October 13, 2022 – 6:01 am

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Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert
London 2022 [no label, CD1/2 of 6]

Live at
Wembley Stadium, London, UK; September 3, 2022. Very good audio [webripped - from HDTV broadcast(?)].

Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jaffee will come together with the Hawkins family to celebrate the life, music and love of their husband, father, brother and bandmate with The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts.

As one of the most respected and beloved figures in modern music, Taylor’s monolithic talent and magnetic personality endeared him to millions of fans, peers, friends and fellow musical legends the world over. Millions mourned his untimely passing on March 25, 2022 with passionate and sincere tributes coming from fans as well as musicians Taylor idolized. [Hawkins was 50; and no cause of death was given.]

The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts will unite several of those artists, the Hawkins family and of course his Foo Fighters brothers in celebration of Taylor’s memory and his legacy as a global rock icon - his bandmates and his inspirations playing the songs that he fell in love with, and the ones he brought to life.

Taylor Hawkins joined Foo Fighters in 1997, first appearing with the band on the tour supporting sophomore album The Colour & The Shape. He made his recorded debut with Foo Fighters with 1999’s There Is Nothing Left To Lose, playing on every subsequent FF album, including One By One, In Your Honor (the first FF album to feature him assuming lead vocal duties on his song “Cold Day In The Sun”), Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Wasting Light, Sonic Highways, Concrete & Gold (also featuring him as lead singer on “Sunday Rain”) and Medicine at Midnight.

The all-star rock and roll shows will take place September 3 at London’s Wembley Stadium and September 27 at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

Acts include Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher, Nile Rodgers, Chevy Metal, Justin Hawkins, Wolfgang Van Halen, Supergrass, Them Crooked Vultures, The Pretenders, James Gang, Lars Ulrich, Stewart Copeland, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen and Paul McCartney.

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Disc 5
Foo Fighters
Track 501. Times Like These (with Josh Freese) 11:27
Track 502. All My Life (with Josh Freese) 4:35
Track 503. The Pretender (with Travis Barker) 7:11
Track 504. Monkey Wrench (with Travis Barker) 4:41
Track 505. Learn To Fly (with Nadi Bushell) 6:47
Track 506. These Days (with Rufus Taylor) 7:14
Track 507. Best Of You (with Rufus Taylor) 8:32
51 mins

Disc 6
Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Dave Grohl, Omar Hakim and Pat Smear
Track 601. Oh! Darling 6:50
Track 602. Helter Skelter 4:53

Foo Fighters
Track 603. Aurora (with Omar Hakim) 9:24
Track 604. My Hero (with Shane Hawkins) 6:12
Track 605. Everlong 10:32
38 mins

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  2. Thanks so much bigozine. I missed this broadcast, so I really appreciate being able to hear it finally. Any chance of getting the LA one ?

    By PunkySkunk on Oct 13, 2022

  3. We are glad that you’re enjoying it, Pukey.

    By Leonard on Oct 13, 2022

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  17. Anti choked to death on a large penis. It’s not anything to joke about. It could happen to any one of us.

    By HHH on Oct 14, 2022

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