February 1, 2023 – 6:06 am

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Germany 2022 [no label, 1CD]

Rudolstadt Festival. Große Bühne Heinepark, Rudolstadt, Germany; July 9, 2022. Very good digital broadcast.

Thanks to Tomyoungster for sharing the show at Dime.

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Orchestral pop of the ’60s runs through all his work. Neil Hannon loves grand gestures and abundant arrangements but luckily he loves musical variety, too. And since he is a gifted poet, the meaningful subleties and refinements of songwriting always come into their own.

Therefore Hannon and his band The Divine Comedy have managed to play up front for more than 30 years. Right now he is touring Europe with his best of album Charmed Life and opens a chamber of marvels which dates back to 1990, but still keeps everything you need for today’s playlist: Catchy melodies, delightfully odd stories and lots of humour. The Divine Comedy – LIVE at Rudolstadt Festival on 9th July! -

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digital broadcast (cable) - Vistron VT 855 - Audacity - xACT
Deutschlandfunk Kultur, In Concert, 2022-10-10

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Track 01. Absent Friends 4:01
Track 02. Indie Disco 3:52
Track 03. Alfie 3:19
Track 04. Everybody Knows 4:27
Track 05. Best Mistakes 4:24
Track 06. Frog Princess 5:45
Track 07. Generation Sex 3:41
Track 08. To The Rescue 5:23
Track 09. Lady of A Certain Age 5:55
Track 10. Band intros 0:32
Track 11. Songs of Love 1:43
Track 12. Love What You Do 3:51
Track 13. Norman and Norma 4:47
Track 14. Daddy’s Car 4:26
Track 15. How Can You Leave 5:02
Track 16. Something For The Weekend 4:32
Track 17. National Express 3:46
Track 18. Tonight We Fly 3:20
73 mins

Neil Hannon - guitar, vocals
Tosh Flood - guitar, backing vocals
Simon Little - bass, backing vocals
Ian Watson - keyboards, backing vocals
Andrew Skeet - keyboards, backing vocals
Tim Lord Weller - drums

   Click here to order Divine Comedy releases.

  1. 22 Responses to “THE DIVINE COMEDY - GERMANY 2022”

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    By Jimmy Page on Feb 2, 2023

  9. Comparisons with Cream are as inevitable as they are unfair. Page is not yet in Eric Clapton’s class, but he has the potential. Bonham is not Jack Bruce but, likewise, he’s on the right road. Jones is a fine drummer with the precision timing, but Ginger Baker has that scene all wrapped up.

    Led Zeppelin is not Cream, nor will it fill the spot left behind by Cream. Nobody will. But the Zeppelin outfit has a thing going of its own, and there’s little doubt that that thing is going to be very successful

    By Jimmy Page on Feb 2, 2023

  10. LMAO..Led Zeppelin is not Cream….Page is not yet in Claptons class. Are you fucking kiddding me. John Paul Jones is a great drummer but not in Ginger Bakers class. LMAO

    By Jimmy Page on Feb 2, 2023

  11. I played at The Rock Pile, Toronto, with Led Zeppelin

    02 Feb 1969

    By Jimmy Page on Feb 2, 2023

  12. Led Zeppelin is not Cream, nor will it fill the spot left behind by Cream. Nobody will. But the Zeppelin outfit has a thing going of its own, and there’s little doubt that that thing is going to be very successful.

    By Jimmy Page on Feb 2, 2023

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