019

  15. Thank you for posting these. Been looking for them for quite a while. And is there a way for you to block these immature idiots who keep popping up on here?

    By Belmo on Oct 30, 2019

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