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Infiltrating Your Subconscious [no label, CD1/2 of 9]

Fan-made compilation. Live at the BBC; Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado; August 6, 1973. Record Plant, Sausalito, CA; August 11, 1973. Richard’s Niteclub, Atlanta, Georgia; August 30 1973. Mix of radio, soundboard and audience recordings.

English rock guitarist and vocalist Robin Trower achieved success with Procol Harum during the 1960s, and then again as the bandleader of his own power trio known as The Robin Trower Band.

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Interview with Joe Bosso,; June 2019:

During the Seventies, you were compared to Jimi Hendrix quite frequently.

I certainly was.

Did you ever find it funny that writers never mentioned BB King? You often cite him as your biggest influence.

That was strange, yes. BB King completely changed the way I looked at playing the guitar. Before I heard him, I was doing more of your stock rock ‘n’ roll playing - nothing bad about it, but it was pretty much like everybody else. BB came along and started doing these really soulful melodies with bends and vibrato. He was so expressive and creative. That really had a tremendous impact on me. And then I heard Albert King and Hendrix, so I absorbed their styles. Whenever I play, I can definitely hear the three of them - BB, Albert and Jimi.

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If you are a fan, you’d probably have most of these tracks. Otherwise, treat this as a Robin Trower primer.

Thanks to mysterioso for sharing the shows on the net.

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Disc 1
101. Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973.03.26 BBC) - Omitted *
Track 102. Man Of The World (1973.03.26 BBC)
103. Daydream (1973.03.26 BBC) - Omitted *
104. Sinners Song (1973.03.26 BBC) - Omitted *
Track 105. Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973.08.06 Denver) 4:15
Track 106. Lady Love (1973.08.06 Denver) 3:29
Track 107. Daydream (1973.08.06 Denver) 6:34
Track 108. Day Of The Eagle (1973.08.06 Denver) 4:06
Track 109. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1973.08.06 Denver) 6:17
Track 110. Man Of The World (1973.08.06 Denver) 3:10
Track 111. Sinners Song (1973.08.06 Denver) 4:55
Track 112. Little Bit Of Sympathy (1973.08.06 Denver) 5:11
Track 113. I Can’t Stand It (1973.08.06 Denver) 4:22
Track 114. The Fool And Me (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 5:05
Track 115. Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 4:06
Track 116. Lady Love (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 3:27
Track 117. Daydream (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 6:40
62 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Day Of The Eagle (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 4:06
Track 202. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 5:44
Track 203. Man Of The World (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 3:04
Track 204. Sinners Song (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 3:46
Track 205. Little Bit Of Sympathy (1973.08.11 Sausilito, CA) 4:23
Track 206. Radio Intro (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 1:30
Track 207. The Fool And Me (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 4:56
Track 208. Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 4:05
Track 209. Lady Love (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 3:29
Track 210. Daydream (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 6:54
Track 211. Day Of The Eagle (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 4:01
Track 212. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 5:58
Track 213. Man Of The World (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 3:07
Track 214. Sinners Song (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 4:12
Track 215. A Little Bit Of Sympathy (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 5:12
Track 216. Rock Me Baby (1973.08.30 Atlanta) 5:11
217. Day Of The Eagle (1973.09.26 BBC) - Omitted *
218. Little Bit Of Sympathy (1973.09.26 BBC) - Omitted *
219. Lady Love (1973.09.26 BBC) - Omitted *
70 mins

* Released on Robin Trower: At The BBC 1973-1975 (Chrysalis).

Click here to order At The BBC 1973-1975.


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    By U L E on Jan 15, 2020

  3. Rumor has it that when you beat a joke to death it’s still dead. Time for a new “attention grabbing” schtick. U L E. I guess that’s still better than all the racist idiots that comment here.

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  4. Holy Shit!… put Trower on here!…..don’t think he’s been here in all the years I’ve visited this site.Now here’s the F**kin’ man!usually just watch the dopes comment from afar,but this ones worth it….keep sh*t like this comin’ BigO and remember “as long as you keep giving audience to the assholes,for whatever reason,it will always create an itch to scratch”…..

    By Darth Plastic on Jan 15, 2020

  5. Robin Trower put out some great shit . Don’t like that it’s a mix of soundboard and audience. It should be one or the other . Still it’s better fuckin shit than most of the pretty boy / queer / coon noise out there today. Stay with the motherfuckin program

    By Derrick on Jan 15, 2020

  6. Man of the World is not on ‘At the BBC 1973-1975.
    Can you activate the link for this one please?

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