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Live at the University Auditorium, Uppsala, Sweden; October 30, 1972. Very good satellite broadcast.

In 1959, the Dave Brubeck Quartet recorded Time Out, an album about which the record label was enthusiastic but which they were nonetheless hesitant to release. Featuring the cover art of S. Neil Fujita, the album contained all original compositions, almost none of which were in common time: 9/8, 5/4, 3/4, and 6/4 were used, inspired by Eurasian folk music they experienced during their 1958 Department of State sponsored tour. Nonetheless, on the strength of these unusual time signatures (the album included “Take Five”, “Blue Rondo à la Turk”, and “Three To Get Ready”), it quickly went Platinum. It was the first jazz album to sell more than a million copies. A high point for the group was their 1963 live album At Carnegie Hall, described by critic Richard Palmer as “arguably Dave Brubeck’s greatest concert”. - wikipedia

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Thanks to unclewolfi for sharing the show at Dime.

dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station - oe1]

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Track 01. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (Mercer/Ellington) 12:28
Track 02. Truth Is Fallen (Brubeck) 8:51
Track 03. Unfinished Woman (Mulligan) 7:27
Track 04. Summer Music (Brubeck) 9:12
Track 05. For All We Know (Coots) 4:12
Track 06. Line For Lions (Mulligan) 5:50
Track 07. Take Five (Desmond) 8:54
57 mins

Dave Brubeck - piano
Paul Desmond - alto sax
Gerry Mulligan - baritone sax
Jack Six - bass
Alan Dawson - drums

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