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Inglewood 1976 [Mike Millard Master Tapes via JEMS, 2CD]

The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Volume 61. Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA; June 23, 1976. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to Mike Millard; Rob, Jim R; Barry G; JEMS; BK; and mjk5510 for sharing the show at Dime.

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Known Issues:
- Small dropout fixes in “Magneto and Titanium Man” and “Go Now”

Welcome to JEMS’ Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone series presenting recordings made by legendary taper Mike Millard, AKA Mike the MICrophone, best known for his masters of Led Zeppelin done in and around Los Angeles circa 1975-77.

Until 2020, the Lost and Found series presented fresh transfers of previously unavailable first-generation copies made by Mike himself for friends like Stan Gutoski of JEMS, Jim R, Bill C. and Barry G. These sources were upgrades to circulating copies and in most instances marked the only time verified first generation Millard sources had been directly digitized in the torrent era.

That all changed with the discovery of many of Mike Millard’s original master tapes.

Yes, you read that correctly, Mike Millard’s master cassettes, long rumored to be destroyed or lost, have been found. Not all of them but many, and with them a much more complete picture has emerged of what Millard recorded between his first show in late 1973 and his last in early 1992.

The reason the rediscovery of his master tapes is such a revelation is that we’ve been told for decades they were gone. Internet myths suggest Millard destroyed his master tapes before taking his own life, an imprudent detail likely concocted based on the assumption that because his master tapes never surfaced and Mike’s mental state was troubled he would do something rash WITH HIS LIFE’S WORK. There’s also a version of the story where Mike’s family dumps the tapes after he dies. Why would they do that?

The truth is Mike’s masters remained in his bedroom for many years after his death in 1994. We know at least a few of Millard’s friends and acquaintances contacted his mother Lia inquiring about the tapes at the time to no avail. But in the early 2000s, longtime Millard friend Rob S was the one she knew and trusted enough to preserve Mike’s work.

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Paul McCartney - The Forum, Inglewood, CA; June 23, 1976

Our Mike the Mike December kicks off with another of the master’s most famous works, Paul McCartney and Wings at The Forum in Inglewood, CA, June 23, 1976, the final night of a three-show run.

McCartney’s first solo appearance in Los Angeles was a MAJOR event, as was the whole of the Wings Over America tour. Not only was it Macca, it was Macca performing Beatles songs and a whole lot more. Ticket demand was huge as was interest in recordings of the tour. Soon after the LA show, a triple, colored-vinyl bootleg box set of the show appeared titled Wings From The Wings. It is said this high-quality, audience-recorded bootleg was one of the factors that motivated the release of the official Wings Over America triple live album in December 1976.

The Wings From the Wings bootleg, released on the Idle Mind Productions label, used Mike Millard’s audience tape which explains the quality. His recording has circulated in a limited fashion ever since, though most know it from the vinyl pressing.

This marks the first time Mike’s original master cassettes have been properly transferred and digitized and should represent a material upgrade to prior versions. It is another astonishingly good audience recording, recorded from the third row at The Forum, and offering wide fidelity and clarity. Samples provided.

The setlist blends Wings hits, some relatively obscure material, a couple of covers and five Beatles songs: “Lady Madonna,” “The Long and Winding Road,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “Blackbird” and “Yesterday.” The band lineup was McCartney, joined by his wife Linda on keyboards, guitarist Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch on bass and Joe English on drums, plus a four-piece horn section: Howie Casey, Steve Howard, Thaddeus Richard and Tony Dorsey.

There’s also a fine soundboard recording of this same show, the Rockshow film and various, lengthy pro-shot segments from the Forum shows on YouTube. But I found listening to Mike’s high-quality audience recording of McCartney ‘76 more enjoyable. The audience sound adds an integral organic element and makes for a vivid document of what the show was like.

Here’s what Jim R recalled about Paul McCartney’s final night at the Forum in 1976:

I attended the Wings concert with Mike at The Forum on June 23, 1976. Our equipment got smuggled via the wheelchair. As usual, Mike drove the two of us.

We had primo seats on the floor, Section B, Row 3. Third row center–the favorite within our chosen sweet spot to record. We camped out in front of the box office to get these tickets. McCartney’s Forum run was a big event with equally massive demand for tickets. Scalper prices were $$$. This show was the last of three at The Forum and it was also the last night of Wings’ North American tour.

Mike and I were blown away at the idea of seeing a Beatle. I’m old enough to remember buying their records on the day they came out. As we had done with Led Zeppelin the prior year, Mike and I drove to San Diego a few days earlier to scout the show and figure out when he would be making his tape flips.

This was a history-making event. A couple times during the show, Mike and I would knowingly look at each other, then down to the dancing Nak 550 level meters, and with a sly smirk acknowledge to each other that we were in the middle of capturing an awesome tape. It should be noted that out of the hundreds of shows we went to together, this recognition only happened a handful of times. Otherwise we were all business.

After the concert, when we got back to Mike’s Peugeot, we listened to the recording with headphones. A couple of people walking by asked what we were doing and Mike handed them the headphones and gave them a listen.

Paul was engaging with the audience and almost seemed like a normal guy. There was an underlying theme throughout the show that this was a Wings concert and not just a Paul McCartney concert. Paul humbly shared the spotlight with other members of Wings, with some performing their own tunes.

About the Wings From The Wings bootleg. Mike was pissed when he found out. One more reason to watermark the copies he gave out of his recordings. In 1976, bootleg pressings were pretty rough so they were inferior, but to Mike it was the principle.

I have been looking forward to this concert being posted. I hope you enjoy the show as much as Mike and I did.

+ + + + +

JEMS is proud to partner with Rob, Jim R, Barry G and others to release Millard’s historic recordings and to help set the record straight about the man himself.

We can’t thank Rob enough for reconnecting with Jim and putting his trust in our Millard reissue campaign. He kept Mike’s precious tapes under wraps for two decades, but once Rob learned of our methods and stewardship, he agreed to contribute the Millard DATs and cassettes to the program. Our releases would not be nearly as compelling without Jim’s memories, photos and other background contributions. As many of you have noted, the stories offer an entertaining complement to Mike’s incredible audio documents.

Thanks this week once again go to Professor Goody for pitch assessment and to mjk5510 for taking on this big project during a busy time of year.

Finally, cheers to the late, great Mike the MICrophone. His work never ceases to impress. May he rest in peace.


+ + + + +

AKG 451E Microphones (CK-1 cardioid capsules) > Nakamichi 550 Cassette Recorder
Transfer: Mike Millard Master Cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth adjustment; Dolby On) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > iZotope RX7 > iZotope Ozone 8 > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Disc 1
Track 101. Venus And Mars 2:30
Track 102. Rockshow 4:21
Track 103. Jet 4:39
Track 104. Let Me Roll It 4:13
Track 105. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 4:39
Track 106. Medicine Jar 4:46
Track 107. Maybe I’m Amazed 5:53
Track 108. Call Me Back Again 6:00
Track 109. Lady Madonna 3:18
Track 110. The Long And Winding Road 5:29
Track 111. Live And Let Die 4:28
Track 112. Picasso’s Last Words 2:07
Track 113. Richard Cory 2:56
Track 114. Bluebird 5:07
Track 115. I’ve Just Seen A Face 2:25
Track 116. Blackbird 2:59
66 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Yesterday 4:04
Track 202. You Gave Me The Answer 2:44
Track 203. Magneto And Titanium Man 4:06
Track 204. Go Now 4:12
Track 205. My Love 4:35
Track 206. Listen What The Man Said 4:07
Track 207. Let ‘Em In 4:33
Track 208. Time To Hide 5:25
Track 209. Silly Love Songs 6:07
Track 210. Beware My Love 7:02
Track 211. Letting Go 5:41
Track 212. Band On The Run 5:58
Track 213. Hi Hi Hi 3:46
Track 214. Soily 5:45
68 mins

Paul McCartney - guitar, vocals
Linda MCartney - keyboards
Denny Laine - guitar,
Jimmy McCulloch - bass
Joe English - drums
Howie Casey, Steve Howard, Thaddeus Richard and Tony Dorsey - horns

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    By sking on Jan 4, 2021

  4. Hi sking. Unfortunately, it is not the opening night show of June 21, 1976 with the DC8 jet, Elton John and Cher in front row and Ringo appearing at the end. ticket price was $8 but we paid $25 ea. Millard went to the closing night show, which actually ended the entire tour. I took my fiancé 4 months before we married. She passed away 10 years ago at age 53 after misdiagnosed as MS. She died of untreated Colon cancer. This concert is also on Youtube, but the whole concert is one track. I really appreciate Big O’s way of separate tracks for each song. A LOT LESS BOTHER.

    By ScarRad on Jan 4, 2021

  5. I am blown away at the quality of this recording and the remaster work done to improve it of Wings. Forget the Youtube version. This is absolutely the version to get. The Millard version on Youtube was not remastered and sounds like a 2nd or 3rd copy. Just listen to Joe English on the drums! Wow! BRAVO!

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  22. Right you are, ToeKneeF. Jimmy was the lead guitarist in this lineup of Wings. Paul was the primary bassist, but when he played another instrument, Jimmy would sometimes play bass but usually it was Denny.

    By MrBill on Jan 5, 2021

  23. I have a bootleg of quite possibly the first night at the Forum. The cover sheet has a newspaper article reviewing the concert. It reads that Paul had dropped by Starr’s recording session in Hollywood with a tune for his next album. It is on Laser Beams records made in Mexico. It is definitely from a different night. I have been waiting for this one. Thanks BigO!

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  44. The bootleg I have is definitely from a different night. Before singing “Yesterday” Paul breaks into the opening bars of the National Anthem. There is no mention of it being the last night of the tour either. Pretty good sound for it being an LP.

    By BigE on Jan 7, 2021

  45. BigE, what is the first song on the bootleg?

    By ScarRad on Jan 7, 2021

  46. It begins with Live and lLet Die on Side 1. Side 2 begins with Magneto and Titanium Man and ends with Soilie.

    By BigE on Jan 8, 2021

  47. Hi BigE. That does not match Opening night or the closing night. Perhaps the middle show? But I think you mentioned an LP as the source bootleg. If so, there would be quite a number of songs missing. Are there possibly 2 or 3 LPs? Opening night did not start the same as closing night.

    By ScarRad on Jan 8, 2021

  48. I will need to look again. I could swear I had the set, but I could be mistaken. It is an LP.

    By BigE on Jan 8, 2021

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