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Oakland 1981 [no label, 1CD]

Westwood One Superstar Concert Series. Live at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA; October 28, 1981. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to ledwhofloyd for sharing the show at Dime.

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In July 1981, Pat Benatar released her third studio album, Precious Time. The album peaked at number one on the United States’ Billboard 200, her only album to do so in any country, and was certified as Double Platinum in sales in the US. Its lead single was the mid-tempo “Fire and Ice” and it became her largest hit to that point in Canada peaking at number 4 on the RPM Singles Chart but only made the Top 30 in Australia and New Zealand. The song won Benatar the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1982. - wikipedia

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Track 01. No You Don’t 3:21
Track 02. Treat Me Right 3:58
Track 03. Outta Touch 4:23
Track 04. Precious Time 5:44
Track 05. Hit Me With Your Best Shot 3:38
Track 06. Hell Is For Children 4:53
Track 07. Fire & Ice 3:11
Track 08. I Need A Lover 4:00
Track 09. Promises In The Dark 4:59
Track 10. We Live For Love 3:48
Track 11. It’s A Tuff Life 5:05
Track 12. In The Heat Of The Night 7:28
Track 13. You Better Run 3:13
Track 14. Heartbreaker 3:46
Track 15. Little Paradise 5:00
Track 16. Just Like Me 3:49
Track 17. Helter Skelter 4:09
75 mins

Pat Benatar - vocals
Neil Giraldo
- guitar
Scott St Clair Sheets
- rhythm guitar
Roger Capps
- bass
Myron Grombacher
- drums

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  2. Richly deserved her Hall of Fame placement. Every young girl who loved rock and roll wanted to be her. But her very best song, “Shadows Of The Night” is not on this set.

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    It’s easy, but they don’t bother to do it. Apparently they haven’t figured out that removing a few comments every day will increase the donations they keep asking for.

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