December 5, 2021 – 6:14 am

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Hamburg 1971 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Jazzhouse, Hamburg, Germany; October 21, 1971. Very good digital broadcast. Restored Version.

Thanks to jazzrita for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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Grammy-winning musician Yusef Lateef, a multi-instrumentalist known for fusing jazz and Eastern music, played in bands with Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Mingus and gained a global following as one of the first to incorporate world music into jazz. In 1987 he won a Grammy for best new age performance for Little Symphony, on which he played all the instruments. Lateef had battled prostate cancer and died at his home in 2013 in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. He was 93 - BBC

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Track 01. Out Of Nowhere 17:15
Track 02. Water Pistol 11:41
Track 03. Habibi 12:22
Track 04. Sphyx/Yesterdays/I’ll Remember April 17:41
59 mins

Yusef Lateef - tenor sax, flute, oboe
Kenny Barron - piano
Bob Cunningham - bass
Al Heath - drums

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