March 22, 2023 – 6:21 am

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DAN McCAFFERTY R.I.P. 1946 - 2022

Dan McCafferty, one of the founding members of Scottish hard rock group Nazareth, has died on November 8. He was 76.Born in Dunfermline, the star was known for his raspy vocals on ’70s rock classics such as Broken Down Angel, Hair Of The Dog and Love Hurts. He remained with the band until 2014, when he developed a lung condition that made it hard to breathe and was forced to retire. His death was confirmed by Nazareth bassist Pete Agnew. No cause was given.

“This is the saddest announcement I ever had to make,” Agnew wrote on Instagram. “Maryann and the family have lost a wonderful loving husband and father, I have lost my best friend and the world has lost one of the greatest singers who ever lived. Too upset to say anything more at this time.” -

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London 1980 [no label, 1CD]

BBC Rock Hour. Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK; March 16, 1980. Very good FM broadcast.

Trailblazers for 1980s Scottish acts like Big Country, Wet Wet Wet, Del Amitri, Deacon Blue, and Texas? Very likely so. Heroes and inspiration for Guns N’ Roses? Most definitely. But the Nazareth story isn’t just another from-rags-to-unheard-of-riches tale of making it in rock‘n’roll.

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Track 01. Telegram 6:07
Track 02. Ramamanaz 4:17
Track 03. I Want To (Do Everything For You) 5:13
Track 04. Showdown At The Border 4:23
Track 05. Hearts Grown Cold 5:36
Track 06. Cocaine 4:54
Track 07. Big Boy 5:12
Track 08. Holiday 3:20
Track 09. This Flight Tonight 3:45
Track 10. Hair Of The Dog 4:52
Track 11. Talking To One Of The Boys 4:58
Track 12. Expect No Mercy 3:46
Track 13. Broken Down Angel 5:03
Track 14. Bad Bad Boy 4:09
66 mins

Dan McCafferty - vocals
Manny Charlton - guitar
Zal Cleminson - guitar
Pete Agnew - bass, vocals
Darrell Sweet - drums

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