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Honolulu 1970 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Honolulu Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii; April 18, 1970. Very good audience recording.


Supposedly taped by engineer Bruce Botnick for personal purposes.

“There are two versions circulating of this show, made from the same tape but through different transfers. The “Doors Collector Magazine” source, which is originated from the master is the most complete and has all the songs, but still comes with missing a couple of things. The other, 2nd generation copy floating around, is less complete than the DCM copy but the sound is slightly better, not that bassy. Though it cuts up Mystery Train and ‘The End’ but leaves ‘When The Music’s Over’ intact - the DCM copy fades out and in again in the silent part “What have they done to the earth…” and repeats the missing part (probably made during the copy of the tape due to a tape flip).” - christophe

Excperts taken from Stephen Davis’ book on Jim Morrison p370-371:

“In April 1970, the Doors went back out on the road in three-day weekend bursts. “We could tell his energy was giving out,” Ray said later in a radio interview. “He was really depleting his energy with alcohol” but they all needed cash - Densmore had bought a house, and Themis was bleeding Jim dry. Some of the shows were ragged, a few were desperate. “The first night would be OK,” Ray said. “The second night he was drinking during the show. By Sunday night he was mostly hanging on the mike, trying to stay upright…”

Next weekend: Honolulu Convention Center, April 18. Someone brought “da kine” backstage, “Maui Wowie,” the most potent marijuana known to man. The Doors played for two hours in an inspired ganja trance. Jim stopped “Roadhouse Blues” because he didn’t like the lighting. He started singing “Love hides in the strangest places,” a riff that he kept performing that year.

After the jam “People Get Ready/Mystery Train/Away In India/Cross Roads/People Get Ready,” Jim launched into “Baby, Please Don’t Go.” The encore of this stoned soul picnic was “The End,” interrupted for a poetry reading: “Stop The Car/Ensenada/Coda Queen.” The audience cheered for 10 minutes after the band left the stage, but there was no encore. Two days later Jim was acquitted of assault charges when the Continental Airlines stewardess testified that she had made a mistake in identifying him as the man who had harrassed her.”

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

These tracks will be available for sharing for the next seven days.

Track 01. Back Door Man 5:58
Track 02. Five To One 5:20
Track 03.  Roadhouse Blues 5:03
Track 04. Break On Through 3:51
Track 05. When The Music’s Over 14:37
Track 06. Peace Frog 3:39
Track 07. The Crystal Ship 2:50
Track 08. Mystery Train 13:48
Track 09. Love Me Two Times 5:40
Track 10. Rock Me (cuts) 3:52
Track 11. Light My Fire 20:59
Track 12. The End 18:33
[105 mins]

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  1. 43 Responses to “THE DOORS - HONOLULU 1970”

  2. “Boot Yer Butt” was super limited release and is unavailable for purchase. There’s no point to deleting tracks when the official release cannot be bought.

    Removing those tracks deleted about 44 minutes from the show, by the way, about 42% of it.

    Please don’t post stuff where we can’t download AT LEAST 90% of the audio and/or if the official release isn’t on sale from the record company. Otherwise all you’re doing is driving people to pirate sites or lining the pockets of people jacking up the price on secondhand markets.

    By Anonymous on Apr 9, 2022

  3. The concert is on Youtube in more than one post. There are plenty of free ‘Youtube to mp3 converter’ available .

    By Johnny A on Apr 9, 2022

  4. Rumor has it this was a band of Big Uns

    By U L E on Apr 9, 2022

  5. With Jim being the Biggest Un

    By U L E on Apr 9, 2022

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  7. It went past his knees according to legend

    By Porn Starr on Apr 9, 2022

  8. What’s the point of concerts where a third is ommited, because of some bullshit reason. Most of these so called official releases are so hard to find and purchase they may as well be stamped unavailable. It’s not like the old days when you could go to your local record bar or starship

    By Don on Apr 9, 2022

  9. Physical media is dying out , everything is streaming now . It’s hard to find CDs DVDs and blue rays anymore . How in the hell do musicians make a living anymore with everything available on line and the demise of radio and the record industry?

    By Don on Apr 9, 2022

  10. Who starts these rumors?

    By Jocko P on Apr 9, 2022

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  15. I’m in TOTAL agreement with Anonymous, don’t post these recordings unless they are complete or attainable on non-pirate sites!!!!!! Why do something half-Ass???????????

    By Leviathan on Apr 10, 2022

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  39. Omitted tracks reinstated.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 13, 2022

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