July 18, 2010 – 3:53 am

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Surfer’s Mood [no label, 3CD]

Vinyl transfer - source singles and acetates crackly but highly listenable.

Before The Beach Boys, “Surf Music” meant instrumental guitar bands, though in fairness, The Beach Boys did record some instrumentals on their second album “Surfin’ U.S.A.”, though they wisely realized that their strength was in vocal songs. Anyhow, these three unofficial US vinyl LPs bring together an assortment of surf obscurities. The first thing you are going to say is “Wow - these LPs are very scratchy!” But they aren’t scratchy. The LPs were pressed on superb vinyl, they are in excellent condition, and they were transferred to digital on the second play. But the albums were mastered from very crackly vintage singles and acetates. For the most part the artists and labels are long-gone, as are the master tapes. In most cases (that is for the tracks that were released), it was a case where the artist released their own singles to sell at their shows. The releases of these compilations were vinyl-only, because the sources are simply not good enough for CD releases. Still, some interesting examples of “Surf Guitar” are preserved here. - Philip Cohen

Summer’s already here but this year, mention the word “beach” and one cannot help but think of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; the lives that were lost and the damage to the environment.

But for many music fans, summer (like Christmas) is a magical time, especially in their memories. Going by these records and the whole surf music genre, summer harkens back to carefree days spent on the beach; girls in bikinis; and listening to your latest singles on your record player or radio.

And because of the source material used to press the original vinyls in this compilation, the scratchy sound does help to approximate the “original” listening experience for those who can still remember. There is really no need (like Quentin Tarantino did with those faux Grindhouse trailers) to touch up the sound for that lost-in-the-’60s feel.

Anyone who had ever tapped their foot to the sounds of Dick Dale, The Ventures and The Beach Boys would have no problem digging this. Standouts include The Baymen’s Daybreak and Bonzai; The King Pins’ Siboney; The Breakers’ Kamikaze and The S’Squires’ Green Surf - a surf update on a trad classic. And not forgetting The Breeze & I, used in countless Chinese radio programmes in Malaysia back in the day.

Thanks to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Enchanted Surf - The Pagents (2.9MB)
Track 102. Green Surf - The S’Squires (3.7MB)
Track 103. Teenage Express - The Expressos (3.6MB)
Track 104. Wandering - The Expressos (3.9MB)
Track 105. Surfer’s Mood - Gene Gray & His Stingrays (3.2MB)
Track 106. Nite Mare - The Illusions (3.3MB)
Track 107. Tum-Tiki - The Enchanters (3.4MB)
Track 108. Jungle Fever - Dick Dales & The Deltones (3.2MB)
Track 109. Daybreak - The Baymen (3.2MB)
Track 110. Siboney - The King Pins (3.1MB)
Track 111. 94 Second Surf - The King Pins (2.7MB)
Track 112. Moon Shot - Kenny & The Fiends (2.1MB)
Track 113. With Vigor - Kenny & The Sultans (2.4MB)
Track 114. Beach Girl - The Nodeans (5.3MB)
Track 115. High Wall - The Debonaires (3.5MB)
Track 116. Big Surf - The Sharks (2.8MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Rumble On The Docks - The Aquanauts (3.0MB)
Track 202. Bonzai - The Baymen (3.0MB)
Track 203. Kamikaze - The Breakers (3.8MB)
Track 204. Surf Breaker - The Breakers (3.1MB)
Track 205. 502 (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) - The Rhythm Surfers (3.4MB)
Track 206. Butterfingers - The Crunchendoes (3.2MB)
Track 207. Squirt - The Bel-Airs (3.5MB)
Track 208. Flip Side - Rich Clayton & The Rumbles (3.3MB)
Track 209. POP Jingle - unknown (1.4MB)
Track 210. Ghost Wave - The Vistas (2.7MB)
Track 211. The Last Race - Jack Nitzsche (3.6MB)
Track 212. Rip Tide - The Majestics (3.3MB)
Track 213. Surf Walk - Manuel & The Renegades (3.4MB)
Track 214. The Wipe Out - Kenny & The Sultans (3.1MB)
Track 215. Fiberglass Jungle - The Crossfires (3.0MB)
Track 216. Here Comes The Rain - Our Gang (3.3MB)
Track 217. Driftin’ - Dave Myers & The Surftones (4.4MB)
Track 218. POP Jingle 2 - unknown (2.0MB)

Disc 3
Track 301. Beach Head - The Knight Trains (3.0MB)
Track 302. El Toro - The Surfmen (2.8MB)
Track 303. Loophole - The Royal Coachmen (3.5MB)
Track 304. Mr X - The Velvetones (3.3MB)
Track 305. Bird Walk - The Heyburners (3.2MB)
Track 306. The Islander - The Sunliners (3.3MB)
Track 307. Night & Day - The Lively Ones (2.9MB)
Track 308. Harlem Nocturne - Star Tones (4.1MB)
Track 309. The Breeze & I - The Vibrants (3.4MB)
Track 310. Surfer’s Paradise - The Counts (3.7MB)
Track 311. The Arabian Knight - Jerry & The Catalinas (3.3MB)
Track 312. Surfer’s Cry - The Torquays (4.1MB)
Track 313. Children Of The Sun - The Mockers (2.6MB)
Track 314. Blue Surf - Temptations (3.0MB)
Track 315. Missing - The Invictas (3.4MB)
Track 316. Midnight On Pier 13 - The Tempomen (3.6MB)

A good introduction to surf music is Cowabunga: Surf Box. Quentin Tarantino also did his bit to push surf music in Pulp Fiction. Click on the links to order the albums.


  2. Wow! What more can one say than “Kowabunga!” Thanks for this; I look forward to Disc’s 2 & 3.

    By Dennis on Jul 18, 2010

  3. Really a nice collection…Looking forward to the remaining two discs…Any chance of getting any information as to at least the year in which each of these songs were recorded? Thanks…

    By Pete on Jul 18, 2010

  4. There was no information on the original album covers, beyond some very vague liner notes. By the way, the slightly off-center left/right balance on some of these tracks, is inherent in the original L.P.’s themselves.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 18, 2010

  5. What fun!

    By Bill on Jul 19, 2010

  6. These surfin’ compilations were all released by Romulan Records on vinyl in…the 1990’s (?). You could obtain them, and trillions of other like items, via the awesome and legendary Norton Records. There’s a fourth lp in the Surfer’s Mood series called “Latinia Luna,” which is Spanish themed surfin’ music.

    In my own case, I never caught up with Vol One. It was already out of print by the time I caught up with the series. So…once again thanks for the musical treasures.


    By Scott Brookman on Jul 19, 2010

  7. Pete,
    Here’s what I have on the release years - the ones with ? I don’t know for sure but probably 1963.

    Disc 1
    Enchanted Surf - The Pagents - 1963
    Green Surf - The S’Squires - ?
    Teenage Express - The Expressos - 1960
    Wandering - The Expressos - 1960
    Surfer’s Mood - Gene Gray & His Stingrays - 1963
    Nite Mare - The Illusions - 1963
    Tum-Tiki - The Enchanters - 1963
    Jungle Fever - Dick Dales & The Deltones - 1963
    Daybreak - The Baymen - 1963
    Siboney - The King Pins - 1963
    94 Second Surf - The King Pins - 1963 (Although, they released the song “Door Banger” in 1966 which was really remake of “94 Second Surf”)
    Moon Shot - Kenny & The Fiends - 1964
    With Vigor - Kenny & The Sultans - 1963
    Beach Girl - The Nodeans - 1963 (Actually, I’ve seen info that this is actually Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson)
    High Wall - The Debonaires - ?
    Big Surf - The Sharks - 1964

    Disc 2
    Rumble On The Docks - The Aquanauts - 1964
    Bonzai - The Baymen - 1963
    Kamikaze - The Breakers - 1963
    Surf Breaker - The Breakers - 1963
    502 (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) - The Rhythm Surfers - 1963
    Butterfingers - The Crunchendoes - 1963
    Squirt - The Bel-Airs - 1963
    Flip Side - Rich Clayton & The Rumbles - 1963
    Ghost Wave - The Vistas - 1963
    The Last Race - Jack Nitzsche - 1964
    Rip Tide - The Majestics - 1963
    Surf Walk - Manuel & The Renegades - 1963
    The Wipe Out - Kenny & The Sultans - 1963
    Fiberglass Jungle - The Crossfires - 1963 (Who later became The Turtles)
    Here Comes The Rain - Our Gang - ?
    Driftin’ - Dave Myers & The Surftones - 1963

    Disc 3
    Beach Head - The Knight Trains - 1963
    El Toro - The Surfmen - 1962
    Loophole - The Royal Coachmen - 1964
    Mr X - The Velvetones - 1965
    Bird Walk - The Heyburners - 1963
    The Islander - The Sunliners - 1962
    Night & Day - The Lively Ones - 1964
    Harlem Nocturne - Star Tones - 1962
    The Breeze & I - The Vibrants - 1962
    Surfer’s Paradise - The Counts - 1963
    The Arabian Knight - Jerry & The Catalinas - 1963
    Surfer’s Cry - The Torquays - 1964
    Children Of The Sun - The Mockers - ?
    Blue Surf - Temptations - 1963
    Missing - The Invictas - 1964
    Midnight On Pier 13 - The Tempomen - ?

    By Rick D on Jul 19, 2010

  8. Surf’s up!

    By Nick on Jul 19, 2010

  9. Rick - Thanks a whole lot! I’m a nut for recording details…Pete

    By Pete on Jul 19, 2010

  10. To Rick D,

    There was Brian Wilson involvement on the composing,arranging and backing track of the song by “The Nodeans”. The song was created over the unfinished backing track of a proposed second single by “The Survivors”. Contrary to rumor, “The Survivors” weren’t a pseudonym for The Beach Boys, though Brian Wilson wrote(and did the lead vocal) on the group’s one single “Pamela Jean”. The Survivors were an actual group consisting of three college friends of Brian Wilson. The group’s leader Bob Norberg went on to be a Capitol Records CD mastering engineer. Under the pseudonym “Bob Norman”, he co-wrote The Beach Boys song “Keep an Eye on Summer”.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 19, 2010

  11. The two POP jingles for Pacific Ocean Park really brought back some memories. My older brother would take us as kids there (my twin and I) and man, was that “roly”coaster ever so scary! It was big to begin with, then climb you up as it pointed out straight towards the ocean. It seemed like you were over the water, because you were so high up you couldn’t see the beach, just water! Then down you hurled! Wow! There were a good amount of rides, and concessions. It was the best bargain around! One ride was a huge cylinder with the walls painted inside. It had metal structure inside. The wall would spin ever so fast, and then the floor would pull away many feet down from everyone, and the idea is that you would be pinned to the inside of this cylinder, spinning around. Well, I made the mistake of wearing dress shoes (I was about 8-10 years old), and I started slipping down the wall about 8 feet. The ride started slowing down, and I slipped some more. The floor started coming up and then I realized that the metal structure, which extended to the edge of the floor didnt move with the wall. It was if it was spinning by. The structure was almost flush with the wall as the floor came up. I started kicking each section as it went by, to try to squirm back up the wall each time, though I would still slide some back down. I was down below the top of the metal posts as they were going by, and I then had to hold my feet to the sides, still kicking the posts as they went by, but the wall was finally getting slower, but the floor was now moving up quickly, and I was still 6 feet below everyone. One last kick and the floor grabbed my right heel. It crunched my shoe as I wiggled out of it, and kept kicking with my left foot to get away. So… I guess that was the scariest ride I ever went on. I was unbelievably uninjured, but short a shoe. I must have had fast feet, I ended up running Varsity mile and cross country in high school.

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 20, 2010

  12. I’m glad that all of you are digging these “Awesome”, “Bitchin’ “, “Tubular” surfin’ sounds (I just had to use some surfing expressions!). I didn’t think that these recordings by these obscure artists would have international appeal. I’m surprised and delighted.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 20, 2010

  13. Talking of Brian Wilson..There was a Grammy nominated surf guitar album in the mid ’80s, by a band called “The Wedge,” featuring Probyn Gregory from Brian’s band on guitar.
    It would be great to hear this, but it doesn’t exist on CD as far as I know.

    By Brian B on Jul 20, 2010

  14. To Phillip

    Thanks for the details on “The Nodeans” track. I wasn’t 100% sure of the source but I just remembered it being mentioned years ago.

    And, once again, thanks for all the great music you provide.

    By Rick D on Jul 20, 2010

  15. Great stuff. I’m going to play this in mid-January after shoveling snow. Thanks…

    By TDC on Jul 20, 2010

  16. waves, both ways. I wonder if the Invicta stereo cassette recording deck took its name from the band The Invictas? I had one of those decks in 1974. It had twin VU meters for both in and out, with sliding bar controls. I used it to put together “A Year In The Life”, a ridiculously long version of the Beatles “A Day In the Life”, using sound effects and throwing in snippits from other songs of the era that fit the monologue lyrics. An example: “woke up - fell out of bed” immediately inserted is a loud “Crunch” sound. A cough follows “had a smoke”, and so on. A reved-up racing car engine with squealing tires follows “caught a bus”. Unfortunately, the whole thing was for my amusement in 1975. Not even Dr. Demento could play it over the air, since it used many dozens of licensed music.

    My brother used to dance at the Rendevous Ball Room in 1961 to Dick Dale and the Deltones. I saw him play ’bout 5 times. He survived cancer and tours with his son, who is a drummer in another band. He performed “Pipeline” (originally by the Chantays) with Stevie Ray Vaughn in the movie “Back to the Beach”. A few of his songs were “Miserlou”, “Let’s Go Trippin”,”The Wedge”, and “Peter Gunn Theme”. Go to to see what he’s up to.

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 22, 2010

  17. BIg O Team and Phillip, thanks for this stellar collection of summer tunes! I’v already passed this link on to my surfing friends for their own enjoyment.
    Still, great job all ’round on this excellent resource! Keep up the good work, mates!

    By Golgo Hakase on Jul 23, 2010

  18. this was - dare i say it? - BITCHEN!!!!!!!!

    Whadda gas, I’m stoked, outasite, etcetc.


    By lowendbill on Jul 24, 2010

  19. To the people who run this site just wanted to let you know that track #314 Blue Surf. Was the only song I ever recorded it’s nice to see it’s still around. The flip side of that is a song called Egyption surf, it is on an album called New Wave Surf Party.

    By Paul Jenkins on Jul 26, 2010

  20. Hello Paul
    Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear from you. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Jul 26, 2010

  21. Hello Paul Jenkins. That Blue Surf sure has a striking sound in it, making it memorable. Have to look for that New Wave Surf Party - a CD, right? What instrument did you play? and dont tell me you were the vocalist! ha ha. And do you remember how did the name Temptations came up? Were there ever any decent live recordings or unreleased studio takes? You might get a World Premier on BigO! At least I think there’s a few here that might be interested…maybe even Philip Cohen. Do you have any connections still?

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 26, 2010

  22. 2yrsnojob, Hello this is Paul J. A little story for you.Started playing the drums when I was 12yrs. old I still play today I am 61 damn. I grew up in Garden Grove CA.which is about 15mi. from the Rendevous Ball Room and I played there many times. The other house band there was the Florescent’s. We had a couple of guys running around town called the Rightous night they came to the Ball room and are band backed them up for about a the thrill of my life. We also did a benefit in Pasadena with the Beach boys, Johnny Fortune,Dave Meyers and the Surftones lots of other’s I can’t remember. Dick Dale played most of the time at the Harmony Park Ball Room. I went to see him just about evry Fri. When we named are band the Temptations we had never heard about the other group, so not to long after recording those songs we changed the name to the Spatts. I left the band about 1yr. after that. We recorded that song at Western Studios in Hollywood it was just across the street from Capital Records. Check this Site for more Info.Instromania I think it might be a French Web site I don’t no, but they have some records with are songs and some Info.on the Band. P.S. The Temptations played mostly at the Pavalon in Huntington Beach, CA.Thanks for the Music, PAUL

    By Paul Jenkins on Jul 26, 2010

  23. A tip of the hat to you, Mr. Jenkins. Thank you for the insight into the early to mid-60’s surf music scene. We (twin and I) would go with our family to the Santa Barbara beaches about every other week as kids growing up, even tho’ we grew up in the Valley. Both parents were from Santa Barbara, many relatives there to visit.

    Not very long ago, 6 months before Brian Wilson released a CD collection of his favorite selections of the Beach Boys, with one new song someone else wrote, I dreamt of a little boy walking ahead of his parents, bending down every now and then to pick up rocks or shells. And I realized to myself that someone ought to write a song about what it felt like to grow up in the 60’s on the California beach, and the feelings involved in that. Of course, when I saw Brian’s album in the store six months later, not even being aware that he was working on one, I was shocked by the painted cover of a little boy bent over to pick up something from the sand on the beach. And the one additional song? “California Feeling”. And it was exactly what my dream was about.

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 27, 2010

  24. To Phillip Cohen,I don’t no if you no or not but I played drums on track 314 Blue Surf, the flip side of that record is a song called Egyptian Surf it is on a album Called New Wave Surf Party I would love to see that track on your site also. I also would love to have a copy of the 45 on P&L Records if you no where I can get one, it would be fantastic. Some where some way threw the years I lost my copy. I also would like to tkank you for keeping the music of that day and time alive.Thank you, Paul Jenkins

    By Paul Jenkins on Aug 13, 2010

  25. I’m dredging the web for information on The Mockers and hit on your site. ANY information? I’m looking at an obscure 1966 poster with pictures of The Mockers, The Hedds and The Vandals. Who were these guys?

    By Tom Quick on Aug 31, 2010

  26. The Mockers were a 5 piece bluesy outfit that lived together in a house in the Mission District. The called the house Mocker Manor, it was some what of a jam house. Later on it was where Santana started jamming with Greg Rolie and Rod Harper who was the Mockers drummer. There is much info on the Hedds on the internet including an interview with drummer Barry Lewis and Mike Dugo from The Vandals were a 5 piece outfit from North Beach who favored a Dave Clark 5 sound. All three bands were competent players and singers, all three played extensively throughout the Bay area, many times on the same bill.

    By harryleggs on Sep 9, 2010

  27. Philip: I was just browsing and found your stuff. My name is Jerry LaFavor and I was the drummer for the Expressos on Wandering and Teenage Express. God, that was 50 years ago. As a result of our West Coast success with these records we had the opportunity to play a lot of TV & Radio shows plus dozens of concerts. I remember the group well. Ray Hunt, lead guitar, Nick Drewry, rhythm guitar, John Blankenship, keyboard, Del Ward, base, and me, Jerry LaFavor on drums. I still play today in Las Vegas with my group called “Age Restricted” which is now a very appropriate name. Probably one of the best musicians I played with for 5 years was Larry Carlton who today is one of the top 10 Jazz Guitarists in the world. Its has been a great ride. Jerry

    By Jerry LaFavor on Oct 1, 2010

  28. Paul Jenkins–
    I’m interested in finding out when you played with the Beach Boys; I’ve talked to Ron and Bud, but neither remembers playing with them. Ron said “maybe they weren’t very popular at the time, is why”. Ron wants to say hello( after 45 years) Any chance we can talk? mail me: [email protected]

    By chris on Oct 2, 2010

  29. Thanks, harryleggs. I picked up the poster. The other side was used as a press wipe with BG13 overprinted with the black of BG7. I like the Mocker side better.

    By Tom Quick on Nov 6, 2010

  30. I love the fact that people are getting back together because of your post of Surfers Mood, Philip! Could you have imagined that? Could new indie recordings be a result? Like George Harrison wrote in his song, “All Those Years Ago…”

    By 2yrsnojob on Nov 6, 2010

  31. The Spats! I remember when you guys played the Shaky’s Pizza rt. near us in Los Alamitos [’65 ?] You’d learned ‘Satisfaction’ recently, and did it well!

    By Guitar Bob Monterey on Jul 28, 2011

  32. Hey, great to find this collection. Would like to catch all these waves!

    By Victoria on Feb 24, 2012

  33. Love these old surf songs. Hey, where’s the flip side of disc 2 #212 (rip tide)?????
    It’s title was “Big Noise from Makaha”

    By T. Norris on Jun 25, 2012

  34. I just reviewed this posting and realized I last commented 2 years ago. One of my mangers at the time I recorded Teenage Express and Wandering was Aki Aleong. I just got a picture from the early 60’s of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and me in a studio. What a great memory. I would post it here but I don’t know how.

    Jerry, drummer (Age Restricted, Las Vegas)

    By Jerry LaFavor on Nov 8, 2012

  35. to: 2yrsnojob

    My name is Jerry LaFavor and I use to drum for Dick Dale and the Del Tones and we played weekly at the Rendevous Ballroom in 1960/61 the same year I came out with my own surf music song, Teenage Express by the “Expressos”. What I really remember is the drummer sat on a raised platform looking over the band out to a sea of beautiful blonds every time we played. I was 22 at the time and it was a perfect time to be a rock and roll drummer in a surf band. Jerry LaFavor

    By Jerry LaFavor on Nov 8, 2012

  36. This stuff is the roots of Prog! I’m sure Jon Anderson of Yes was listening to this stuff and imagining the magical realms it could take him to. Who would have thought that the seeds laid by tracks like these would one day grow into that big tree known as “Tales From Topographical Oceans”? I think someone should re-interpret the latter work, play it in a style more similar to these tracks, and call it “Surfing Topographical Oceans”.

    By Jim K. on Feb 3, 2014

  37. Oh my goodness, is that REGGAE they’re paying during the first verse of “Big Surf”? So reggae is just surf music where the drummer can’t get the right beat?

    By Jim K. on Feb 3, 2014

  38. jerry - u could post the pic on a site such as photobucket or anywhere else for that matter and then put a link on here that leads to it. people here could then click on that link which would lead to it and theyd see it. ive never used that site but it makes sense to me and ive heard that ppl do this.

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  39. darth you could do the same with your 1000`s of supposed rock shots . well ?????

    By pablopeephole on Feb 3, 2014

  40. did u forget that i dont have them where i am? plus i am not interested in sharing them for free. i didnt ask for ideas on how i could show them to anyone. jerry suggested that he would like to be able to. i offered him a way. i considered posting the one pic i have of me with gene simmons that i have on my computer from 84 but with the amount of people here who ‘love’ me do u really think i would want so many here to see my face and have yet more ammunition?
    when i am able and it becomes possible i plan on building a site and transfering some of if not all of my images to the computer and / or cds. once saved i will then offer the images in 2 or 3 places.. ebay and my own site to have them earn me some income etc.

    my shots are from 80-95 for the most part with a few more in 96 97 and 02. while some are historically significant i dont think they can compare to a pic like jerry described with the fab quartet.
    i have shot pics of perkins and cash. sadly not the other 2. my camera had been robbed a few weeks before one of the only chances i had with lewis at the first rnr hall of fame so i didnt go. i went to all the rest that were in nyc til i left ny in nov 95. the exception of course was in 93 when it was in la ca. that was the cream doors ccr one.
    that quartet era was also around the time i was born making jerry about 16-20 yrs older than i am. haha. sorry jerry.

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  41. did u forget that i dont have them where i am?

    bullshit. you have more excuses than peyton manning.

    By pablopeephole on Feb 3, 2014

  42. did you take any pix of the drag show darth ?

    By pablopeephole on Feb 3, 2014

  43. first of all.. if u have been paying attention that long u would know that its not bullshit. in july 02 all my things got put into a storage space. the details arent important here but i havent been to this storage space since that day. in fact i have never been there. its about 75miles west of where i am. ultimately i relocated where i am now and i have been paying the fees to keep my possessions there since then. it isnt too far from where i lived from oct 00 til july 02. i dont drive so i dont have the convenience of going there when i wish. my apt where i live is very small but if and when i do find a larger place and can get my things out of storage i will. nothing i have said previously is any different from this. i dont have ‘more excuses’. they are the same explanations as they always were. no one wishes i could get to my things more than i do. theres maybe 22 or so years worth of stuff in there. minus the audio and video tapes i spent 23 yrs collecting.

    the show i went to was pre 1980. it wasnt a drag show. it was an onstage production of rocky horror opening up for a rod stewart impersonator. rod didnt make an appearance but the fake guy was very good. just not rod. i didnt own a camera til i got back to nyc. in early 1980 i left upstate ny and returned to nyc where i am originally from. it was in feb 1980 that i got my first camera. i then started taking photographs of tv movie and rock stars on the streets of manhattan and then i went to a few shows. then i went to some bway shows too. hung out outside restaurants tv studios radio stations backstage at concert venues and so on in order to meet people. hotels too. for the next 17 years i did this. i took 156000 pics of anyone famous. the only ppl i didnt really care much about were sports people or people who i felt didnt really earn their fame. like altho i met them i didnt bother shooting jackie onassis that often. i just didnt care. i didnt care about society people. it was my hobby so i chose who i wanted to shoot. the first person i remember shooting who died was jackie gleason at the 21 club. but there was nearly no one who if they were alive in 1980 thru late 95 that i didnt shoot a pic of if i was able to meet them.
    so no i didnt shoot the rocky horror show or the rod imitator that nite since it was in 79. i do have many many pics of rod himself tho.

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  44. The roots of the Edge’s guitar playing. But more enjoyable.

    By Teddy Kane on Feb 4, 2014

  45. edge doesn`t play guitar he plays effects boxes.

    By robert blastiche on Feb 4, 2014

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