October 10, 2022 – 10:47 am

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London 1994 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; October 11, 1994. Very good BBC broadcast.

Thanks to PsyKies for sharing the complete show at Dime.

+ + + + +

PsyKies noted:

BBC Radio 2 recently rebroadcast the 1994 Royal Albert Hall performance by Nanci Griffith. However, a comparison to the original BBC Radio 1 broadcast from November 1994 as posted here by Soledriver showed that the rebroadcast was in fact a re-edit which removed around 20 minutes of the show and replaced it with 18 minutes of previously unbroadcast material.

I have compiled the two broadcasts by patching the missing FM sourced material from a speed corrected version of Soledrivers upload and another unknown FM recording into the recent digital broadcast.

+ + + + +

A regular visitor to the UK, Nanci Griffith performed for three nights, along with her ‘Blue Moon Orchestra’, at the Royal Albert Hall in October 1994, in support of her most recent album ‘The Flyer’. Dubbed by Rolling Stone magazine as ‘Queen of Folkabilly’, Nanci Griffith released her first two albums in 1978 and 1982 on a local Austin, Texas label. Her breakthrough came in 1986 with the album Last of the True Believers, which earned her a Grammy nomination and led to her being signed by MCA. She went on to release Lone Star State of Mind, which included the hugely acclaimed Julie Gold composition ‘From a Distance’.

Her 1989 album Storms, and 1991’s Late Night Grand Hotel moved her music further into the pop mainstream, before she returned to her country folk roots with the Grammy winning Other Voices, Other Rooms, an album celebrating folk songwriters including Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell and Tom Paxton. Her 1994 Royal Albert Hall set includes Across The Great Divide, Don’t Forget About Me, Tecumseh Valley, and Nobody’s Angel. -

+ + + + +

dbeamer407, Dime:

This has a heart breaking introduction to It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go.

“I hope that like most of the members of my family, that I live to have a long and healthy life and live well into my 90s. And continue to write songs and be outstanding in my field. And if I do live that long, I hope that I  shall always remember that this next song was the most important piece of work that I’ve ever written. And I hope that by the time that I reach that age that it will no longer be relevant.”

Heartbreaking because Nanci didn’t get to live the long and healthy life into her 90s that she hoped for and especially because It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go is still relevant 27 years after she made that introduction and that she never got to see it no longer be relevant. Let’s hope that day will come. [Nanci Griffith passed away on August 13, 2021. She was 68.]

+ + + + +

Source 1: BBC Radio 2 > 320kbps HLS aac internet stream > ffmpeg > m4a (48kbps) > Audition > dbPowerAmp > FLAC (44.1kbps)
Captured and converted by PsyKies
Source 2: FM Broadcast > Technics Tuner > Aiwa Tape Deck > Tascam DA-20 Mk 2 DAT machine > HHb burnit CDr recorder…no EQ > CDr > EAC > TLH > FLAC
Recorded and transferred by Soledriver
Source 3: FM Broadcast > ? > CDr > EAC > TLH > FLAC
Recorded and transferred by unknown
Processed and patched by PsyKies

First broadcast by BBC Radio 1 on October 29, 1994, the main source for this is captured from a BBC Radio 2 broadcast on May 5, 2022. This featured a modified tracklist from the original broadcast with 5 tracks missing and 4 added as well as some edited introductions. The missing parts have been patched in from the original broadcast using Soledriver’s FM capture and an unknown lineage FM recording.

Soledriver’s source ran a little slow in comparison to both the digital broadcast and the unknown FM source (which had a little more low level noise) so it was speed and level corrected to match the digital source. It provides Time Of Inconvenience, Are You Tired Of Me My Darling?, Going Back To Georgia, This Heart and the majority of It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go as well as the introduction to Across The Great Divide and 8.5 seconds of the introduction to Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness. The last 1:30 of It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go was missing on Soledrivers source and is patched from the unknown FM source.

+ + + + +

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Track 01. The Flyer 4:49
Track 02. From A Distance 4:29
Track 03. Say It Ain’t So 4:15
Track 04. Always Will 2:56
Track 05. Across The Great Divide 4:01
Track 06. Trouble In The Fields 4:49
Track 07. Don’t Forget About Me 3:05
Track 08. Southbound Train 4:48
Track 09. Time Of Inconvenience 3:56
Track 10. Speed Of The Sound Of Lonlieness 4:48
Track 11. Tecumseh Valley 5:34
Track 12. Are You Tired Of Me My Darling? 4:31
Track 13. On Grafton Street 4:22
Track 14. These Days In An Open Book 3:40
Track 15. Nobody’s Angel 4:27
Track 16. Going Back To Georgia 4:55
Track 17. This Heart 5:53
Track 18. It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go 5:10
81 mins

Nanci Griffith - vocals, guitar
Doug Lancio - guitar
Lee Satterfield - vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin
James Hooker - piano, keyboards, vocals
Ron De La Vega - bass, cello
Frank Breen - drums
Pat McInerney - percussion
Jimmy Dale Gilmore - guitar, vocals (special guest on This Heart)

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  2. Quality start to the week Big O. Thanks.

    By Trevor Smith on Oct 10, 2022

  3. “It’s a hard life where you go, and if we fill our children with hatred, then a hard life is all that they’ll know”

    By Trevor Smith on Oct 10, 2022

  4. Well said Trevor and I will break my silence from this section in recent months by just saying
    Thank You Big O!

    By swappers on Oct 10, 2022

  5. Rumor has it Nanci preferred Big Uns

    By U L E on Oct 10, 2022

  6. Who starts these rumors?

    By Jocko P on Oct 10, 2022

  7. She would never fuck me, my Un is too Lil


    By U L E on Oct 10, 2022

  8. yeah i saw her in 94. it was a decent. she sang most of her hits but she didnt really hit the notes like on the album. i wouldnt recommend to see her in my opinion I think she need to change her style

    By swappers on Oct 10, 2022

  9. That last post wasn’t me - dumb as soup. Last time I went to a Nanci gig I offered to suck the band off but as so often there were no takers. Does anyone agree with me that oral is out of fashion just now? We don’t do oral much here in Britain, it’s mostly spanking and hand jobs.

    By swappers on Oct 11, 2022

  10. I like penises so very much

    By U L E on Oct 11, 2022

  11. Was she the daughter of Merv Griffin? He had Sandy Colfax on his show back in the day. He was a great picture

    By Derrick on Oct 11, 2022

  12. Last two not me of course and yet you do do your research! Apart from the fact that Nanci is dead!

    Living rent free of course up in those tiny little cretinous noggins

    By swappers on Oct 11, 2022

  13. Based on my last show I felt that Nanci lost her voice. Did not enjoy the show and I walked out as her voice was very irritating. P aid too muc for this lousy concert

    By swappers on Oct 11, 2022

  14. Based on my last show I felt that Nanci lost her voice. Did not enjoy the show and I walked out as her voice was very irritating. P aid too muc for this lousy concert.

    By swappers on Oct 11, 2022

  15. Nope! not me mes braves!

    Cretinous braindead trolls

    By swappers (real deal) on Oct 12, 2022

  16. I have reported swappers (real deal) to the authorities. He won’t be allowed here for much longer. Has anyone seen mark lately? LOL!

    By HHH on Oct 12, 2022

  17. I’m still around. Just no point engaging with a bunch of 7-year olds (or is it just 1 with a bunch of names to look like he has friends?)who get a stiffie typing the stuff they post here. Ditto the bogus racists here trying desperately for attention. It’s obvious nobody is getting banned- Bigo doesn’t care.

    The stuff Bigo posts in their articles section (all supporting Russia, China, and the Middle East while bashing USA and Israel) are far more offensive.

    By Mark on Oct 12, 2022

  18. I will suck you off until your head caves in Markie Mark. I thought you and swappers were butthole buddies that fucked each other in the brown

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    By Confederate Bob on Oct 12, 2022

  20. I’m fixin to report a few of these fakes my own self. Gettin tired of the crap.

    By Confederate Bob on Oct 12, 2022

  21. Mark , I’m beginning to think the blogsters here are putting some of the comments out here .The craziness seems to be increasing. It’s now to the point where hardly any music is discussed. Also you are right about the articles . Very anti American.What say you ?

    By John on Oct 12, 2022

  22. What happened to the old regulars who used to post here ? Sluggo, Dropkick sarge , Willis , Barth, Darth, Ed Saad , Jerry’s Finger Happy camper and more . I really miss those days before the morons hijacked the site . Are any of you guys still around ? Best wishes if you are

    By John on Oct 12, 2022

  23. the fuckin gooks ruining this website are actually nazi sympathizers. most of the comments are posted by bots. derrick, u l e swappers hhh are all fuckin bots

    By Confederate Bob on Oct 12, 2022

  24. John , read the comments from older posts 6 to 10 years ago . All those people you mentioned were posting regularly and actually discussed music. I’m sure most are still around, but sick and disgusted with what has been going on here for the last few years. I try to ignore the comments and focus on the music.

    By Thomas on Oct 12, 2022

  25. Mark, Thomas and John sound like they gots Little Uns

    By Porn Starr on Oct 12, 2022

  26. I got a little one too. What about it, you old bitch? I’ll still kick your ass.

    By Confederate Bob on Oct 12, 2022

  27. I hate the name steelers they really piss me off

    By Confaggot Bob on Oct 12, 2022

  28. Poor poor triple H what a twat! You can report away dear heart. Big O is well aware of me and emails on occasion (their address is right there numbnuts!) John is right and I still only still drop by to download music and send appreciative comments ( do ANY of you trolls actually PAY Big O? I doubt it) The trolls may have won over the comments section but that’s all. I pick up a gem of music and so on every now and again like the Griffith but as the cretinous trolls prove by imitating genuinely interested visitors what is the point? I prolly won’t post another comment for a while but occasionally it is fun to drop by and poke the rednecks with a stick. The monotonous dull and frankly just boring tedium they generate with their one note wonder ‘running gags’ are beneath contempt but if one’s in the mood take a poke! I suspect the trolling is mostly by school aged Yankees but heck the minority ain’t gonna stop ME from dropping by and availing of the fine fine eclectic range of music.
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    By Confederate Bob on Oct 13, 2022

  36. Aww poor ickle Redneck Bobby. Maybe take your ADHD meds and wait a while see if you can string a whole coherent thought together in one sentence. I doubt it but do your best . . . BTW BIg O has my address you’re welcome anytime. I’d be happy to set the dogs on you

    P.S. the Confederacy lost you know . . .

    By swappers on Oct 13, 2022

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  39. I err wen to this concert several years ago and i think i overpaid for the tickets. they didnt sound like anything on the record. the show lasted only for an hour. i sucked off thje roadie on the way out

    By swappers on Oct 13, 2022

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  43. Some days the comments are better than the music!!

    Especially when the a-holes get their personalities mixed up and can’t remember who or why they’re making stupid threats against/

    By Sumdh Umfuqh on Oct 14, 2022

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