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1965 Revisited [Great Dane, CD1/2 of 14]

Interviews and shows from 1965 plus Highway 61 sessions.

Bruce Eder,

A gift to Dylan archaeologists from those enterprising bootleggers at Great Dane, who seem bent on becoming the underground’s answer to Bear Family Records. 1965 Revisited is a collection of every unreleased recording — outtakes, unmixed vocal/acoustic guitar tracks, concerts, interviews, talk show appearances - that Dylan is known to have done that year, 14 CDs’ worth. The results are imposing, to say the least. The set kicks off with a CD full of outtakes from the Bringing It All Back Home sessions from January 1965, before the backing band was added, and Dylan’s complete appearance on ABC-TV’s Les Crane Show (New York, February 17, 1965).

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Disc 1
Bringing It All Back Home outtakes, Columbia Studio A New York City; January 13-15,1965
Track 101. I’ll Keep It With Mine #1 (Mono mix with intro) 4:21
Track 102. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue #1 (mono mix) 3:38
Track 103. Subterranean Homesick Blues #1 (Mono mix) 2:56
Track 104. Farewell Angelina (Mono mix) 5:26
Track 105. You Don’t Have To Do That (Mono mix) 0:55

January 15,1965; with Bruce Langhorne on 2nd guitar
Track 106. She Belongs To Me #1 (Mono mix) 3:08
Track 107. Love Minus Zero-No Limits #1 (Mono mix) 3:49

Backed by Al Gorgoni (guitar), Kenny Rankin (guitar), Paul Griffin (piano), Joe Macho Jr (bass), Bobby Gregg (drums)
Track 108. If You Gotta Go, Go Now #1 (Original mono mix) 2:34
Track 109. If You Gotta Go, Go Now #1 (Mono acetate mix) 2:33
Track 110. If You Gotta Go, Go Now #2 (Mono mix with intro) 3:02
Track 111. If You Gotta Go, Go Now #2 (Stereo mix) 2:55
Track 112. I’ll Keep It With Mine #1 (Stereo acetate mix) 3:14

Les Crane Show, New York; February 17, 1965
Track 113. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue 5:19
Track 114. interview 18:33
Track 115. It’s Alright Ma 7:41
70 mins

Disc 2
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium; March 27,1965
Track 201. To Ramona 4:45
Track 202. Gates Of Eden 7:46
Track 203. If You Gotta Go, Go Now 2:43
Track 204. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 8:19
Track 205. Love Minus Zero-No Limit 4:37
Track 206. Mr Tambourine Man 5:28
Track 207. Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right 3:40
Track 208. With God On Our Side (incomplete) 1:25
Track 209. She Belongs To Me 3:47
Track 210. It Ain’t Me Babe (incomplete) 1:25
Track 211. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (incomplete) 0:35
Track 212. All I Really Want To Do 2:43
Track 213. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue 5:34
53 mins

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  10. FYI this was released as a bonus download to the Super
    Deluxe 1966 box. Looks the same so far.

    By Ping Pong Bob on Jun 11, 2021

  11. It figures that we finally get a Bob Dylan show where he’s not a geezer , and three of his best songs are incomplete. What the hell is this ? Too bad . Dylan is in his twenties here , in his prime , and incomplete songs ? This sucks big time. I’m sure if this was a typical geezer show from today , the songs would all be intact .

    By Pat Grooms on Jun 11, 2021

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  16. 108-112
    with Al GORGONI(not GORGONE) on Guitar

    By Phil C on Jun 12, 2021

  17. Can somebody smarter than me explain…is this stuff that so far hasn’t made Bootleg Series or Copyright Dumps????

    By anon-y-mouse on Jun 12, 2021

  18. Twernt me on any of the above . All fakes

    By U L E on Jun 12, 2021

  19. I’m with Pat . Why post a show where three songs are incomplete? It kills the flow of the show . One song maybe , but three ? That’s too much .

    By John on Jun 12, 2021

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    By HHH on Jun 13, 2021

  26. I’m grateful for the free music of the greatest singer/songwriter/performer of all time, even if 3 tracks are incomplete. It should be obvious that audience members today have better recording equipment now than they did 55 years ago. By the way, I saw Dylan in November of 2019 and he was excellent. And no, I’m not some nitwit who thinks everything he does is great. The album “Together Through Life” is one I own but haven’t listened to in ages. “Rough and Rowdy Ways”, however, is brilliant. His performance at Live Aid was a travesty. He redeemed himself with his blistering set at the first Farm Aid.

    By Mark on Jun 14, 2021

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