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Norway 2018 [no label, 1CD]

Rune Grammofon 20 år!. Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene, Oslo, Norway, December 1, 2018.
Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

Jazz or prog rock? Drums, bass and horns in focus with layers of guitars and electronics making it all exploding and imploding, songlike themes delivered by extreme vocalist/s - conducted by a spontaneous improvised music windmill - …and the RIFFS carrying it all - makes this unit a unique one in creative music today. Creative musicians from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France gather in an (un)holy union of noise, free jazz, riffs, industrial noise, psych rock, improvised music and related activities.

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Oslo’s Nasjonal jazzscene celebrates the remarkable record label Rune Grammofon with two nights of groundbreaking music. Live you’ll experience Maja SK Ratkje + Motorpsycho and FIRE! + Hedvig Mollestad Trio.

Rune Grammofon is an world-renowned and uniquely sounding record label, and now celebrates their 20th anniversary with a book and a truly exciting lineup at Nasjonal jazzscene in Oslo. With more than 200 releases, the company has right from the start shown to be a reliable provider of quality records with a strong identity, a community of nerve. They also have a strong visual thread in the cover art, through all releases designer Kim Hiorthøy has given the music colorful and formidable love. In the music one hears the care Rune Kristoffersen has for his artists.

For two celebratory nights, we have chosen artists we feel reflects the excitement and diversity of Rune Grammofon. Common to them is sky high quality with many and strong releases on the label!

Saturday 1st of December kicks of with Mats Gustafsson and his trio FIRE! The Swedish saxophone player has participated in many great projects, but up close, in sync with Andreas Werliin and Johan Berthling is possibly him at his best!

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Thanks to fearsatan for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. intro 1:13
Track 02. Part A 7:06
Track 03. Part B 9:09
Track 04. Part C 15:12
Track 05. Part D 13:11
Track 06. Part E 8:08
54 mins

Unforturnately, setlist is not provided. Tracks are arbitrarily split for easier access.

Mats Gustafsson - saxophone
Johan Berthling - bass
Andreas Werliin - drums

Click here to order Fire! releases.

  1. 6 Responses to “FIRE! - NORWAY 2018”

  2. I’d say this leans more towards prog
    than jazz.

    By John on Nov 9, 2019

  3. Very trippy shit. Thanks!

    By COMIXX on Nov 9, 2019

  4. This diversity in what you offer is why we love you, BigO!

    By Bing Bongong on Nov 9, 2019

  5. Apparently anything is called jazz these days . This is not jazz . Jazz basically died in the early seventies barring a few exceptions. The hack McLaughlin started the downslide.

    By Smashmouth on Nov 9, 2019

  6. Rumor has it this is a band of a Big Un and two Lil Uns

    By U L E on Nov 9, 2019

  7. Which hack McLaughlin? The only McLaughlin I’m aware of is John of that ilk, who has bravely and single handedly kept the jazz flame alive since the passing of earlier legends…

    By Brian Griffin on Nov 11, 2019

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