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The World Of Sam Rivers 1979 [no label, 2CD]
National Public Radio’s “Jazz Alive!”; December 2, 1979; WAMU-FM.

Thanks to carville for sharing the show at Dime.

carville noted:

First, immense thanks to DC for this “new” one! I’ve had little bits of this but never the whole thing in one place. Great sound, great performance and it’s SAM!

There are no cassette flips in this composite recording, despite the inherent limitations of the cassette format. Because WAMU-FM’s practice at the time was to air each “Jazz Alive!” program twice in close succession, the taper re-recorded portions of the program when it was aired a second time to avoid the inevitable interruption points at the 45-minute marks of the first recording.

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For many listeners, free jazz proponent Sam Rivers (saxophone, flute, harmonica, piano) is noted for being a member of the Miles Quartet in 1964 and who appeared on Miles In Tokyo.

In his Autobiography, Miles Davis recounted how Rivers joined the group.

I want to clear up the story about me wanting to get Eric Dolphy in my band when George Coleman left. Eric was a beautiful guy as far as his personality went, but I never liked his playing. He could play; I just didn’t like the way he played. A lot of people loved it; I know Trane did, and Herbie, Ron, and Tony [Williams] did, too.

When George quit, Tony did bring up Eric’s name, but I didn’t even consider him seriously. Sam Rivers was the man Tony was really pushing because he knew him from Boston and Tony’s like that; he was always pushing people he knew. Afterwards, around 1964 when Eric Dolphy died, I got a lot of criticism because I was quoted in a Leonard Feather blindfold test in Down Beat saying that Eric played “like somebody was standing on his foot”. The magazine came out just about the time Eric died, and everyone thought that was so cold-blooded. But I had said that months before.

My first choice to replace George was Wayne Shorter, but Art Blakey had made him musical director of the Jazz Messengers and he couldn’t leave then. So we hired Sam Rivers.

The wikipedia added that Rivers’ playing style was too free to be compatible with Davis’s music at this point, and he was soon replaced by Wayne Shorter. Rivers passed away in 2011 from pneumonia. He was 88.

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FM broadcasts (1979) > Rotel receiver > Akai cassette deck > Scotch Master II cassettes (Dolby B) > Sony TC-WR635S cassette deck (refurbished 2021) > PC > Goldwave > Flac

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Disc 1
Track 101. Billy Taylor intro 0:13
Track 102. Soprano sax section [Univerity of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, January 20, 1978] 17:39
Track 103. Billy Taylor intro/Michael Cuscuna interviews Sam Rivers (6:01)
Track 104. Billy Taylor intro 1:11
Track 105. Improvisation [Jazz & Blues Festival, New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center, LA] 27:30
Track 106. Billy Taylor intro/Michael Cuscuna interviews Sam Rivers/station ID 5:25
58 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Billy Taylor intro 0:45
Track 202. Improvisation/Billy Tayor outro [The Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX, October 2, 1978] 15:48
Track 203. Billy Taylor intro/Michael Cuscuna interviews Sam Rivers 6:07
Track 204. Billy Taylor intro/Excerpt from Orchestral Suite/Billy Talor outro [Public Theater, NYC, June 22, 1979] 28:56

Sam Rivers - soprano and tenor saxes, flute, piano, voice

on 102 add Dave Holland (bass) and Barry Altschul (drums)
on 105 add Holland, Joe Daley (tuba, euphonium), Bobby Battle (drums, percussion, bird whistles)
on 202 add Holland (cello and bass), Daley, and Thurman Barker (drums, percussion)
on 203 add Holland, Barker, Daley, and Steve Coleman (alto sax); Hamiet Bluiett (baritone sax); Jimmy Vass, John Stubblefield, John Purcell, Ron Bridgewater, Lee Rozie, Bill Cody, James Ware, and James Stewart (reeds): Jack Walrath, Oliver Beamer, Frank Gordon, and Ted Daniel (trumpets); Ray Anderson, George Lewis, Charles Deffinitz, and Richard Harper (trombones): Vincent Chancey, John Clark, and Greg Williams (french horns); Bob Stewart (tuba); Abdul Wadud, Pat Dixon, and Muneer Abdul Fataah (cellos); and Warren Smith (percussion)

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  2. He might be my dad. Mom fucked a ton of black dudes.

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  3. Great compilation of material; really shows off all of his facets. taped it back in the day; thanks.

    By treborij on May 31, 2021

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