May 2, 2020 – 5:35 am

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Toronto 1991 [no label, 1CD]

Swingin’ On A Star. CBC Toronto Studio 45, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; February 1991; broadcast March 1, 1991 [rebroadcast? March 30, 1991]. Excellent CBC-FM broadcast. Hosted by Murray McLauchlan.

Thanks to stevemtl for sharing the show at Dime.

stevemtl noted:

I’ve been a Joni Mitchell fan since I first heard her music on the CBC, well before the first album. This set has me very excited; well, flabbergasted by one highlight after another. The interviews alone would be sufficient. But Hejira, and Joni covers Bobby! No chance I’ll regain composure soon.

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FM > TDK SA100 audiocassette
transfer: audiocassette > Nak Dragon > PCM R500 (SBM) > R44 (16/48) > HD
mastered and posted on 2018-06-21: HD > Soundforge (@16/48: trim) > r8brain (vhq downsample) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent)

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Track 01. Intro 1:34
Track 02. DJ talk 0:50
Track 03. Woodstock 4:45
Track 04. interview 1:13
Track 05. Cherokee Louise 4:29
Track 06. interview 9:38
Track 07. Night Ride Home 3:23
Track 08. interview 0:56
Track 09. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 2:27
Track 10. interview 7:02
Track 11. Hejira 6:27
Track 12. interview 1:09
Track 13. The Circle Game 5:35
Track 14. interview 0:47
Track 15. Outro 0:47
51 mins

songwriters / performers:
t03: Joni Mitchell/ Murray McLauchlan
t05, 07, 11: Joni Mitchell / same
t09: Bob Dylan / Joni Mitchell
t13: Joni Mitchell / Murray Mclauchlan, Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Larry Klein - bass
Danny Greenspoon - electric guitar
Kit Johnson - bass

Murray McLauchlan

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  1. 37 Responses to “JONI MITCHELL - TORONTO 1991”

  2. Expectations for this set are lowered considerably when the first voice you hear singing Woodstock and The Circle Game are not Joni’s, but Murray’s. False advertising, this.

    By Tony Pizza on May 2, 2020

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  8. Rumor has it Joni prefers Big Uns

    By U L E on May 2, 2020

  9. 4 above twasnt me more fakes and idiots
    Shame how bad this place is now

    By U L E on May 2, 2020

  10. This lady is a legend without a doubt ‘ but by 91 she was an old hag without a doubt. Some 70s Joni would be great . Skip this garbage.

    By Pat Grooms on May 2, 2020

  11. Hey U L E is right . Joni was a size queen who loved big scholongs. Doubt she cares now though at her age .

    By C Tony on May 2, 2020

  12. She dated Leonard Cohen ‘ Jackson Browne ‘ James Taylor ‘ Graham Nash ‘ Warren Beatty among many others . All legendary Big Cocs .

    By C Tony on May 2, 2020

  13. Weird item this. For completists only I would plead. This was actually broadcast? Twice? It is awful! Nobody wants to hear some second rate Canadian join in on Mitchell classics as Tony intimated this is really false advertising. Throwaway stuff and scarcely worth delving into the ego trip of the interviews when the versions of songs are this uniformly awful. The cover of Bobby’s ‘Baby Blue’ is a throw away cursory attempt at best that wouldn’t make most bootlegs. 6 songs? Naaah think I’ll I’ll leave it unpacked over at Dime.

    Thanks for digging it up tho’ Big O always welcome to to try this stuff wherever you find it!?

    By swappers on May 2, 2020

  14. Twernt me on the last one . Nuther fake . Two before that was me . Ones before that fakes too

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    By Derrick on May 2, 2020

  20. sluggo - sorry to offend (quite hard here!) I was being generous I thought. I have never heard of him so second rate seemed kind. He ain’t no Neil Young, Leonard Cohen or Joni!?

    By swappers on May 2, 2020

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  32. Is the DJ singing Woodstock? Who-the-fuck is listening to the Show to hear him? What a fucking egotistical ass.

    By leesa on May 5, 2020

  33. a shout out to Swappers and Tony Pizza, for keeping it about the music. not brain size

    By Richard Jay on May 5, 2020

  34. Just kidding. They were all mine.

    By U L E on May 7, 2020

  35. joni!!! thanks, big OH!

    By I-) on May 12, 2020

  36. Thanks, Big O. I didn’t care for the Murray McLauchlan version of Woodstock, but all the other songs are charming and musical. I don’t know anybody who would say this is their favorite period of Joni, but she’s still unique, and the songs are thoughtful and touching.

    By teamster on May 22, 2020

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