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Meet The Threetles! [Purple Chick PC-60, 1CD]
Various dates and venues; soundboard mixes.

LDiaz, bootlegzone:
These are mainly the 5.1 DVD/Oops mixes. You must like “Free As A Bird” & “Real Love” in order to really want this disc.

onosideboards, bootlegzone:
get this disc just for the nice extractions of the “threetles” jamming. where else can you find a CD with those songs? come on, continue your collection with where the three remaining beatles ended. i also found myself really like one of the remixes. track 9 is a version of FAAB better than the released version. i got chills. simply amazing. that’s the way it should have sounded.

foolonthehill, bootlegzone:
It’s great to hear the complete “Threetle” jams, all in one place. Whether or not you really want to hear all those Free As A Bird and Real Love tracks is irrelevant - get the disc for tracks 1-7. All Those Years Ago is cool too.

MedicineJar1976, bootlegzone:
Took me over 10 years to find Mr Godley but I did I hope the info on track 22 (below) is useful to everyone.

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Reunion Jam Session
Friar Park Studios, Henley-On-Thames, UK, June 23, 1994

Track 01. Raunchy 1:36
Track 02. Thinking Of Linking 1:16
Track 03. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 1:18
Track 04. Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do 1:45
Track 05. I Will 0:29
Track 06. Dera Duhn 0:37
Track 07. Ain’t She Sweet 0:43

The Evolution of Free As A Bird
Dakota, New York City, 1977; The Mill Studio, Sussex, UK, February 11, 1994

Track 08. John’s Demo 3:29
Track 09. Acoustic Mix 4:02
Track 10. 5.1 Center Channel 4:30
Track 11. 5.1 Front Channels 4:29
Track 12. 5.1 Rear Channels 4:28
Track 13. Enhanced Mix 4:21
Track 14. Video Mix 4:34

The Evolution of Real Love
Dakota, New York City, 1979; The Mill Studio, Sussex, UK, February 6-7, 1995

Track 15. John’s Demo 4:20
Track 16. Acoustic Mix 4:22
Track 17. 5.1 Center Channel 4:09
Track 18. 5.1 Front Channels 4:09
Track 19. 5.1 Rear Channels 4:09
Track 20. Enhanced Mix 4:09
Track 21. Single Mix - Original Speed 4:09
Track 22. Kevin Goodley Mix * 3:03
Track 23. Video Mix 3:52

Bonus Track
Somwhere in 1981

Track 24. All Those Years Ago (Enhanced Mix) 3:47
78 mins

* Kevin Goodley was contacted by mail by Bootlegzone member MedicineJar76: “My involvement in the anthology was non-existent I’m afraid. I was simply hired to direct a promo video for ‘REAL LOVE’. The recording studio footage used in the promo was supplied to me by APPLE/MPL along with all the other archive material. I shot a piano, clothes and instruments falling in slow motion plus super slow motion portraits of PAUL, GEORGE and RINGO to match JOHN’s original slow mo’ sequence. The ‘Kevin Godley’ vocal was something I overdubbed as a technical guide during our video edit sessions to make the vocal track stand out a bit more to help us cut shots to the lyrics. No studio session was involved as it was purely a guide. We just mixed my ‘tech’ vocal, low, into the stereo mix in the edit suite. As far as I know my vocal overdub was removed for the final video cut.”

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  2. Seems odd for it coming so late in their career. But more and more, “Real Love” has become my favorite Beatles song. It was where John was then and the “Threetles” needed to be. Thanks for this BigO; the amount of Beatle material you have given us is astounding.

    By Tony Pizza on Feb 4, 2020

  3. Phenomenal! Thanks so much

    By Roger on Feb 4, 2020

  4. Very interesting BigO thank you !!!

    By Sarah Novak on Feb 4, 2020

  5. Rumor has it The Fab Four was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Feb 4, 2020

  6. Rumor has it Brian Epstein had a Big Un

    By U L E on Feb 4, 2020

  7. Rumor has it John experienced Epstein’s Big Un many times

    By U L E on Feb 4, 2020

  8. ANOTHER Super Purple Chick Treat ! Thanks !!!

    By Elvis O'Neill on Feb 4, 2020

  9. Thanks BigO!

    By Tom on Feb 5, 2020

  10. Thanks for all the work you do on this site!!!!

    By Ray on Feb 6, 2020

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