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Glastonbury 2022 [no label, 1CD]
Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK; June 25, 2022. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

Thanks to smiler40 for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

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British singer-songwriter Joy Crookes, 23, has released three extended plays since 2017 and was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards. Her debut studio album, Skin, was released in October 2021 to widely critical acclaim and reached the top five in the UK.

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Joe Hernandez,

Maybe it was the dark voodoo that Billie Eilish conjured up last night, or some sort of cloud-seeding operation emanating from the giant Arcadia spider’s laser eyes, but there’s only been one torrential downpour in Glastonbury so far, and it’s happening on Saturday morning around 8 am.

Everyone below the canvas is holding their breath. The baptism takes less than an hour. The clouds clear. The sunlit highlands of the Pyramid Stage return.

To be honest, is there another way to see Joy Crookes? Her Amy Winehouse-esque nu-soul lands so perfectly on a sunny Saturday afternoon that it feels like a privilege to be there. “It’s a fitting time to have a Cherry B,” she laughs, taking a sip from the tiny bottle and launching into “Wild Jasmine.”

She sings in front of a giant Om sculpture and performs a blessed rendition of the single “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”. A cover of The Clash’s “London Calling” has never sounded so relaxed and soothing. It’s an emotional set - especially when Crookes unexpectedly starts crying.

“Today is such a big day for me. It’s a crazy moment,” she says, tears streaming down her face. Then laughing: “That’s not cute, sorry!”

But it’s a downpour that this crowd doesn’t bother.

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Track 01. I Don’t Mind 3:51
Track 02. Trouble 4:17
Track 03. Wild Jasmine 4:25
Track 04. To Lose Someone 3:41
Track 05. Skin 3:36
Track 06. Don’t Let Me Down 6:05
Track 07. Kingdom 3:21
Track 08. London Calling (Clash cover) 3:19
Track 09. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now 3:34
Track 10. Two Nights 3:51
Track 11. When You Were Mine 4:45
45 mins

   Click here to order Joy Crookes releases.

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