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New York 1976 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Ali’s Alley, New York, NY; December 24, 1976. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to carville for sharing the show at Dime.

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Sunny Murray is one of the pioneers of the free jazz style of drumming. He was among the first to forgo the drummer’s traditional role as timekeeper in favor of purely textural playing. After his period with Cecil Taylor’s group, Murray’s influence continued as a core part of Albert Ayler’s trio who recorded Spiritual Unity: “Sunny Murray and Albert Ayler did not merely break through bar lines, they abolished them altogether.” - wikipedia

A pioneer of free-jazz drumming, Sunny Murray first became known from Cecil Taylor’s seminal groups of the early 1960s, which led directly to his tenure as Albert Ayler’s drummer throughout 1964-65, appearing on all of Ayler’s original ESP-Disk’ recordings. At the end of ’65, he made his first record as a leader, Sonny’s Time Now (for the fledgling Jihad label founded by LeRoi Jones, now Amiri Baraka), with Ayler and Don Cherry in the group playing Murray’s compositions. He then led a date for ESP on July 23, 1967, Sunny Murray, where his quintet included bassist Alan Silva, trumpeter Jacques Coursil and alto saxophonists Byard Lancaster and Jack Graham. He often led his own groups after that, and in 1968 went to Paris for a few years. There he recorded various albums under his own name, for BYG and other labels, and played on dates by Archie Shepp, Dave Burrell and François Tusques; he also played the Pan-African festival in Algiers and the festival in Amougies. -

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Track 01. Seven Steps To Heaven 16:05
Track 02. Untitled 9:00
Track 03. Untitled 7:06
Track 04. Untitled 8:56
Track 05. Untitled 4:15
46 mins

Sunny Murray - drums
Byard Lancaster - reeds
Khan Jamal - vibes
Bob Reid? - bass
Dave Burrell? - piano

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  10. Thanks!

    Track list
    1.Seven Steps To Heaven
    2.Charred Earth
    3.Tree Tops
    5.Peace(by Chet Baker)

    By andrew on Jan 23, 2022

  11. Track list
    1.Seven Slurps To Heaving
    2.Charo’s Snatch
    3.Penis Tops
    4.Gay For Anal
    5.Piece (by Chester Baker)

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