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Infiltrating Your Subconscious [no label, CD3/4 of 9]

Fan-made compilation. Live at the BBC; Stanley Warner Theater, Pittsburgh, PA; April 29, 1974. Very good soundboard. Los Angeles, CA; May 29, 1974. Very good FM broadcast (?); 5th Street Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio; November 28, 1974. Very good FM broadcast/soundboard?

English rock guitarist and vocalist Robin Trower achieved success with Procol Harum during the 1960s, and then again as the bandleader of his own power trio known as The Robin Trower Band.

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Interview with Joe Bosso,; June 2019:

During the Seventies, you were compared to Jimi Hendrix quite frequently.

I certainly was.

Did you ever find it funny that writers never mentioned BB King? You often cite him as your biggest influence.

That was strange, yes. BB King completely changed the way I looked at playing the guitar. Before I heard him, I was doing more of your stock rock ‘n’ roll playing - nothing bad about it, but it was pretty much like everybody else. BB came along and started doing these really soulful melodies with bends and vibrato. He was so expressive and creative. That really had a tremendous impact on me. And then I heard Albert King and Hendrix, so I absorbed their styles. Whenever I play, I can definitely hear the three of them - BB, Albert and Jimi.

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If you are a fan, you’d probably have most of these tracks. Otherwise, treat this as a Robin Trower primer.

Thanks to mysterioso for sharing the shows on the net.

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Disc 3
301. The Fool And Me (1974.02.20 BBC) - Omitted *
302. Alethea (1974.02.20 BBC) - Omitted *
303. Too Rolling Stoned (1974.02.20 BBC) - Omitted *
304. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1974.02.20 BBC) - Omitted *
305. Bridge Of Sighs (1974.03.05 BBC) - Omitted *
306. In This Place (1974.03.05 BBC) - Omitted *
307. Alethea (1974.03.05 BBC) - Omitted *
308. Little Bit Of Sympathy (1974.03.05 BBC) - Omitted *
Track 309. Bridge of Sighs (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 6:41
Track 310. Alethea (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 4:41
Track 311. Lady Love (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 2:56
Track 312. Daydream (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 7:41
Track 313. Too Rolling Stoned (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 5:59
Track 314. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 6:19
Track 315. Day of The Eagle (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 3:58
Track 316. A Little Bit of Sympathy (1974.4.29 Pittsburgh) 5:36
44 mins

* Released on Robin Trower: At The BBC 1973-1975 (Chrysalis).

Disc 4
401. Day Of The Eagle (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) - Omitted **
402. Bridge Of Sighs (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) - Omitted **
403. Too Rolling Stoned (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) - Omitted **
404. Lady Love (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) - Omitted **
405. Little Bit Of Sympathy (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) - Omitted **
Track 406. Alethea (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) 4:06
Track 407. Rock Me Baby (1974.05.29 Los Angeles) 5:00
Track 408. Twice Removed From Yesterday (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 4:09
Track 409. Bridge of Sighs (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 6:04
Track 410. Alethea (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 4:39
Track 411. Lady Love (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 2:51
Track 412. Daydream (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 7:35
Track 413. Too Rolling Stoned (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 5:12
Track 414. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 6:16
Track 415. Day of the Eagle (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 3:43
Track 416. Little Bit of Sympathy (1974.11.28 Cincinatti) 4:29
54 mins

** From Bridge of Sighs, expanded version

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  4. Was never a big Trower fan. To me he’s a lightweight.

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    Thanks BigO!!

    By oneL on Jan 23, 2020

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    By James Smith on Jan 25, 2020

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