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London 2018 [no label, 2CD]

EFG London Jazz Festival, Kings Place, London, UK; November 16, 2018. Very good HLS stream.

Live from London, Soweto Kinch hosts the opening night celebration of the EFG London Jazz Festival from Kings Place with a set from Amir ElSaffar’s Rivers of Sound Orchestra, a 17-piece band blending music of East and West, plus many surprise guests offering a selection of music from across the festival.

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musicomh.com, December 18, 2018:

On the opening night at Kings Place, composer and bandleader Amir ElSaffar (US-born but with Iraqi heritage) brought his Rivers of Sound project to London for the first time. Writing for a huge ensemble (17 musicians on the recording and 16 at this concert [sic]), ElSaffar impressively integrates improvisation, western musical traditions and the Maqam modal tradition in Moroccan music.

Unusually for a jazz concert, the set list saw the group perform the music from last year’s outstanding Not Two album (sadly still not available as a physical product in the UK), with ElSaffar clearly viewing it as a coherent suite of music. The opening Iftitah intitially showcases a range of stringed instruments, including ElSaffar’s Santur (a Persian hammered dulcimer) and the buzuk (played by Tareq Abboushi) before erupting into an ecstatic fanfare (a feature later repeated in the tumultuous closer Shards Of Memory/B Half Flat Fantasy).

ElSaffar also plays trumpet, frequently directs the band with elaborate gestures, and also occasionally sings. Perhaps the most striking element of this excellent performance was the scale of variation in texture, the music shifting between broad sheets of sound and small solo features (the impressive Miles Okazaki on guitar providing one of the most memorable of these). Nasheet Waits is a versatile voice on the drums, sometimes subtly introducing lithe grooves in an insidious, mischievous way.

Although ElSaffar obviously embraces musical complexity, he is also unafraid of using simpler but effective devices in his composing, not least the number of unison melodic lines. Much of the improvising was terrific too, with Ole Mathisen making a substantial, bebop infused contribution on tenor sax. This music has an impressive, transporting power.

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Tracks have been arbitrarily split for easier access.

Disc 1
Amir ElSaffar’s Rivers Of Sound
Track 101. intro 0:50
Track 102. Amir ElSaffar - Part A 9:33
Track 103. Amir ElSaffar - Part B 8:55
Track 104. Amir ElSaffar - Part C 13:23
Track 105. Amir ElSaffar - Part D 9:15
42 mins

Tracks: Jourjina Over Three; Penny Explosion; Ya lbni Ya lbni (My Son, My Son); Layl (Night); Hijaz 21/8; Shards of Memory/B Half Flat Fantasy

Amir ElSaffar - trumpet, santur, vocal
Carlo DeRosa - upright bass
Ole Mathisen - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Fabrizio Cassol - alto saxophone
Nasheet Waits - drums
Tareq Abboushi - buzuq
Dafer Tawil - oud, percussion
George Ziadeh  - oud, vocal
JD Parran - clarinet, bass saxophone
Mohamed Saleh - oboe, English horn
Tim Moore - dumbek, frame drum
Miles Okazaki - electric guitar
Aru·n Ortiz - piano
Rajna Swaminathan - mrudangam
Naseem Alatrash - cello
Dena ElSaffar - violin
Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone

Camilla George Quartet
Track 106. talk 8:15
Track 107. The People Could Fly 8:37
Track 108. The Most Useful Slave 9:15
Track 109. How Nehemiah Got Free 8:58
36 mins

Camilla George - sax
Sarah Tandy - piano
Daniel Casimir - bass
Femi Koleoso - drums

Disc 2
Alice Zawadski Quartet
Track 201. talk 4:06
Track 202. Sanjo 11:41
Track 203. Expect The Unexpected 12:10
Track 204. Falling Ribbons 9:35
Track 205 Low Sun-Lovely Pink 3:35
42 mins

Alice Zawadski - vocals, violin
Hyelim Kim - flute
Rob Luft - guitar
Misha Mullov-Abbado - bass

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