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New York 1986 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Pier 84, New York, NY; July 25, 1986. Very good soundboard.

In March 1986, Graham Nash released his fourth solo album, Innocent Eyes.

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Thanks to julsay for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.

soundboard > house cassette deck > headphone jack > Sony TCD-5M
master cassette > nakamichi cr-7a > sony sbm-1 > hhb cdr recorder
Cassette sbd master

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Track 01. Intro 0:17
Track 02. Military Madness 3:36
Track 03. Pre-Road Downs 3:15
Track 04. Chipping Away 4:25
Track 05. I Used To Be A King 5:44
Track 06. Glass And Steel 4:38
Track 07. Magical Child 4:06
Track 08. Wind On The Water 4:46
Track 09. Barrel Of Pain 4:59
Track 10. Keep Away From Me 3:38
Track 11. Chicago 3:28
Track 12. Band intro 0:53
Track 13. Just A Song Before I Go 3:08
Track 14. Our House 3:50
Track 15. Teach Your Children 2:55
54 mins

Graham Nash - vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Bill Boydston - keyboards, drum and bass and synth programming, vocals
Hugh Ferguson - guitar, vocals

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  1. 10 Responses to “GRAHAM NASH - NEW YORK 1986”

  2. Rumor has it Graham gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Dec 9, 2019

  3. Synth drumming. Ouch.

    By Simon Peter on Dec 9, 2019

  4. Why promote an album and not play the best two songs from it!
    Innocent Eyes and See You In Prague , both brilliant, both missing

    By CHINA707 on Dec 9, 2019

  5. Graham Nash looks like John C Holmes . Curious as to if there is any resemblance when their pants are down .

    By Scaromouch on Dec 10, 2019

  6. It’s true . Graham has a Giant Coc . I fucked him along with the other CSnN members many times over the last several decades always backstage of course.

    By Bebe on Dec 10, 2019

  7. Steven Stills has a very small Coc . David Crosby wasn’t very long but his Coc was super thick . Nice girth . Neil Young was Average about seven inches .

    By Bebe on Dec 10, 2019

  8. Are rock stars really that promiscuous?

    By Anne on Dec 10, 2019

  9. Thanks for the music Big

    By Matches on Dec 12, 2019

  10. Thanks for the show, just wanted to say Graham is a genuinely cool dude. Caught him outside a venue one time and he was really friendly and signed my album.

    Crosby on a different occasion though just acted like a little bitch and hid behind his entourage even though I was the only fan there and had waited through a rain storm…

    By Alex on Dec 12, 2019

  11. On this solo tour, Graham opened for Joan Armatrading. Crosby was at this point in jail so there was no CSN tour this year.

    By Nick on Feb 2, 2020

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