February 2, 2020 – 5:42 am

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Berlin 2019 [no label, 1CD]

Jazzfest Berlin. Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, Germany; November 1, 2019. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

German drummer, composer and percussionist Christian Lillinger has played with Joachim Kühn, Beat Furrer, Miroslav Vitous, David Liebmann, Wadada Leo Smith, William Parker, Evan Parker, Luis Sclavis, Joe Lovano, and Tony Malaby. Cor, his 2018 album with his group Grund, was among the best reviewed albums of Downbeat Magazine for that year.


Open Form For Society (OFFS) is Christian Lillinger’s most elaborate work to date. OFFS tracks aspects which make up the qualities of Christian Lillinger’s compositions. Lillinger develops new chamber music within the sonic realm of PLAIST, new music, avant-garde jazz, hip hop and musique concrète. This takes place in cooperation with nine mostly young European musicians, who are leading instrumentalists in their respective music scenes.

OFFS’s model society should be regarded as a role-model for society in general. So it is no accident that the project is named after Karl Popper’s Offene Gesellschaft (open society), which puts its trust in “people’s critical thinking abilities”.

The ensemble is multinational: three key instruments, two percussionists, two bassists, one cello and one drum set allow for high plasticity and depth definition. The musicians link new music, free improvisation, jazz and pop culture.

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Thanks to jazzrita for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

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Track 01. Introduction 1:11
Track 02. Untitled 14:05
Track 03. Untitled 9:09
Track 04. Untitled 14:06
Track 05. Untitled 6:57
Track 06. Untitled 9:11
55 mins

Christian Lillinger - drums
Kaja Draksler - upright piano
Elias Stemeseder - synthesizer, piano
Christopher Dell - vibraphone
Roland Neffe - marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel
Lucy Railton - cello
Petter Eldh - bass
Robert Landfermann - double bass

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