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A/B Road Sessions, January 8, 1969 [Purple Chick PC PC 08-1/2; CD1/2 of 4]

Complete Purple Chick Set v1.1 (Nagra Reels); “A/B Road” session tapes; Also known as The Nagra Reels; Twickenham Studios (Part 1); Apple Studios (Part 2). Very good soundboard.

The complete series - 83 CDs, 2,187 tracks, 97 hours, 44 mins, 7 seconds. If you are a Beatles fan, you’d likely have this already.

Thanks to the compilers, especially jameskg; Purple Chick; and to everyone who helped to share this over the years.

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Disc 1
Track 101. I Me Mine 8.01 1:33
Track 102. I Me Mine 8.02 2:47
Track 103. I Me Mine 8.03 0:21
Track 104. Dialogue 4:06
Track 105. Dialogue 0:12
Track 106. I Me Mine 8.04 3:18
Track 107. Dialogue 0:46
Track 108. I’ve Got A Feeling 8.05 2:56
Track 109. Get Your Rocks Off 8.06 6:44
Track 110. Improvisation 8.07 1:45
Track 111. Improvisation - Honey 8.08 4:04
Track 112. Honey, Hush 8.09 0:19
Track 113. Stand By Me 8.10 2:33
Track 114. Hare Krishna Mantra 8.11 1:10
Track 115. Well, If You’re Ready 8.12 0:24
Track 116. Hare Krishna Mantra 8.13 0:41
Track 117. Two Of Us 8.14 3:31
Track 118. You Got Me Going 8.15 0:24
Track 119. Twist And Shout 8.16 0:19
Track 120. Don’t Let Me Down 8.17 3:12
Track 121. I’ve Got A Feeling 8.18 3:45
Track 122. Roll Announcement 0:15
Track 123. St Louis Blues 8.19 1:09
Track 124. One After 909 8.20 3:35
Track 125. Too Bad About Sorrows 8.21 0:50
Track 126. Just Fun 8.22 0:29
Track 127. She Said She Said 8.23 1:00
Track 128. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 8.24 0:39
Track 129. One Way Out 8.25 0:34
Track 130. MacArthur Park 8.26 4:20
Track 131. All Things Must Pass 8.27 1:59
Track 132. All Things Must Pass 8.28 1:20
Track 133. All Things Must Pass 8.29 0:05
Track 134. All Things Must Pass 8.30 0:15
Track 135. All Things Must Pass 8.31 8:14
Track 136. All Things Must Pass 8.32 4:53
Track 137. All Things Must Pass 8.33 2:03
Track 138. All Things Must Pass 8.34 1:44
78 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. All Things Must Pass 8.35 1:51
Track 202. All Things Must Pass 8.36 1:42
Track 203. All Things Must Pass 8.37 1:40
Track 204. Mean Mister Mustard 8.38 4:09
Track 205. Don’t Let Me Down 8.39 1:39
Track 206. All Things Must Pass 8.40 3:26
Track 207. Fools Like Me 8.41 2:15
Track 208. You Win Again 8.42 1:41
Track 209. Improvisation 8.43 1:36
Track 210. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 8.44 1:17
Track 211. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 8.45 1:34
Track 212. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 8.46 3:12
Track 213. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 8.47 3:07
Track 214. Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo 8.48 0:15
Track 215. Boogie Woogie 8.49 0:16
Track 216. Baa Baa Blacksheep 8.50 0:22
Track 217. Mr Bassman 8.51 0:18
Track 218. Roll Announcement 0:05
Track 219. Slate Announcement 0:05
Track 220. Improvisation 8.52 1:12
Track 221. Improvisation 8.53 3:26
Track 222. I Me Mine 8.54 1:03
Track 223. Improvisation 8.55 1:36
Track 224. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.56 4:00
Track 225. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.57 0:55
Track 226. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.58 3:47
Track 227. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.59 4:08
Track 228. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.60 0:52
Track 229. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.61 1:49
Track 230. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.62 1:41
Track 231. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.63 2:32
Track 232. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.64 0:50
Track 233. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.65 1:10
Track 234. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.66 1:05
Track 235. Life Is What You Make It 8.67 0:08
Track 236. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.68 2:18
Track 237. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 8.69 5:15
Track 238. Improvisation 8.70 2:54
71 mins

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