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London 2020 [no label, 2CD]

Live at The Palladium, London, UK; September 23, 2020. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to EBR and Leadville200 for sharing the show at Dime.

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Michael Hann,, reviewing the September 24 show:

It is different, that’s the first thing. No matter that Van Morrison steers clear of offering his political and scientific analysis of Covid-19 and the government’s handling of it, the shadow of the pandemic hangs over the Palladium for the second of his five shows at the theatre.

Social distancing is in place, and plenty of ticket holders have failed to turn up - the seats to be unoccupied are marked, but plenty of the seats designated for bubbles remain empty. And that creates its own problems: much as Morrison has spoken of his preference for smaller audiences, he means small audiences in small rooms, rather than small audiences scattered about very big rooms. And the Palladium stays distinctly chilly, the coldness and emptiness of the place offering no help to his six-piece band.

It’s a measure of Morrison’s indefatigability, then, that even in these circumstances he can touch transcendence. In the middle of the set, a long and loose version of Baby Please Don’t Go – which segues smoothly into Them’s Don’t Start Crying Now and then Got My Mojo Working - sees the band stretching out, and Morrison swapping out his mic to sing through the one for his harmonica. The sound is degraded, distorted and, as Morrison extemporises around the song - barking refrains, scatting, summoning or dispelling memories, whichever it might be - it flies, thrillingly. It’s followed by a glorious St Dominic’s Preview, Dave Keary driving it with a mandolin pattern that gorgeously restrains the song’s swelling emotion.

The less he deviates from the straightforward blues and jazz he loved many decades ago - and to which he has returned more and more often on recent albums - the less interesting things are. Hey Mr DJ has bags of charm, but it’s slight; Roll With the Punches - an absolutely straight and unremarkable 12-bar blues - does nothing to convince one that this, not all that Caledonian mystic soul, is the real deal. It’s perhaps made more of an issue than it would have been in a full room, because of the absence of atmosphere and the thrill of the communal; intensity works best when there’s nothing between the listener and the music, while levity, welcome in a crowd, seems to break the spell…

Gloria ends proceedings, of course, and Morrison stalks from the stage, leaving everyone - oddly - to take their instrumental spotlight slots at the very end of the show. The world will end, it seems, not with a bang, but with a drum solo.

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Sonic Studios DSM-6 > PA6-X > Tascam DR100 MkIII > Wavelab > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Level 8
An EBR Recording

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Introduction 0:52
Track 102. Three Chords And The Truth 3:15
Track 103. Moondance 5:32
Track 104. Days Like This 2:53
Track 105. Have I Told You Lately 4:42
Track 106. Saint Dominic’s Preview 5:45
Track 107. It Once Was My Life 4:09
Track 108. Baby Please Don’t Go/Parchman Farm/Got My Mojo Working 7:30
Track 109. Talk is Cheap 4:45
Track 110. Get On With The Show (with Chris Farlowe) 4:15
Track 111. Hey Mr DJ (with Chris Farlowe) 3:02
Track 112. Laughin’ and Clownin’ 4:37
52 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. In The Afternoon 3:21
Track 202. Magic Time 5:24
Track 203. Ain’t Gonna Moan No More 4:56
Track 204. Broken Record 4:04
Track 205. Sometimes We Cry 4:52
Track 206. Born To Sing 3:11
Track 207. Lonely Avenue 4:18
Track 208. The Party’s Over 3:21
Track 209. Brown Eyed Girl 3:54
Track 210. Gloria 14:49
Track 211. Outro 0:49
53 mins

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  2. Daltry never got high. I read his book and he always stayed straight

    By DD on Oct 23, 2020

  3. Daltry would drink lots of tea and do vocal exercise before a show unlike plant. i never heard a who concert where his voice was for shit. LIve at Leeds is probably the all time best live album out there

    By DD on Oct 23, 2020

  4. You listen to Love REign Over Me, the scream on Wont Get Fooled Again, summertime+ blues and Tommy Quadrophenia. The guy doesnt miss a beat. Even today the guy can still bring it home

    By DD on Oct 23, 2020

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