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The Alternate Dingly Dell  [no label, 1CD]
Very good live, radio and studio and demo recordings.

Thanks to tempusfugit for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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“WE’RE NOT WORRIED ABOUT A TITLE - the album doesn’t need a title because the music says it all,” Alan Hull declared as Lindisfarne put the finishing touches to their new album in Island Studios last week. Hully was in high spirits, and unable to restrain his delight at the outcome of the recording sessions. American producer Bob Johnston also acknowledged the new super-professional Lindisfarne who had gone into the studios and emerged three days later with all the tracks in the can - most of them recorded first take.
Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, July 29, 1972

Original album recordedJuly 14-16, 1972

Dingly Dell, the title track - and final track - on the band’s third album, features a sparse, haunting arrangement. featuring guitar, bass, and orchestra. The basic track was recorded during the ‘Fog On The Tyne’ sessions but all agreed that the song didn’t fit with the rest of the album, so we held it over for the next one. Alan wanted strings on the track but we didn’t want anything syrupy, we were after a more sinister effect.

Ray Laidlaw and Alan took a trip to York to meet with Ray’s brother Paul to discuss him dong the arrangement. A few weeks later they assembled in Island Record’s Basing Street Studios to overdub Paul’s arrangement for the string section to the existing track. The session players were mostly in their forties and fifties and were a little dismissive of Paul, then only about twenty one. That all changed when they heard the results. Alan and the group were delighted and they felt they’d created something truly memorable…
- From

Laidlaw was not sure how they got the reputation of being a hard drinking band although, like most rumours it has some foundation in fact as a few rounds with Jacka might prove. What of their much lauded new album, which was produced once more under the general direction of Bob Johnstone?

“You’ll see we’ve deliberately played down the gimmicks by having it released in a brown cardboard sleeve with just the title and the group’s name,” said Laidlaw. “It’s a deliberately anti-packaging idea. It’s definitely our best work in a studio and we had a much better working relationship with Bob Johnstone this time – and more time to record.

“The thing about the other two albums we’ve recorded was that there were ‘cringe’ factors. After we’d finished, we’d listen to it and go ‘Oh no’ – maybe no one else would notice or hear them but we knew they were there. With Dingly Dell there is nothing like that – we can still listen to it weeks after we’ve completed it and feel satisfied with the job.

“The single is a very different number for us – I’m sure most people won’t even realise that it is Lindisfarne at first. All Fall Down is a protest song for want of a better description. It was inspired by the Newcastle City Council decision to drive a motorway through the heart of the old part of the town.

“It’s got much wider implications, of course, because this type of so-called development is going on all the time. Tearing down beautiful old buildings to put up disgusting office blocks and drive motorways through cities is happening everywhere.”
- From NME Sept 1972, Charles Shaar Murray.

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At the time of writing there are 37 versions of this album. Here’s another one…

Track 01. All Fall Down 2:30
Live at The University Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne UK 1972-12-09
Track 02. Plankton’s Lament 1:41
Live at Ultrasonic Studios New York United States 1972-11-28
Track 03. Bring Down The Government 1:48
Live at Ultrasonic Studios New York United States 1972-11-28
Track 04. Poor Old Ireland 3:00
Early Take No Mandolin Different Ending 1972-07-16-14
Track 05. Don’t Ask Me 3:39
University Of Virginia Charlottesvile VA United States 1972-11-04
Track 06. O No. Not Again 2:46
Live at Ultrasonic Studios New York United States 1972-11-28
Track 07. Dingle Regatta 1:17
Live at The University Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne UK 1972-12-09
Track 08. Wake Up Little Sister 2:08
Live at Newcastle City Hall UK 1976-12-23
Track 09. Go Back 2:47
Live at Ultrasonic Studios New York United States 1972-11-28
Track 10. Court In The Act 3:38
Early take, longer intro. Jacka lead vocal 1972-07-16-14
Track 11. Mandolin King 3:45
Live at Nottingham Royal Centre Nottingham UK 1984-12-14-13
Track 12. Dingly Dell 7:10
Live at Newcastle City Hall UK 1979-12-23

Bonus Tracks
Track 13. Dingly Dell 1:59
Folkcast 2018-05-05 with Phil Widdows (Who gets the dates mixed up-Removed all official material)
Track 14. Dingley Dell 1:02
Elektra Radio Promo 1972 (snippets of three songs, with voice overs)
Track 15. Dingly Dell 2:50
Prelude (Rehearsal) 2005 Brian Hume,Irene Hume and Chris Ringer. The accompanying audio is a home demo/practice session recorded by Brian, Irene and Chris, for reference in preparation for the Alan Hull Story 2005-11-19 gig, thought to be lost forever, but recently surfaced.
Track 16. Rod Talks About Dingley Dell with John Hebden 2:02
2021-11-02 (Removed all official material)
Track 17. All Fall Down 3:16
Actor James Garbutt recites Tom Pickard’s words about Newcastle. Live at The University Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne UK 1972-12-09
Track 18. Court In The Act 2:43
Mandolin Tracking Session 1972-07-16-14
50 mins

Alan Hull - vocals, acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars, keyboards, bass
Ray Jackson - vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Rod Clements - electric bass, acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars, violin
Simon Cowe - lead, acoustic and 12-string guitars, mandolin, harmonium, vocals
Ray Laidlaw - drums
with Marty Craggs on Track 11

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