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A/B Road Sessions, January 22, 1969 [Purple Chick PC 22-3/4; 2CD]

Complete Purple Chick Set v1.1 (Nagra Reels); “A/B Road” session tapes; Also known as The Nagra Reels; Twickenham Studios (Part 1); Apple Studios (Part 2). Very good soundboard.

The complete series - 83 CDs, 2,187 tracks, 97 hours, 44 mins, 7 seconds. If you are a Beatles fan, you’d likely have this already.

Thanks to the compilers, especially jameskg; Purple Chick; and to everyone who helped to share this over the years.

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Disc 3
Track 301. Don’t Let Me Down 22.46 1:27
Track 302. Don’t Let Me Down 22.47 5:48
Track 303. Don’t Let Me Down 22.48 5:54
Track 304. A Taste Of Honey 22.49 0:14
Track 305. Improvisation 22.50 1:05
Track 306. Oh Darling 22.51 1:46
Track 307. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.52 0:10
Track 308. Dialogue 2:09
Track 309. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.53 0:13
Track 310. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.54 3:12
Track 311. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.55 2:53
Track 312. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.56 1:32
Track 313. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.57 1:56
Track 314. I’m Ready-improvisation 22.58 0:45
Track 315. Save The Last Dance-Don’t Let Me Down 22.59 1:16
Track 316. Don’t Let Me Down 22.60 4:05
Track 317. Improvisation 22.61 1:58
Track 318. Dig A Pony 22.62 1:09
Track 319. Dig A Pony 22.63 0:42
Track 320. Dig A Pony 22.64 4:23
Track 321. Dig A Pony 22.65 2:34
Track 322. Dig A Pony 22.66 1:11
Track 323. Slate announcement 0:04
Track 324. Dig A Pony 22.67 3:43
Track 325. Dig A Pony 22.68 4:07
Track 326. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.69 3:27
Track 327. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.70 4:39
Track 328. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.71 0:50
Track 329. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.72 0:30
Track 330. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.73 8:04
Track 331. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.74 4:39
Track 332. Carol 22.75 0:27
77 mins

Disc 4
Track 401. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.74P 3:12
Track 402. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.74P 0:11
Track 403. Dig A Pony 22.68P 1:31
Track 404. Dig A Pony 22.68P 1:01
Track 405. Dig A Pony 22.64P 2:56
Track 406. Don’t Let Me Down 22.60P 9:49
Track 407. Roll announcement 0:12
Track 408. Dialogue 0:08
Track 409. Dialogue 0:16
Track 410. Don’t Let Me Down 22.76a 1:03
Track 411. Don’t Let Me Down 22.76b 12:38
Track 412. Don’t Let Me Down 22.77 3:45
Track 413. Don’t Let Me Down 22.78 0:15
Track 414. Don’t Let Me Down 22.79 0:22
Track 415. Don’t Let Me Down 22.80 1:27
Track 416. Don’t Let Me Down 22.81 0:22
Track 417. Don’t Let Me Down 22.82 0:07
Track 418. Don’t Let Me Down 22.83 0:11
Track 419. Don’t Let Me Down 22.84 0:32
Track 420. Dig A Pony 22.85 0:19
Track 421. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.86 3:45
Track 422. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.87 1:20
Track 423. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.88 5:23
Track 424. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.89 1:56
Track 425. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.90 3:29
Track 426. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.91 0:37
Track 427. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.92 5:14
Track 428. I’ve Got A Feeling 22.93 3:54
Track 429. Improvisation 22.94 2:28
Track 430. Dialogue 4:37
73 mins

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  2. These tapes show that it wasn’t all doom and gloom during the Get Back sessions as we were led to believe, there’s some really great and funny moments on here, why they were omitted from the film and every other boot is beyond me. Keep ‘em coming!

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