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ECM Records At 50
New York 2019 [no label, 2CD]

Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY; November 1, 2019. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

Tonight we celebrate 50 years of the monumentally influential ECM Records, rightfully called “one of the defining sound-worlds of the past half-century of recorded music” by the New Yorker. Founded by producer Manfred Eicher in Munich in 1969 and still under his artistic leadership, ECM Records continues to set new directions in music and sound.

The show includes an outstanding lineup of performers, including Meredith Monk, Joe Lovano, Craig Taborn, Vijay Iyer, Avishai Cohen, Ravi Coltrane, Bill Frisell, Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Wadada Leo Smith, Anja Lechner, Ethan Iverson, Enrico Rava, Egberto Gismonti, Matthew Garrison, and Jack DeJohnette - ECM’s most recorded artist to date. These are some of the most respected and ambitious figures in contemporary creative and improvised music, and their close association with the prestigious record label is no coincidence.

More than half of the artists performing tonight have appeared as Jazz at Lincoln Center headliners on their own merits, and tonight we have the rare opportunity to witness them perform on one stage. This 50-year anniversary celebration will be a proper salute to a record label that, with an unwavering commitment to quality, has contributed so uniquely and extensively to contemporary music.

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Thanks to takauya for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

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Disc 1 (Part A)
Track 101. untitled1A (intro) 5:11
Track 102. untitled1B 8:42
Track 103. untitled1C 7:00
Track 104. untitled1D 6:10
Track 105. untitled1E 6:33
Track 106. untitled1F 5:50
Track 107. untitled1G 5:48
Track 108. untitled1H 4:38
Track 109. untitled1J 4:24
Track 110. untitled1K 7:30
Track 111. untitled1L 12:18
Track 112. untitled1M 7:28
82 mins

Disc 2 (Part B)
Track 201. untitled2A (intro) 1:41
Track 202. untitled2B 6:43
Track 203. untitled2C 8:14
Track 204. untitled2D 8:26
Track 205. untitled2E 12:56
Track 206. untitled2F 7:26
Track 207. untitled2G 6:32
Track 208. untitled2H 11:11
Track 209. untitled2J 12:27
76 mins

Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, Mark Turner - tenor saxophone
Ralph Alessi, Avishai Cohen, Enrico Rava, Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Bill Frisell - guitar
Egberto Gismonti - guitar, piano
Fabian Almazan, Nik Bartsch, Marilyn Crispell, Giovanni Guidi, Ethan Iverson, Vijay Iyer, Andy Milne, Craig Taborn - piano
Meredith Monk - piano, voice
Anja Lechner - cello
Dezron Douglas, Matthew Garrison, Larry Grenadier, Drew Gress, Thomas Morgan, Barak Mori - bass
Carmen Castaldi, Andrew Cyrille, Jack DeJohnette, Mark Ferber, Ziv Ravitz, Nasheet Waits - drums

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  1. 7 Responses to “JAZZ ON SUNDAY: VARIOUS - ECM RECORDS AT 50, NEW YORK 2019”

  2. Thank you, BigO, I’m looking forwatd to hearing this.

    I imagine I’m not alone in being keen to hear John McLaughlin’s Holidays album. If you could see your way to posting it, some, if not all, of us would be delighted.

    By Brian Griffin on Dec 8, 2019

  3. What Brian said . . . . . and what a line up to celebrate 50 years of the peak of modern jazz, ECM is the guide
    If anyone wants to know what modern jazz means today just dip into ECM anywhere and you’ll find out. I know I did and here we are fifty years laters
    Congratulations ECM staggering achievement [McLaughlin I can take or leave Brian but I take your point exactly ;) ]

    By swappers on Dec 8, 2019

  4. Wow, what a lineup! Thanks, BigO. Best music site always.

    By peacenluvmaaan on Dec 8, 2019

  5. What a treat! Thanks BigO!

    By Bing Bongong on Dec 9, 2019

  6. This is is not real Jazz. It does not have my approval. Miles ‘ Coltrane ‘ Monk ‘ Montgomery. That’s jazz . This does not have my approval.

    By Smashmouth on Dec 11, 2019

  7. Smashmouth: I’m sorry, an incel says what now?

    By raooul duke on Dec 11, 2019

  8. I can’t believe it: After years of following this site and appreciating its wealth of offerings, yet never posting a response, I;m going to be the first person to talk about sucking Bill Frisell’s cock while Wadada Leo Smith stood by! As a committed fan and music lover there is simply no greater thrill, and I thank you all.

    By Jonathan King on Dec 12, 2019

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