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Firenze 1982 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Ippodromo, Firenze, Italy; September 14, 1982. Fairly to very good audience recording - just bear with the crowd noise.

Thanks to MR; and mjk5510 for sharing the show at Dime.

Known Faults:
- California Dreaming Instrumental Intro: start missing first few notes

Great quality capture supporting the “A View From The Ground” release. This one needed a good pitch adjustment and has been fully mastered at the request of a friend. I know very little about America separate from the hits you could not escape if you were breathing.

There are a few very good songs I was not familiar with previously “Hangover” and “Sandman” come to mind. Also includes a nice version of “California Dreaming”, a song that is difficult to ruin.

Thanks to my old friend MR for the file.

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wav file > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Riverside 3:44
Track 02. Tin Man 3:51
Track 03. Old Man Took 3:18
Track 04. Daisy Jane 4:24
Track 05. You Can Do Magic 4:34
Track 06. Love On The Vine 3:15
Track 07. Ventura Highway 3:59
Track 08. I Need You 2:48
Track 09. Inspector Mills 5:13
Track 10. Company 4:06
Track 11. Hangover 4:02
Track 12. Never Be Lonely 4:06
Track 13. Even The Score 3:35
Track 14. Valentine 4:05
Track 15. Sandman 6:31
Track 16. Survival 3:44
Track 17. Sister Golden Hair 3:42
Track 18. California Dreaming 3:26
Track 19. Horse With No Name 3:58
77 mins

From 1971 to 1974, America released some of their most cherished albums - the self-titled America, Homecoming, Hat Trick and Holiday. Rhino Records released The Complete Greatest Hits in 2001 which picks out many of the popular songs from those four albums. Order it here.

  1. 15 Responses to “AMERICA - FIRENZE 1982”

  2. The back picture of this album is inaccurate. The late Dan Peek left the band in 1978. Still, good show considering America had a huge comeback hit “You Can Do Magic” in fall 1982.

    By Tony Pizza on Jan 6, 2021

  3. Thanks for the upload but the links to Track 9 and 14 seem to be missing.

    By chotakeo on Jan 6, 2021

  4. Hi There
    Tracks; 09 and 14 cannot be downloaded.
    Can you check them out please?


    By Daij on Jan 6, 2021

  5. Hello chotakeo. Daij

    Kindly refresh the page and try again.

    By bigozine2 on Jan 6, 2021

  6. Thanks once again for fixing the links. Tony is right and I still have a soft spot for America with the original lineup. Maybe someone out there got something that can be shared?

    By chotakeo on Jan 6, 2021

  7. Even tho’ old photo with Dan Peek, it is a nice one to keep. I award one bag of Mike Millard projectile pennies to the out of control crowd.

    By ScarRad on Jan 6, 2021

  8. notice how I flipped keep and Peek?

    By ScarRad on Jan 6, 2021

  9. Fascinating ScarRad…

    By Madame Phoot on Jan 6, 2021

  10. Flip your meat in my mouth some time, ScarRed.

    By Corey M on Jan 7, 2021

  11. Rumor has it this was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Jan 7, 2021

  12. I love penises

    By U L E on Jan 7, 2021

  13. America… Now the Laughing Stock in the political world!!!!!!

    By Madame Phoot on Jan 7, 2021

  14. are you a drag queen madame foo foo

    By U L E on Jan 7, 2021

  15. Do you have a penis ?

    By U L E on Jan 8, 2021

  16. A lady never tells U L E

    By Madame Phoot on Jan 8, 2021

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