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New Jersey/New York 1995-96 [no label, 1CD]

Live at WFMU, New Jersey - November 1995; WXRK 92.3 FM, New York - November 12, 1995; Idiot’s Delight, WNEW 102.7 FM, New York - August 11, 1996. Very good FM broadcasts.

Thanks to lilpanda (WFMU) and UrbanSurfer (WXRK, WNEW) for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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In 1995, Emmylou Harris released one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the decade, Wrecking Ball, produced by Daniel Lanois, best known for his work with U2, Peter Gabriel and Bob Dylan. An experimental album for Harris, the record included Harris’s rendition of the Neil Young–penned title track (Young himself provided guest vocals on two of the album’s songs), Steve Earle’s “Goodbye”, Julie Miller’s “All My Tears”, Jimi Hendrix’s “May This Be Love”, Anna McGarrigle’s “Goin’ Back to Harlan” and Gillian Welch’s “Orphan Girl”. U2’s Larry Mullen, Jr, played drums for the project. The album received virtually no country airplay, but it brought Harris to the attention of alternative rock listeners, many of whom had never listened to her music before. - wikipedia

In 2014, Wrecking Ball was reissued as a deluxe three-disc set - the first disc is a remaster of the original album; the second disc with bonus material including unreleased songs and alternate takes; and the third is a DVD containing a making-of documentary.

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WFMU, New Jersey - November 1995
FM > dat > cdr
01. Wrecking Ball - Omitted (official album track)
Track 02. May This Be Love 3:58
Track 03. Interview 4:53
Track 04. Goodbye 4:30
Track 05. Interview 8:33
Track 06. Orphan Girl 3:13
Track 07. Outro 3:07

WXRK, New York - November 12, 1995
FM > VHS Hi-Fi tape > CD (via HHb-850)
Track 08. Black Hawk 4:09
Track 09. Every Grain of Sand 4:04

Emmylou Harris - vocals, acoustic guitar
Daniel Lanois - electric guitar
Brady Blade - percussion
Tony Hall - electric bass guitar, backing vocals

Idiot’s Delight, WNEW, New York - August 11, 1996
Emmylou Harris with Buddy Miller
FM-broadcast > Hi-Fi VHS tape > CD (Hhb-850)

Track 10. Black Hawk 4:05
Track 11. song intro 0:17
Track 12. Love Hurts 2:52
Track 13. song intro 0:25
Track 14. Waltz Across Texas 4:16
49 mins

Click here to order the deluxe edition of Wrecking Ball.

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  2. Spectacular!!! Thanks so much BigO.This Emmylou Harris album is my favorite album of all time.For those that read the real comments do yourself a favor and buy this ground breaking album you won’t regret it.

    By Roger S on Nov 16, 2020

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  4. So fake U L E , if it’s so tiresome and old to read the same boring repetitive garbage , why did you bring it up at all ? It just fans the flames , which is probably what you want to do . Great stuff , by the way . Wrecking Ball is a great album .

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  18. Great show! She did a great outtake of Leonard Cohen’s “The Stranger” for that album and Richard Thompson’s “How Will I Ever Be Simple Again.”

    By Mark on Nov 17, 2020

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