March 27, 2022 – 6:23 am

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Los Angeles/Atlanta 2021 [no label, 1CD]

With Esperanza Spalding, Gold Diggers, Los Angeles, CA; July 10, 2021. Very good livestream. Terminal West, Atlanta, GA; December 8, 2021. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to JimmyJon for sharing the Gold Diggers tracks at The Traders’ Den.

Thanks to Brandon for sharing the Atlanta show at Dime.

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Grayson Haver Currin, pitchfork.com:

On his new solo album, Forfolks [released in December 2021], the Tortoise guitarist blends loops and improvisations in dazzling ways. It sounds like jazz but moves like a soft techno dream.

After a quarter-century as a linchpin of Chicago’s overlapping experimental jazz and rock scenes, the guitarist Jeff Parker finally made his solo debut in 2016 on the aptly named Slight Freedom. For years, Parker had embedded his chiseled guitar leads within the sophisticated post-rock of Tortoise and played in audacious jazz-oriented ensembles like the Chicago Underground Duo.

The basic premise of Forfolks is simple enough: As the tape rolls, Parker creates loops from tiny snippets of his coruscant electric guitar tone or stretches single notes into long drones that wobble like an old pump organ. He then improvises to those loops in single takes with no overdubs, creating instantaneous guitar duets for one player and his pedals.

Forfolks, however, never feels showy or vain; it’s joyous, Parker delighting in the ideas he unearths as he plays along with the sound of himself. The results often feel dazzlingly complicated, as though these songs were built through some greater studio sorcery, like cobbling together various takes or recording the layers one at a time. The points where the loop ends and the playing begins are often unclear, so distinguishing what is new from what is repeating can be like trying to discern the individual spices in a delicate soup.

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Gold Diggers, with Esperanza Spalding - July 10, 2021
Track 01. Improvisation 1 25:19
Track 02. Improvisation 2 8:10
34 mins

SBD > Bandcamp livestream (archived for 24 hours) > Video DownloadHelper > MP4 > dBpoweramp > WAV > FLAC

Atlanta - December 8, 2021
Track 03. Untitled 7:30
Track 04. Untitled 17:07
Track 05. Untitled 8:20
Track 06. Untitled 13:18
47 mins

Tascam DR-07 internal mics (PCM 48kHz 24-bit) > SD card WAV >
Audition CC (tracked, amplified, faded) > xACT > FLAC 48kHz 24-bit level 8

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