November 13, 2020 – 5:28 am

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Stockholm 1976 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Stockholm Konserthus, Stockholm, Sweden; October 3, 1976. Very good audio (ripped from
SVT (Swedish National Channel) TV broadcast.

Thanks to themysticmuse for sharing the show at Dime.

themysticmuse noted:

There’s an incomplete PAL DVD (VHS copy) of this performance circulating with the following lineage info: “Television Broadcast > VHS > LG 7800H”. This fresh capture feautures the complete show and is an upgrade both in terms of audio and video compared to the other incomplete version. To avoid any form of compression I used fmpeg codec copy command for both the audio and video. The two separate tracks were then concatenated into a mp4 container using ffmpeg.

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A version of this show has circulated among fans as I Never Talked To Bob Dylan.

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Track 01. Interview 5:36
Track 02. We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (The Velvet Underground cover) 2:40
Track 03. Redondo Beach 3:59
Track 04. Free Money 4:06
Track 05. Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground cover)/Louie Louie (Richard Berry cover) 5:24
Track 06. Ask the Angels 3:13
Track 07. Time Is on My Side (Kai Winding & His Orchestra cover) 4:22
Track 08. Ain’t It Strange 8:15
Track 09. Radio Ethiopia/Rock n Roll Nigger 11:43
Track 10. Gloria (Them cover) 4:57
Track 11. Birdland 7:53
63 mins

Patti Smith - vocals, guitar
Lenny Kaye
- guitar, bass guitar
Ivan Král
- guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Jay Dee Daugherty
- drums
Andre Paley
- keyboards, bass guitar

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  9. Great thanks Big O always enjoy some Patti and this is EARLY!

    N.B. Not entirely sure why the notes credit the Kai Winding Orchestra arrangement of ‘Time Is On My Side’ as it was written by Jerry Ragovy and Jimmy Norman added to it for the version covered here and in common use by Irma Thomas and The Stones where everyone got it from later. Winding merely recorded it first.
    Still thanks hey? Appreciate it and it’s great quality being a grab from a vid

    Rock on Music Lovers wherever you are!?

    By swappers on Nov 13, 2020

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  22. Thanks for the early Patti show. She gave some great raw performances in this time.

    By Matt on Jan 21, 2021

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