August 23, 2020 – 5:55 am

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Toronto 2020 [no label, 1CD]

Women From Space Festival. Live at 918 Bathurst, Toronto, Canada; March 8, 2020. Very good audience recording.

Stephanie Jones, laubrock-intakt.bandcamp.com, 2020:

More than a decade ago, saxophonist-composer Ingrid Laubrock met pianist-composer Kris Davis at the recently shuttered historic hang Cornelia Street Cafe in downtown Manhattan, before Laubrock had moved to New York. Over the next years, Laubrock and Davis would inspire and challenge each other within varied musical contexts - and across a number of recordings - including Laubrock’s critically-acclaimed quintet Anti-House, as well as other traditional instrumental role-resistant small groups and sprawling orchestral settings.

For the second installment of Laubrock’s duo series on Intakt (after the Duo Laubrock-Takase), she and Davis stretch individual sounds of their like minds around seven original compositions and two improvised tracks, each crafted for the artists’ unique interpretation as a duo. [The album was 2020’s Blood Moon.] “Over the years we’ve just developed a certain language that’s our language,” says Laubrock. “We wrote most of the music specifically for the record, but didn’t have an overarching concept.” And: “I don’t know many people I could do this with other than Kris,” says Laubrock. “Musically, we are kindred spirits.”

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Thanks to firusan for sharing the show at Dime.

firusan noted:

Kris Davis returned to Toronto for the Women From Space Festival. I think this might be my favorite time seeing her. There’s a fair amount of composed material, with pockets of improvisation, and Ingrid and Kris work really well together. Track 07 has Kris using several ebows on the piano strings to create a nice drone, while she tinkled with one hand - it’s probably my fave track. I also included William Parker’s trio set with some locals. Oddly enough, it was my first time seeing him. It’s pretty good, but the Davis/Laubrock is excellent, plus it’s a fine recording.

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Cover picture posted at straight.com.

DPA 4061 > SD 722 > Audiogate (downsample 24/48 to 16/44) > Audacity/Ozone 5/RX4 (editing, mastering) > CD Wave > TLH (flac, SBE)

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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This track has been arbitrarily split for easier access.

Track 01. Untitled - Part A 11:09
Track 02. Untitled - Part B 10:32
Track 03. Untitled - Part C 8:46
Track 04. Untitled - Part D 5:37
37 mins

William Parker - bass
Bea Labikova - alto saxophone
Germaine Liu - percussion

Track 05. Untitled 8:53
Track 06. Untitled 10:19
Track 07. Untitled 11:40
Track 08. Untitled 7:13
39 mins

Kris Davis - piano, prepared piano
Ingrid Laubrock - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Click here to order Kris Davis and Ingrid Laubrock’s Blood Moon.

Click here to order William Parker releases.


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  5. I haven’t identified track 7.
    5 is Snakes and Lattice (Kris Davis)
    6 is Blood Moon / Whistlings (both by Laubrock)
    8 is Jagged Jaunts (Laubrock)

    By Peter on Sep 21, 2020

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