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El Paso 1980 / New York 1991 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Coliseum, El Paso, TX; June 4, 1980 (broadcast October 25, 1980). Very good FM. Live at Electric Ladyland Studio, New York City, NY; October 13, 1991. Very good soundboard.

El Paso 1980:
Thanks to the original uploader; and to Numerian for sharing the show at Dime.

Supergroups In Concert Pre-FM Vinyl > VPI HW 16.5 Record Vacuum > VPI MK III/Audioquest PT-6 Arm/AT OC-9; Cartridge > Sony CDRW 33 Pro CD Recorder > CDRW > WAV > CD WAV > Flac

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Disc 1 [El Paso]
Track 101. Intro 0:44
Track 102. Instrumental 1:43
Track 103. Grim Facts 3:26
Track 104. Go To Hell 5:29
Track 105. Guilty 3:26
Track 106. Interview 0:30
107. You and Me - Omitted *
Track 108. Pain 4:11
Track 109. Talk Talk 1:53
110. I Never Cry - Omitted *
Track 111. Interview 0:44
112. I’m Eighteen - Omitted *
Track 113. Gutter Cats vs The Jets 5:30
Track 114. (We’re All) Clones 2:45
Track 115. Nuclear Infected 2:18
33 mins

Disc 2 [El Paso]
Track 201. Interview 1:03
202. Billion Dollar Babies/I Love the Dead/Billion Dollar Babies - Omitted *
203. Only Women Bleed - Omitted *
Track 204. Interview 1:00
205. Under My Wheels - Omitted *
Track 206. Instrumental jam 4:28
Track 207. Dance Yourself To Death 3:14
Track 208. Road Rats 3:39
209. Sick Things - Omitted *
210. Is It My Body - Omitted *
Track 211. Interview 1:03
212. Devil’s Food/Black Widow - Omitted *
Track 213. Elected 4:09
214. School’s Out - Omitted *
Track 215. Outro 0:39
20 mins

* Tracks officially released on “The Alice Cooper Show” album.

Bonus: Electric Ladyland - October 13, 1991
Thanks to zeptrade for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.

Track 01. No More Mr Nice Guy 2:20
Track 02. Billion Dollar Babies 2:51
Track 03. Only Women Bleed/Ballad of Dwight Fry/Wind Up Toy 8:58
Track 04. Sick Things 3:03
Track 05. Feed My Frankenstein 5:42
Track 06. Cold Ethyl 3:02
Track 07. Love’s A Loaded Gun 4:04
Track 08. I’m Eighteen 4:28
Track 09. Go To Hell 5:25
Track 10. School’s Out 4:23
Track 11. Hey Stoopid 4:26
49 mins

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  11. But BigO- The Alice Cooper Show was released in 1977 and was recorded in Nevada. How did these songs from 1980 get on there?

    By sking on Jun 18, 2020

  12. Also on The Alice Cooper Show - Billion Dollar Babies is by itself, not part of a medley. While I Love the Dead is part of a medley with Go To Hell & Wish You Were Here.

    By sking on Jun 18, 2020

  13. Hey sking, thanks for the information.

    By Derrick's Vaginal Discharge on Jun 18, 2020

  14. Just curious why the songs were omitted if they are not on the official release of “The Alice Cooper Show”

    By sking on Jun 18, 2020

  15. This was the note on Dime:


    Sorry folks, portions from this one are from the officially released “The Alice Cooper Show” album:

    Disc 1
    7. You and Me
    10. I Never Cry
    12. I’m Eighteen

    Disc 2
    2. Billion Dollar Babies/I Love the Dead/Billion Dollar Babies
    3. Only Women Bleed
    5. Under My Wheels
    9. Sick Things
    10. Is It My Body
    12. Devil’s Food/Black Widow
    14. School’s Out

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  26. If you can sort through all the obnoxious racist ranting here,
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  46. NONE of this show was released on “The Alice Cooper Show”… That album came out TWO AND A HALF YEARS BEFORE this show was performed! (December 1977, recorded in October 1977.)

    The album was also recorded in Las Vegas, not El Paso!

    Whomever claimed those tracks are on that album did no research whatsoever.

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    By oneL on Jun 21, 2020

  50. NONE of this show was released on “The Alice Cooper Show”… That album came out TWO AND A HALF YEARS BEFORE this show was performed! (December 1977, recorded in October 1977.)

    The album was also recorded in Las Vegas, not El Paso!

    Whomever claimed those tracks are on that album did no research whatsoever.

    By anonymous on Jun 21, 2020

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