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The Soundboard Archive [no label, CD1/2 of 7]
Various dates and venues. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Hadrian (Lossless Legs) and to TheMysticMuse for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.


For some time now, I have been making “The Soundboard Archive” compilations.

My live-music collection had become so massive that I thought it pointless to keep “multiple-to-the-nth-degree” versions of the same songs, especially for “non-jam” bands: thus the genesis of this project of mine.

This has been my methodology:

1. Choose a trade-friendly artist (= “not on Lossless Legs’ & Dime’s NAB lists”) & collate all of the tracks from my “SBD” flac/shn files for said artist.

2. Listen to each track and choose what sounds to my ears to be the “best” version. (This is subjective, I know – but I’m QUITE picky as far as “sound quality” goes.)

3. As needed, rename each chosen track.

4. Compile “the winners” into a “The Soundboard Archive” collection – after ensuring that NO included tracks have been officially released. (Each text file contains information about those shows/songs which had been officially released at the time of my compilation.)

ENJOY! Support the artist and buy the officially-released items!

Hadrian (LL) / Macrinus (TTD)

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

The rest of the tracks will be shared at a later date.

Disc 1
1/28/1989 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
analog 4th gen soundboard - GEMS remaster
Track 01. Message To The Other Side 3:33
Track 02. Sally Goodin 5:13
Track 03. No One There But You 3:09
Track 04. If Only I Could Count On You 3:36
Track 05. Cry Cry Darlin’ 3:03
Track 06. The Rovin’ Gambler 4:36
Track 07. I’m Alone Again 3:36
Track 08. Knee Patches 3:20
Track 09. Don’t Follow Me 2:52
Track 10. It’s Too Late To Walk 2:41

6/24/1989 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival – Telluride, CO
SBD – KGNU master recording
Track 11. Bury Me Beneath The Willow 2:38
Track 12. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind 3:39
Track 13. I’m Goin’ On 3:04
Track 14. Livin’ In The Name Of Love 2:15
Track 15. Loneliness And Desperation 2:27
Track 16. Midnight Rider 2:15
Track 17. On The Borderline 3:10
Track 18. Shoppin’ For Love 3:39
Track 19. Standin’ On The Outside 3:14
Track 20. unknown instrumental 1:58
Track 21. A Woman In Love 3:27
68 mins

Disc 2
9/23/1989 - IBMA Festival - Owensboro, KY
SBD > ? > DAT
Track 22. Beaumont Rag 3:23
Track 23. Going, Going, Gone 4:11
Track 24. I Am The Man, Thomas 3:43
Track 25. I Will 2:47
Track 26. Standing By The Bedside Of Your Neighbor 4:09
Track 27. Sweet Georgia Brown 3:34
Track 28. There’s No Place To Hide 3:04
Track 29. Too Late To Cry 3:48
Track 30. Two Highways 3:35
Track 31. unknown instrumental 2 2:11
Track 32. Will You Be Leavin’ 2:31

3/24/1991 – Theatre Of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Track 33. Another Day, Another Dollar 2:36
Track 34. Another Night 3:00
Track 35. Canadian Bacon 2:24
Track 36. Dark Skies 2:34
Track 37. Don’t Pick Me Up Just To Knock Me Down 2:27
Track 38. East Tennessee Blues 4:15
Track 39. Endless Highway 2:21
Track 40. Leavin’ Cottondale And Never Comin’ Back 3:13
60 mins

Updated October 21, 2021

Disc 3
3/24/1991 – Theatre Of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA cont’d
Track 41. Lonesome Pine 3:06
Track 42. Lonesome-Hearted Blues 2:29
Track 43. Long, Long Road 2:47
Track 44. Steel Rails 2:56
Track 45. Try To Go And Win Your Love 4:51
Track 46. Weetabix 3:09
Track 47. Wheel Hoss 2:46
Track 48. Where The Sabbath Has No End 2:58
Track 49. But You Know I Love You 3:22

6/1/1991 – Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival – Preston, CT
SBD > ? > CD-R received in trade > EAC > FLAC
Track 50. I’ll Still Be Walking In 100 Years 3:24
Track 51. Little Rabbit 3:18
Track 52. Live On Down The Line 2:55
Track 53. Lonesome And Homesick Blues 3:15
Track 54. unknown instrumental 3 2:29
Track 55. You’re In My Heart 2:34
47 mins

Disc 4
6/2/1991 - Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival - Preston, CT
SBD > ? > CD-R received in trade > EAC > FLAC
Track 56. I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome 3:27
Track 57. One Good Reason 3:14
Track 58. In Your Eyes 3:50
Track 59. John Henry 3:59
Track 60. Last Love Letter 3:54
Track 61. Love You In Vain 2:47
Track 62. Mama’s Hand 5:18
Track 63. Pass Me Not 4:09
Track 64. That’s All I Can Say 2:44
Track 65. Trusting In Jesus 2:36
Track 66. You Can Take Your Time In Coming Back To Me 4:20

7/20/1991 – Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival – Ancramdale, NY
Master Soundboard Cassette > Sony D-5 Maxell MX-S 90. Transfer: Nakamichi DR-1 > Korg MR-1 DFF [1 bit / 2.8 khz] Wave Conversion AudioGate to [24/96]. Mastering in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 4.0 dithered to [16/44.1]
Track 67. Heartstrings 4:43

4/3/1993 – Santa Maria Bluegrass Festival – Santa Maria, CA
Soundboard > Uher 325 cassette deck > Maxell XLII > Sek’d Prodif Plus soundcard > Soundforge > CDR > EAC > TLH > FLAC
Track 68. Clinch Mountain Backstep 2:58
Track 69. Foolish Heart 3:47
Track 70. I’ll Never Stand In Your Way 3:41
Track 71. I’ve Got That Old Feeling 4:07
Track 72. Kern County Breakdown 2:24
Track 73. Rebecca 2:43
65 mins

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