December 12, 2022 – 5:39 am

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Christmas Around Europe 2021 - Disc 1: Moscow
Featuring Moscow Synodal Choir [no label, 1CD]

Radio Orpheus (Russia), October 5, 2021; BBC Radio 3 broadcast on December 19, 2021.

A day-long festival of Christmas music and singing from across Europe and Canada in the European Broadcasting Union’s annual Christmas music day. Choirs and ensembles come together to celebrate the wonder of Christmas. First we travel to Russia with the Moscow Synodal Choir; then to Tallinn in Estonia, with Vox Clamantis, and then from Leipzig, in Germany, we hear Mendelssohn, and from Riga in Latvia, music by Handel. The broadcast started at 11 am and ended at 11 pm.

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The Moscow Synodal Choir sing Russian liturgical music dedicated to the Miracle of Christmas and to the Mother of God. It includes 18 works of Orthodox choral tradition from the 16th to 21st centuries.

Track 01. Intro 2:37
Track 02. It Is Worthy (Anon 17th century) 3:18
Track 03. Intro 0:31
Track 04. Miliy Balakirev: From Above The Prophetess 3:49
Track 05. Intro 1:50
Track 06. Alexander Arkhangelsky: Diligently Unto The Mother Of God 4:33
Track 07. Intro 0:27
Track 08. Pyotr Tchaikovsky: It Is Worthy 2:57
Track 09. Intro 0:29
Track 10. Pavel Chesnokov: Mother of God; The Zealous Intercessor; An Angel Cried 12:11
Track 11. Intro 0:59
Track 12. Sergei Rachmaninov: To the Mother Of God, The Virgin (from the All-Night Vigil) 2:51
Track 13. Intro/Alexander Frunza: My Soul Magnifies The Lord 6:03
Track 14. Intro 0:31
Track 15. Nikolai Danilin: All Of Creation Rejoices In Thee 3:32
Track 16. Intro 0:29
Track 17. Konstantin Shvedov: It Is Worthy 2:20
Track 18. Intro 0:20
Track 19. Nikolai Vedernikov: All Angels Rejoice 4:22
Track 20. Intro 0:43
Track 21. Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev): Vzbrannoy Voivode (from All-Night Vigil) 1:31
Track 22. Outro 0:48
58 mins

Moscow Synodal Choir
Alexey Puzakov, chorus director


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