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At The BBC 1967 - 2012 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the BBC, various dates. First broadcast December 11, 2020. Very good audio (ripped from TV broadcast).

A retrospective marking the 80th birthday in 2020 of legendary singer Dionne Warwick that looks back at her performances over the years at the BBC. From her collaborations in the 1960s with Burt Bacharach and Hal David on classics like Walk On By and I’ll Never Fall In Love Again through to ’80s hits like Heartbreaker, composed by the Bee Gees, this is a collection of songs that remind us of a voice and a talent that made songwriters want to work with Dionne, and audiences fall in love with her, all over the world.

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Track 01. intro 1:17
Track 02. Walk On By 2:59
Something Special, February 1967
Track 03. Don’t Make Me Over 2:58
TOTP2: Dionne Warwick Special, January 2003
Track 04. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again/Do You Know The Way To San Jose 3:45
The Other Broadway, July 1975
Track 05. Heartbreaker 5:47
The Late, Late Breakfast Show, October 1982
Track 06. This Girl’s In Love With You 2:19
TOTP2: Dionne Warwick Special, January 2003
Track 07. All In Love Is Fair 5:10
The Other Broadway, July 1975
Track 08. The Look Of Love 3:21
The Royal Variety Performance, November 1970
Track 09. I’ll Never Love This Way Again 4:33
The Val Doonican Show, May 1983
Track 10. That’s What Friends Are For 4:54
Bruce’s Guest Night, May 1992
Track 11. Always Something There To Remind Me 3:07
Strictly Come Dancing, October 2012
Track 12. All The Love In The World 3:20
Top Of The Pops, December 1982
Track 13. Make It Easy On Yourself 3:44
Frost’s Weekly, December 1973
Track 14. What The World Needs Now 4:27
Parkinson, March 2003
Track 15. Anyone Who Had A Heart 5:55
TOTP2: Dionne Warwick Special, January 2003
58 mins

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  2. Thank you BigO first Dionne Warwick ROIO I’ve ever seen.

    By justdave on Mar 13, 2023

  3. Simply fascinating, justdave…

    By HHH on Mar 13, 2023

  4. But what’s really fascinating is how much сock I can take down my throat…

    By HHH on Mar 14, 2023

  5. Ok , nuff already.For the very few people here with a brain larger than the size of a peanut I haven t commented In sometime.Yet I continue to see my name posted under these idiotic comments. Same with brothers Derrick, Nelson Antichrist etc . Hebrew Mark and your cronies, you never stop do you ? Careful or you’ll wake up a sleeping giant. PS . Can’t stand Dionne Warwick . Sings and looks like the black ape she is .

    By HHH on Mar 14, 2023

  6. Brothers Antichrist, Derrick, Nelson etc . Hope you guys are doing well . I had the take a break from this ses pool. I’m assuming you’re doing the same

    By HHH on Mar 14, 2023

  7. Can’t stand myself

    Shit my pants again

    My mind is a cesspool

    My house smells like one

    My only friends are assholes like me

    They avoid me like everyone else

    I’m a fucked up piece of white trash garbage

    Shitting in my drawers is my life

    Someone kill me

    By HHH on Mar 14, 2023

  8. Hey BigO people,

    I got a favour to ask. In a respectful way, y’know?

    Please ban that British pervert Swappers from this website. If you do I think a lot of the non-music shit will go away.



    By TJ on Mar 14, 2023

  9. TJ is right. Swappers Out.

    By Johnny Straight on Mar 14, 2023

  10. The only non-music shit here is me. I’m a huge smelly turd with peanuts and corn in it

    By TJ on Mar 14, 2023

  11. Dump Swappers, he never sent me the dik pics I keep begging him for

    By Johnny Was Never Straight on Mar 14, 2023

  12. Hey Horacio Deonarian, stop being a grade A ass licker.

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