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Septem Mirabilia Vol II
London 1972 [no label, 1CD]

Poetry Plus. Live at the Royal Festival Hall, London, UK; May 31, 1972. Fairly good BBC broadcast.

Lindisfarne are a British folk rock and progressive rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne established in 1968 (originally called Brethren). The original line-up comprised Alan Hull (vocals, guitar, piano), Ray Jackson (vocals, mandolin, harmonica), Simon Cowe (guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboards), Rod Clements (bass guitar, violin) and Ray Laidlaw (drums). They are best known for the albums Nicely Out of Tune (1970), Fog on the Tyne (1971), which became the biggest selling UK album in 1972, Dingly Dell (1972) and Back and Fourth (1978), also for the success of songs such as “Meet Me on the Corner”, “Lady Eleanor”, “Run For Home” and “We Can Swing Together”. - wikipedia

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Royal Festival Hall; May 31, 1972
Track 01. Lady Eleanor 3:47
Track 02. Scarecrow Song 3:00
Track 03. Meet Me On The Corner 2:24
10 mins

Alan Hull - vocals, guitar
Ray Jackson - vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Simon Cowe - vocals, guitar, mandolin
Rod Clements - bass
Ray Laidlaw - drums

Bob Harris show; August 4, 1974
Track 04. Dealer’s Choice 2:56
Track 05. Tonight 3:07
Track 06. You Put The Laff On Me 4:14
Track 07. In Your Hand 3:18
14 mins

Alan Hull - vocals, guitar
Ray Jackson - vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Tommy Duffy - bass
Kenny Craddock - keyboards
Charlie Harcourt - guitar
Paul Nichols - drums

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