October 8, 2020 – 5:35 am

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London 1969 [no label, 1CD]

John Peel Top Gear Session, London, UK; June 3 and December 15, 1969. Very good FM broadcast.

Folk singer Roy Harper has been making music since 1964. His albums (all 32 of them, including 10 live recordings) include 1966’s Sophisticated Beggar, 1974’s Lifemask and 2005’s Beyond the Door. That same year, Harper was awarded the MOJO Hero Award and in 2013 was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Harper may well be rock’s least well-known legend. The only non-band member to have sung a lead vocal on a Pink Floyd song (Have A Cigar from Wish You Were Here), he is also the subject of a Led Zeppelin song (Hats Off To (Roy) Harper). David Gilmour, Paul And Linda McCartney and Kate Bush have guested on his albums and Bush, Peter Gabriel and This Mortal Coil have covered his songs.

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Thanks to Lucifer burns for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

BBC FM broadcast.
Transfer info: Analog Maxell MX-S 90 Minute Metal Bias (Type IV) Cassette >JVC KD-V6 Cassette Deck (w/Manual Azmuith Adjust) > TASCAM CD-RW900mkII Professional CD Recorder > CDR

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

John Peel Top Gear Session; June 3, 1969
01. Francesca 1:24
02. Hell’s Angels 4:26
03. She’s The One 4:41
04. I Hate The White Man 8:04
05. It’s Tomorrow And Today Is Yesterday 4:02
23 mins

John Peel Top Gear Session; December 15, 1969
06. Don’t You Grieve 2:21
07. I Hate The White Man 5:49
08. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan) 3:53
13 mins

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  1. 33 Responses to “ROY HARPER - LONDON 1969”

  2. Thanks BigO. Roy Harper has ben a favorite for many years.

    By sking on Oct 8, 2020

  3. Rumor has it Roy gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Oct 8, 2020

  4. Thanks Big O - so hard to find Roy Harper material.

    As Roy has always been at pains to point out, ‘Girl from the North Country’ is a traditional English folk song appropriated by Bob Dylan - I don’t think Dylan (quite rightly) has ever dared sue over copyright.

    By dan on Oct 8, 2020

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  16. Dan - The song that “Girl From the North Country” was based on is “Scarborough Fair,” and Martin Carthy’s arrangement is found on his eponymous debut album. Martin Carthy has expressed bitterness about Paul Simon’s lifting the song since Simon failed to acknowledge or credit Carthy for the arrangement, but none towards Dylan for his more “creative” adaptation.

    Concerning the similarity between “Scarborough Fair” and Dylan’s “Girl From the North Country,” Carthy stated: “That was completely different, completely legitimate. Bob never hid anything. And he made his own song from it. That’s what folk music is all about. He’d always be asking me, ‘Martin, play ‘Scarborough Fair,’ play ‘Scarborough Fair.’ He was in England to appear in a TV play, Madhouse On Castle Street, for the BBC, and he was over for a few months, I think. He went over to Portugal or somewhere for a few days, and when he came back he said he had a new song. He played me this thing, and when he got to ‘She was once a true friend of mine,’ he burst into laughter and said something like ‘Oh I can’t do that one in front of you!’ and then he started playing something else.”

    By swappers on Oct 8, 2020

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  25. Swappers - thanks for the explanation/background.

    As I said, Roy always used to introduce this in concerts along the lines as ‘a song Bob Dylan stole from England and I am stealing it back’.

    By dan on Oct 9, 2020

  26. Dan -


    By swappers on Oct 9, 2020


    I’m thrilled to hear these-Roy’s not for everyone, but that is one more reason that I like him and his music.

    To the troll: try harder. Your material is dull and easy to scroll over. Everyone knows that all of the dumb, racist posts come from one person with no sense of humor and a lot of time alone. Yawn.

    By Eric on Oct 9, 2020

  28. Hi Bigo, this has been released.

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