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Hard Times Of Old England [Wicker Man WKMCD021, 1CD]

Live at the Stadthalle, Freiburg, Germany; April 30, 1982. Very good FM broadcast.

Following the end of the Stormwatch tour in early 1980, Jethro Tull would undergo their largest lineup shuffle to date, resulting in Barriemore Barlow, John Evan and Dee Palmer all leaving the band. Jethro Tull were left with Anderson (the only original member), Martin Barre and Dave Pegg.

Tull’s first album of the 1980s was intended to be an Ian Anderson solo album. Anderson retained Barre on electric guitar and Pegg on bass, while adding Mark Craney on drums, and special guest keyboardist/violinist Eddie Jobson (ex–Roxy Music). Highlighted by the prominent use of synthesisers, it contrasted sharply with the established “Tull sound”. After pressure from Chrysalis Records, Anderson agreed to release it as a Jethro Tull album. Entitled A (taken from the labels on the master tapes for his scrapped solo record, marked simply “A”), it was released in mid-1980.

Jobson and Craney returned to their own work following the A tour and Jethro Tull entered a period of revolving drummers: Gerry Conway, who left after deciding he could not be the one to replace Barlow, Phil Collins (as a fill-in for the recently departed Gerry Conway, played with the band at the first Prince’s Trust concert in 1982), Paul Burgess (for the US leg of the Broadsword and the Beast tour) and permanent drummer Doane Perry.

1981 was the first year in their career that the band did not release an album; however, some recording sessions took place In 1982, Peter-John Vettese joined on keyboards, and the band returned to a somewhat folkier sound - albeit with synthesisers - for 1982’s The Broadsword and the Beast. The ensuing concert tour for the album was well attended and the shows featured what was to be one of the group’s last indulgences in full-dress theatricality. The stage was built to resemble a Viking longship and the band performed in faux-medieval regalia.

Among Jethro Tull’s very finest shows on this tour was their concert at the Stadthalle, Freiburg, Germany, on April 30, 1982, a performance also recorded for live FM radio broadcast.

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Track 01. Intro 0:50
Track 02. Clasp 4:19
Track 03. Hunting Girl 5:16
Track 04. Fallen on Hard Times 4:08
Track 05. Pussy Willow 4:55
Track 06. Broadsword 5:14
Track 07. One Brown Mouse 3:36
Track 08. Seal Driver 5:34
Track 09. Weathercock/Fire at Midnight 4:43
Track 10. Keyboard/Percussion 3:50
Track 11. Sweet Dream 4:29
Track 12. Watching Me, Watching You 3:40
Track 13. Band Introduction 1:39
Track 14. The Swirling Pit 2:26
Track 15. Pibroch/Black Satin Dancer 6:50
Track 16. Aqualung 7:36
Track 17. Minstrel in the Gallery 4:18
Track 18. Locomotive Breath/Black Sunday 4:49
Track 19. Cheerio 1:08
80 mins

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar, mandolin
Gerry Conway - drums
Dave Pegg - bass
Peter-John Veltese - keyboards

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  8. THANKS.

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  9. Hey Tom, youre wrong… Jethro Tull (baptized 30 March 1674 – 21 February 1741, New Style) was an English agriculturist from Berkshire who helped to bring about the British Agricultural Revolution of the 18th century. He perfected a horse-drawn seed drill in 1700 that economically sowed the seeds in neat rows, and later developed a horse-drawn hoe. Tull’s methods were adopted by many landowners and helped to provide the basis for modern agriculture.

    By Derrick on Sep 7, 2021

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