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Jamaica 1981 [no label, 1CD]

Reggae Sunsplash 4. Jarrett Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica; August 7, 1981. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to the original uploader; and to jswetch for sharing the show at Dime.

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jswetch noted:

Stevie Wonder did something truly amazing for a “pop star” in the USA, and we’re reaping the benefit of that today, January 17, 2022 on Martin Luther King Day. Stevie helped very much to get Dr King acknowledged as the great American he was, and as a hero to be emulated and celebrated by future generations of Americans. Thanks to Stevie, we can do that each year.

Stevie was at the height of his popularity from the late ’60s to the early ’80s. He used his pulpit of fame and celebrity to push, and PUSH for this day to become a reality. His song, Happy Birthday, was the theme of this drive. He performs it here with Third World.

Third World has always been my favorite Jamaican export, and I admit to liking them a little more than Bob Marley, who I also love. The members of Third World were each really strong players, instrumental soloists, and vocalists. The argument can be made that they were the most musically astute of the reggae bands from this time period. They got knocked at times because they were seen by some as too commercial or not “pure enough” because of some crossover projects. Maybe that was because Bunny Rugs sang well enough to have been in the Four Tops or Temptations, and he was only one of three excellent lead vocalists.

Third World and Stevie collaborated around the time of this performance through the excellent Try Jah Love. I believe they also collaborated with Santana around this time, but no recordings from that have emerged.

Please support these players who are still with us by purchasing their commercially released material, and by paying to see them live. Thanks to the original seeder and recorder!

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unknown seeder > flac files re-encoded, checksums and torrent created in TLH

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Master Blaster (Jammin’) 16:11
Track 02. Redemption Song (with Rita Marley) 7:45
Track 03. Happy Birthday 6:21
Track 04. Now That We’ve Found Love 10:37
Track 05. Dancing On the Floor 10:03
Track 06. Always Around/One Love 16:29
68 mins

Bunny Rugs - vocals, rhythm guitar
Cat Coore - lead guitar, vocals
Michael Cooper - keys, vocals
Richie Daley - bass
Willie Stewart - drums
Stevie Wonder - vocals, keys
Rita Marley - guest vocals

   Click here to order Third World releases.

   Click here to order Stevie Wonder releases.

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