November 24, 2021 – 6:14 am

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Holland 1971 [no label, 1CD]

Wienringermeer, The Netherlands; July 1, 1971. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to abe_lincoln for sharing the tracks at Dime.

abe_lincoln noted:

Here’s an early soundboard recording of Slade performing in The Netherlands, touring their first album in 1971. This show pre-dates their Glam years. In 1971, Slade were  still sporting a skinhead/yob look; close cropped hair, mutton chop sideburns, suspenders and big, stomping engineering boots rather than the more eccentric, glam look they adopted later on.

The setlist is very different from later Slade shows, including an interesting cover song, familiar hits and unfamiliar numbers they didn’t play much later on.

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Track 01. Hear Me Calling 4:37
Track 02. Sweet Little Rock n Roller 2:55
Track 03. Know Who You Are 2:58
Track 04. Sweet Box 6:15
Track 05. Get Down and Get With It 4:26
Track 06. Born to be Wild (Outro) 0:45
22 mins

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  26. I’m glad to see the Everson Griffen situation ended peacefully. It’s good to see mental health officials take the lead in such situations. I do not support defunding the police, but there are times like this when cops are not the best-trained to deal with a situation.

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