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London 1971 [no label, 1CD]

BBC In Concert, London, UK; July 1971. Very good audio (ripped from TV broadcast).


This is rather odd, because it features David Gates, the main singer and songwriter for the soft rock band Bread, at a time when he hadn’t started a solo career yet. In fact, Bread was just hitting it big when this was recorded. Apparently what happened was that the BBC TV show “In Concert” was focusing on songwriters at the time, so only Gates was invited to play, not all of Bread.

Whatever the reason, it’s an interesting look at the songs of Bread being done in a different way. It’s mostly a solo show, with Gates playing on guitar or piano depending on the song, but a full band joins in for a couple of songs, and there’s some strings on other songs.

This was broadcast in February 1972, but apparently it was recorded in July 1971. At that time, Bread had three hit singles, “If,” “It Don’t Matter to Me,” and “Make It with You.” He played those three here, plus “Baby I’m-a Want You” and “Diary,” which would be hits later. The other songs come from Bread albums, except for “Change of Heart” which wouldn’t appear on a Bread album until 1977.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. It Don’t Matter to Me 3:02
Track 02. talk 0:29
Track 03. Look at Me 2:34
Track 04. talk 0:30
Track 05. The Other Side of Life 2:03
Track 06. talk 0:09
Track 07. She Was My Lady 2:50
Track 08. talk 0:31
Track 09. He’s a Good Lad 2:50
Track 10. Change of Heart 3:45
Track 11. talk 0:25
Track 12. Make It with You 3:42
Track 13. Diary 3:14
Track 14. talk 0:07
Track 15. Baby I’m-a Want You 2:33
Track 16. talk 0:22
Track 17. If 2:52
32 mins

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  1. 25 Responses to “DAVID GATES - LONDON 1971”

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    By Pat Grooms on Sep 27, 2022

  4. I liked Me & You & A Dog Named Boo and then this guy started microsoft. What a dude

    By Derrick on Sep 27, 2022

  5. I remember playing a medley of Bread’s songs in Jr. High and enjoying the beautiful music. We were also hearing them on the radio. There is no beautiful romantic music now days but just hearing these songs again brings back happy times to my mind. Thank you for sharing this concert. I suppose it would have been difficult for him to sing “Mother Freedom” on an acoustic without the band but it shows they could rock.

    By Horse on Sep 27, 2022

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  7. I remember sticking the pin in my arm back in the day. We didnt call it smack or H..we called it HORSE. are you a junkie ..

    By Pat Grooms on Sep 27, 2022

  8. Why heroin is called “horse”
    Posted on Dec 10, 2010by Tuesday’s Horse
    Heroin earned the nickname “horse” because it kicks equines into overdrive. Morphine and other opiates, which lull humans to sleep, also trigger the ancient equine flight response.

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  10. Horse , you are so right , no great music on the mainstream anymore, you have to search hard to find it . Back then it was at your radio dial all the time

    By Bill on Sep 27, 2022

  11. Bread , The Carpenters , Mainstream wouldn’t touch them today . Today you have to be a vulgar rapper or a lip sinking pop queen in a mini skirt . Meanwhile the few talented artists today have to tour non stop for peanuts just to make it . Music like the rest of society sucks today

    By Bill on Sep 27, 2022

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  14. I agree music sucks today . Who is the current great lead guitarist. The biggest selling concert acts are still the old legends Stones , Dylan , The Who , Neil
    Young , McCartney , Springsteen, Elton John , pretty pathetic. No new blood . Who wants to pay to see a bunch of nigger rappers ?

    By Lee Wade on Sep 27, 2022

  15. Bread was great back in the day , great soft rock ballads. Great memories

    By Lee Wade on Sep 27, 2022

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