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Iowa 1977 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa; 1977. Very good soundboard.

Bill Evans’s use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, block chords, and trademark rhythmically independent, “singing” melodic lines continue to influence jazz pianists today. In 1963, Evans recorded Conversations with Myself, a solo album using the unconventional technique of overdubbing over himself. He passed away in 1980. He was 51.

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Thanks to jazzrita for sharing the show at Dime.

jazzrita noted:

The quality of this seed is a quite good SOUNDBOARD, some hiss. BUT THE LEFT CHANNEL WAS VERY LOW.
i have made some audio renovation:
- harmonize the channels
- normalize the waves
- some hiss reduction
- some fade-in-outs

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Track 01. My Romance 4:41
Track 02. Re - Person I Knew 4:20
Track 03. Very Early 5:15
Track 04. See Saw 3:57
Track 05. 34 Skiddo 7:50
Track 06. If You Can See Me Now 3:49
Track 07. In Your Own Sweet Way 9:07
Track 08. Elsa 6:49
Track 09. Some Other Time 4:46
Track 10. Nardis 11:50
Track 11. My Foolish Heart 4:06
67 mins

Bill Evans - piano
Chuck Israels - bass
Eliot Zigmund - drums

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