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Infection In The Sentence
Austria 2019 [no label, 1CD]

40 Internationales Jazzfestival. Live at the Kongresszentrum, Saalfelden, Austria; August 24, 2019. Very good satellite radio broadcast.

It was Sarah Tandy’s residency at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London where she forged a connection with drummer Femi Koleoso (Ezra Collective), bass player Mutale Chashi (Kokoroko and Jorja Smith) and saxophonist Binker Golding (Binker & Moses), that were pivotal to her development as a jazz musician. As musicians, they were all exploring the music on their own terms so when it came to putting her debut album together, she wanted to do it with musicians that she knew and trusted and connected with, so the band naturally took form.

“I feel like most of what I have ever learnt about music and life has been from the musicians I play with. And the beauty of music is that it transcends boundaries and reaches that place where we are the same,” she says. “When it came to writing my own music, one of the most important things was that it would leave room for everyone to express their own identities. The band is a very strong mix of personalities and I really wanted that to come across musically… the music had to be able to accommodate everyone’s individual musical temperament”.

In March 2019, she released her album, Infection In The Sentence.

dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station - dlf kultur]

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Track 01. Under The Skin * 10:09
Track 02. talk 0:11
Track 03. Timelord * 10:41
Track 04. Nursery Rhyme * 9:22
Track 05. talk 0:19
Track 06. Bradbury Street * 9:30
Track 07. talk 0:19
Track 08. Afro Blue 9:43
Track 09. talk 0:08
Track 10. Snake In The Grass * 9:16
60 mins

* Tracks from Infection In The Sentence.

Sarah Tandy - piano, Rhodes
Binker Golding - saxophone
Sheila Maurice Grey - trumpet
Jihad Darwish - bass
Jordan Hadfield - drums

Click here to order Infection In The Sentence.

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